January 22, 2019

A lot of things shut down for Martin Luther King Day, but some things must go on every day, like train service, radio broadcasts and the announcement of new Democratic Presidential candidates.  Monday’s was California Sen. Kamala Harris.  There’s not a lot to set her apart from the horde thus far: she’s virulently anti-Trump; far to the left; from a deep blue state; backs government health care (in her case, Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” plan), sanctuary cities and legalized pot; wants to raise taxes on corporations and “the rich;” and has a resume consisting entirely of government positions.


She also claims to be running to restore “American Values,” but I don’t think most Americans would agree with her ideas on what those are or how to defend them.  Like, I don’t think you stand up for “decency, equality, and freedom,” by attacking someone for being Catholic. 


A couple of things do set her apart from the rest of the occupants of the crowded Democratic Presidential clown car: her background is mostly as a prosecutor and state Attorney General, which might cause problems with the faction of the Democratic base that distrusts law enforcement and thinks all police are racists; and she’s promising a tax credit for the lowest level of taxpayers. 

That’s already getting flak from the left (“Why not a tax credit for people who don’t pay taxes at all?!”) and from the right (“Her tax plan would add $2.8 trillion to the federal deficit over 10 years while Medicare For All is estimated to cost as much as $33 trillion over 10 years.”  By the way, has anyone checked to see if there even IS that much money?)  But don’t worry, in the grand tradition of all snake oil salesmen, we are assured that these plans will eventually pay for themselves – which would be neat, since we’re having a hard time even paying for Medicare For Retirees. 

Like most of the other Democrats currently rushing onto the field, Sen. Harris is vowing to “fight” for the working people, whom she assures us are getting a terrible raw deal under Trump.  I have to assume that argument is based on the hope that Americans have a very short attention span. 

While the media have done their best to drown it out with 24/7 anti-Trump hysteria, there is almost no measure of the economy that isn’t better for the working classes than it was the last time someone who shared Sen. Harris’ political views was in the White House.  Wages are finally rising, manufacturing jobs are coming back, and unemployment for virtually every demographic is near or at record lows. 

Compare that to just a little over two years ago, when Obama was still in office and just finishing history’s first Presidential administration without a single year of GDP growth over 3%.  He not only couldn’t bring back manufacturing jobs, he mocked the very idea of them ever coming back.  In June of 2016, Obama said this to a crowd in Elkhart, Indiana:

“…When somebody says that he’s going to bring all these jobs back. Well, how exactly are you going to do that? What are you going to do? There’s no answer to it. He just says, ‘I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, how? How exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually, the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.”

Trump recalled that by poking Obama with his response to the recent jobs numbers, tweeting, “I guess I found a magic wand.”


While the left is quick to give Obama credit for the recent jobs boom, claiming he set the stage and just had the bad luck that the economy didn’t “take off” until after he left (a similar claim has been made for Jimmy Carter), the numbers tell a different story, especially when you break it down into the kind of jobs created under each leader. 

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According to Forbes, manufacturing jobs grew seven times faster under Trump than under Obama.  The rate of creation of manufacturing jobs is now five times higher than that of government jobs.  Under Obama, government jobs were created at six times the rate of manufacturing jobs.

Or check out this chart from the Labor Department.  Comparing just the last two years of Obama to the first two years of Trump, under Obama, mining support jobs fell by 22.7%.  Under Trump, they grew by 27.6%.  Oil and gas extraction jobs: down 22.3% under Obama, up 2% under Trump. Machinery manufacturing: down 4% under Obama, up 5.1% under Trump. Fabricated metals manufacturing: down 2.6% under Obama, up 5.3% under Trump.  It’s a similar story in other blue collar fields. 


Adding to the irony, the unemployment rate in Elkhart, Indiana, were Obama made his dismissive “magic wand" comments, now has an unemployment rate of 2%, half the national average.  The Wall Street Journal reported last April, “No place in the U.S. has seen a labor-market turnaround like this metropolitan region of 110,000 workers, a mix of blue-collar whites, Mexican immigrants and Amish.”  A Ball State University economist said, “It’s like 1955.  If you show up and have minimal literacy skills, you can find a job here.”

(I should point out that in 1955, we also had a Republican President with no prior political experience and a deep distrust of Washington’s “military-industrial complex.”)

When it comes time to vote in 2020, whoever finally emerges from the Democratic primaries will get billions of dollars’ worth of free advertising from the media, intent on convincing Americans to ignore what they saw with their own eyes and their personal experience in the working world over the past decade, and believe that going back to the failed, big government, leftist policies of the Obama era will make their lives easier and more prosperous.  They will once again be asked to believe the age-old political promise of a “chicken in every pot,” this time updated to a “Tofurky in every Instant Pot.”

