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October 6, 2021

The Washington Times looked at catch-and-release figures from our Southern border and found that in August 2020, under Trump, Border Patrol agents made 47,282 arrests. More than 90% were immediately expelled, 6.6% were put into a speedy deportation or removal process, and only 10, effectively a rate of 0%, were caught and released at the border.

In August 2021, under Biden, agents made 195,558 apprehensions. About 47% were expelled, 7% were put into the speedy deportation process, and the rest either caught and released, or caught, turned over to ICE and given notices to appear in court – which effectively means they were released.

That tallies up to a one-year increase in catch-and-release of illegal immigrants of over 430,000 percent!

Yet when criticized for this disaster, the Biden Administration has started hilariously complaining that Republicans aren’t offering any constructive ideas on how to deal with the border crisis. Okay, how about this?

Reinstate the Trump border security policies that were working fine before Biden reversed all of them and singlehandedly caused the border crisis. Is that constructive enough? And speaking of constructive, he could also finish constructing the border wall.

Glad that I could help.

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