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June 4, 2024

Sunday in Philadelphia, in what some conservatives are calling an “intersectional free-for-all,” leftist pro-Palestine protesters blocked the route of a Gay Pride Month Parade.

At the link, Bonchie of revels in how delightfully nonsensical this is, with two leftist victim groups fighting over which is the bigger victim and conflicts between gay activists and “Queers for Palestine,” who are defending a culture that would throw them off of tall buildings for being gay if they actually lived there. (Unless they lived in the one place in the Middle East where it’s legal to be gay, which is Israel.)


Another welcome sign that the bullying of people into genuflecting before the rainbow flag of Gay Pride Month is past its expiration date.

The Old State Saloon in Eagle, Idaho, had a promotion poking fun at the whole idea by declaring June “Heterosexual Awesomeness Month.” On “Hetero Male Monday,” any heterosexual male who comes in dressed as a heterosexual male gets a free beer. Similar promotions are listed at the link.

Naturally, this prompted the usual outraged cries, accusing the bar owners of homophobia, bigotry and “hatred toward marginalized communities” (are you really marginalized when you have the power to “cancel” people who displease you?) But the bar owners showed exactly how everyone should respond.

They said that they will not give in to people who are responding with vitriol, and they love all their customers: Black, white, LGBTQ+ and those who work for the USPS. “But we aren’t doing special nights for those people. Nor are we doing special nights for LGBTQ+.  We are choosing to celebrate heterosexuals. We should be able to do that without so many people being so nasty to us, lying about us, canceling us, attacking our business, and/or trying to get us to make something about themselves.”

“If you want us to change who we are celebrating, get over it. It’s not happening. Hooray for heterosexuals!” And that’s how it’s done!

Somehow, I doubt this is going to hurt their business. They probably weren’t selling that much Bud Light anyway.

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