April 1, 2019

Over the weekend, the powerful movie “Unplanned,” based on the true story of former Planned Parenthood clinic manager Abby Johnson, made it to #5 on the top box office list, with an estimated $6.2 million gross.  That’s more than double the most optimistic estimate, and more than the entire production budget.  Even though it’s on only 1,059 screens nationwide, it made $5770 per screen, more than “Captain Marvel.” It also grossed over a million dollars more than the new animated movie “Wonder Park,” which is on over three times as many screens.  The producers announced that they will add another 600 screens next weekend. 

And congratulations, too, to lead actress Ashley Bratcher for a riveting performance that should earn her awards consideration, but will most likely get her blacklisted in Hollywood instead.  (Hollywood only hates blacklists of leftists from the ‘50s; blacklists of conservatives and pro-lifers today are fine.)

If you haven't seen "Unplanned" yet, you can find out more, locate a screening near you and buy tickets at this link:


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The fact that it did so well is something of a miracle, considering how desperately Hollywood and liberal media and social media outlets worked to keep Americans from knowing it existed and to discourage them from seeing it. This is a movie that could change hearts and minds about abortion by ripping off the fuzzy, fell-good euphemisms like “reproductive choice” and showing the truth about what it really is, and that terrifies the pro-abortion movement. So they struck back on multiple fronts:

The MPAA slapped it with an unjustified “R” rating (so a 13-year-old girl can get an abortion without her parents even knowing, but she can’t see a movie showing what abortion really is without being accompanied by an adult until she’s 17?) 

A number of TV networks refused to sell commercial time to the filmmakers.  They air grisly commercials for horror films, so that’s not it.  They claim they refused because it’s “political,” but some have had no problem with airing pro-Planned Parenthood programming.


Note that at the movie site Rotten Tomatoes, it has only a 53% positive rating from critics, but a 94% positive rating from viewers (some critics, like Owen Gleiberman at Variety, seemed to be more interested in writing pro-abortion op-eds than reviewing the movie – a fact that didn’t go unnoticed in the comments.)  I’m curious: have any of the movie critics smugly telling us this is a biased and inaccurate view of what happens inside a Planned Parenthood clinic spent years running a PP clinic, the way former PP “Employee of the Year” Abby Johnson did?

And then there was Twitter, which blocked the movie just before it opened, then kept mysteriously blocking people from following its site, or removing 99,000 followers who had already signed up.


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Naturally, when called on it, Twitter had an excuse that had nothing to do with bias; it was just one of those pesky algorithms that purely by coincidence always seem to block conservative content and never liberal content.


Just ignore the biased reviews and social media assaults.  They’re part of a frantic attempt to keep you from learning the truth about abortion (in that regard, both Planned Parenthood and its media defenders are exactly the same.)  Here are my two simple words of advice:  “See it.”

I also have two words for Twitter:  “Public utility.” 


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  • Phil and Aileen Velthuis

    04/06/2019 01:34 PM

    We saw it Monday nite and were awed by it. Thank God for the wonderful news of its success. I wish that more of Congress could see it. If anyone really thought about abortion, they would realize how awful it is. My theme is Adoption, not Abortion.

  • Nancy J Barr

    04/04/2019 10:45 AM

    Will see it this week Friday. Couldn't make it for opening. Can't wait.

  • Judith Wanfried

    04/03/2019 09:49 AM

    It is obvious that our number one problem in US is congress, specically the leadership. They are steadily allowing us to be overtaken by foreigners and we can,t seem to stop it. We have checks and balances for everybody else but what do we do about rogue congress?

  • Dorothy Gavin

    04/03/2019 07:11 AM

    Finally the truth comes out ! Abortion is murder and is not pain free on the baby. The baby tries to move away from the needle and the equipment used to kill it. I picture an infant crying and God weeping with them. It hurts my heart to think of the torture these babies must suffer before their Journey back to the Father in Heaven who sent them. I hope everyone takes their children to help them understand that abortion is not birth control it is murder. The left is against the death penalty for the horrific crimes people do against one another but the murder of the innocent they think is alright. God be with us as this country turns further from him each and everyday.

  • Lynne Millette

    04/03/2019 12:33 AM

    Sam and I just went to the Destin theater. It was very real and graphic. We felt nauseated after seeing it, but realized how great the evil and lies that Planned Parenthood has used to manipulate young girls into aborting babies. It is murder and I believe that there is blood on the hands of politicians that vote to abort babies at any stage, as well as those who put them in office. Thank God for President Trump.

  • Violet Garman

    04/02/2019 01:22 PM

    This looks like a great movie and one that is truly needed! There is no place even reasonably close by so I can go see it! We have a lot of people who would like to go but the closest is Auburn Hills in Michigan. Keep up the good work. Love to listen to you and your daughter, you must be so proud! Thank you for all your help, President Trump needs you and so do we! Violet Garman


    04/02/2019 11:58 AM

    This infanticide movement really saddens me. Abortion the way it was originally accepted was bad enough, but now this.
    This song the Lord gave me speaks of this sad condition from the babies perspective.