The Democrats must be hoping there will be a cuckoo in every voting booth.



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  • Shelley Jordan

    01/24/2019 05:23 AM

    Thank you for the details. I am praying for America, our citizens as well as the next election to be in God's hands.
    I am an industrial and supply chain engineer / consultant as well as an inventor and visionary, strong disciple of Christ (Methodist).
    I believe that praying together at a set time of day and even have a specific prayer possibly can be powerful. For example, all conservatives praying at 10 PM Eastern time each day.
    Also, the more details that can be compiled to prove President Trump is the best President for the next election would be great and is very much needed. They can be numeric and informational but it is best to display in a graphic and visual way that people will view and remember. This is my opinion based on my work experience with so many companies across America and so many people.
    God Bless America!!

  • Michael Galloway

    01/22/2019 08:51 PM

    Kamala Harris announcing that she is one of the Democratic candidates running for President in 2020 should be like an alarm going off for every American who is a conservative, Republican, patriot and evangelical. But thus far, everyone of the Democrats announcing should be more than concerning. But I find Kamala Harris's far left ideology very dangerous for the future of this country, but she joins a long list of others who like any other Democrat in control will ruin and destroy this nation. Sadly, we all know whether its Kamala Harris or any of the others the fake, lying mainstream media (PBS News Hour (one of the worse, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, etc) will be in total support of any Democrat for the 2020 election.
    I so much have to agree with Jerry Korba several days ago when he suggested or recommended shutting off the mainstream media as they are a POISON with all their propaganda to sell their socialist agenda to those who don't know or even care about our nation's history. The mainstream media is truly trying to sway many and sadly far too many believe what they hear from this group of leftist and fake's !!!
    I shut the mainstream media off right after the 2016 election and only hear about five minutes of national news on my local news station. Otherwise I occasionally watch CRTV, FOX, but spend most of my time getting my news with facts, truth and the rest of the story from Governor Mike Huckabee and his hard working staff.

  • Kevin Schwinkendorf

    01/22/2019 05:02 PM

    Obama once asked how we were supposed to bring back all those jobs, "with a magic wand?" Well, President Trump's "magic wand" has a lot to do with reducing government over-regulation (plus other incentives). Why does this work? For the long answer, you could read all 1200 pages of "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. The one-sentence answer can be found in what John Galt said when he was interrogated by the government, to "force" him to give up his secret for success. Galt said (to the government interrogator), "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!" That is what Donald Trump is doing: getting government out of the way!

  • Cletas Rains

    01/22/2019 04:43 PM

    I believe that since the democrats are pushing to legalize pot nationwide, they think the public will be enjoying the "high" and believe the democrats are fulfilling their promises. Any rational person with any memory at all knows the democrats have never actually improved the lives of averages Americans, except their own. My dad was a democrat his whole life, but I know he would not recognize his political party today. Unfortunately he did not live long enough to see what has happened to the democrat party.

  • Shauna dickerson

    01/22/2019 04:06 PM

    I just can't stand it. Two Whole More years of Democrat political pandering and posturing. How do I get the news without watching the air filled promises, nasty mud slinging, name calling, bulging eyes, on and on. It's just too uch!!

  • Sally Davenport

    01/22/2019 02:59 PM

    Hi Mike, I just recently subscribed to your newsletter. My husband and I enjoy it. We love your way with words. You make our days with your conservative voice. Keep up good work. We love your show on TBN. Dave and Sally Davenport

  • Margie Wateland

    01/22/2019 02:39 PM

    So, her mom immigrated from India, and her dad from Jamaica, both in the 1960's, which should disqualify her. The Republicans better jump on this now, before it goes any farther

  • Shelley Hoelz

    01/22/2019 02:19 PM

    She isn't eligible to run for president because she is not a natural born citizen. We ignored this with Obama, we ignored with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Being born on US soil does NOT make someone a natural born citizen. NEITHER of her parents were citizens! She could hold citizenship in 3 countries at birth!
    This is a vital issue to the preservation of our country. We've had too much foreign influence in our government already. We need to uphold the constitution and deny anyone who is not a natural born citizen the ability to run for the office that requires it!

  • Jerry Ray

    01/22/2019 12:50 PM

    I agree with most (maybe even all) of what you write. I find it entertaining too. There is some humor to keep me amused and to keep me reading.