  • Michele Elliott

    04/02/2019 11:23 AM

    Saw it opening day - very well done!! Recommend everyone see it!! Blessings to all involved in its production & release!!

  • Joanne Catherine Schmidt

    04/02/2019 10:23 AM

    I saw the premiere of the movie "Unplanned" on Thursday, March 28th. The transformation of Abby Johnson was surely due to the prayers of her family and the grace of God! It's amazing how blind any of us can be to true evil, but there is hope. A friend of mine who saw "Unplanned" called it "The most Christian movie he's ever seen." People need to know the truth about Planned Parenthood and abortion. So many women are suffering decades after their abortions because the memory of their babies never dies. I urge everyone to go see this powerful movie.


    04/02/2019 08:21 AM

    A wonderful, powerful, movie!! Very well done!!! This story needed to be told. Abby had been on Focus on the Family this week also.

  • Charlene Sanders

    04/01/2019 10:45 PM

    Dear Brother Huckabee, I have my own 'unplanned' story. Please read here:
    I hope you enjoy!

  • Koneta westbrook

    04/01/2019 10:25 PM

    My granddaughter(17), and I went to see this movie over the weekend. I think everyone should see this movie, and realize that abortion is what Planned Parenthood is all about. The more babies they murder( and the supervisors wants each PP in each city and state, to reach a certain quota or above), then the more money they make. That’s what PP needs, in order to keep operating their new billion dollar clinics, and pay their directors/supervisors/CEO’s the big salaries they get paid. The very graphic ultrasound of the baby in the womb, trying to fight its way away from that suction hose was very painful and disturbing to watch. I wish every Planned Parenthood in the country would have to close. I do not want my tax dollars used for killing innocent babies. There is nothing “planned” about it, nor is there any help on how to be a parent. My friend works for Save A Life. They council the mother, they pray with the mothers, they help get necessary items the mom will seats, diapers, formula, clothes, etc. THEY DO NOT DO ABORTIONS. The people who work there are Christians, trying to save innocent babies. This movie is such an eye-opener of what really happens during an abortion. It is a movie that is based on true facts. Everyone should go, and take their teenage sons and daughters with them.

  • Ruby Howell

    04/01/2019 10:23 PM

    If this movie did not show the whole truth I could understand if it wasn't truth. The liberals want to manipulate people over to their side. I am so glad people are wanting the truth. It seems people are sick & tired of the liberals pushing their own agenda. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  • Firewagon

    04/01/2019 09:27 PM

    Thanks Gov! We received your report on UNPLANNED after having asked relatives what their take on the movie was. Hopefully, the attendance at their venue was an anomaly! We asked primarily to determine if any pre-teen children should see it, in spite of that 'R' rating. We have yet to see it, but plan to, but without our under 16 age grandkids. My cousin may have just made one of the best reviews, after seeing it over the past weekend. Though a bit long, I definitely would not attempt to perform any 'Reader's Digest' condensing. Hopefully, if anyone reads this, it will help them determine 'to see' the movie - perhaps, just not with their younger children.

    A cousin’s perspective:

    "Yesterday, (hubby) and I went to see UNPLANNED. Sadly, the audience was small, made up primarily of seniors; certainly not the broader, younger, more politically influential audience for which it was intended, to both educate, and be the jarring wakeup call for a sleeping majority. I hope and pray our experience wasn’t a reflection of larger scale apathy and indifference. Only time will tell.

    "I thought I was prepared to see the emotional toll and tragic effects of abortion. I was not. I thought I had accurately imagined the barbaric, ghoulish, ghastly, sickening procedures. I had not. I thought I understood the evil, driving forces of lying, manipulation and greed, masquerading as understanding and compassion. I did not. I thought I might at least have some insight as to the rationalization behind the callousness of those who perpetrate such atrocity, on those who are experiencing the most confusing, frightening, and vulnerable time of their lives. I do not. And, lest you think I am exaggerating, I am not.

    "While the movie cannot but have you question as to how and why it could have taken eight years for the Planned Parenthood (abortion clinic) director’s conscience to prevail, I so applaud the courage of Abby Johnson to share with such transparency, deeply personal decisions and experiences, and the aftermath of shame and regret. Not only was she one of the youngest directors ever, she was awarded for becoming a quintessential director; the result of each incremental, entrenching step in a sad series of choices. There is a phenomenon which involves repeating behaviors, as a means to justify and validate previous destructive choices. Our minds have an amazing ability to intellectualize and rationalize reasons to do what our hearts want to do. Jeremiah 17:9 says “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” In case we be too tempted to indulge in self-righteousness, these sequence of events should be a sobering reminder that none of us are exempt from the insidious folly of our deceitful hearts.

    "I hope that all of the events and characters were honestly and truthfully portrayed because one of the bright lights of the movie was the Christian based Pro-Life organization, whose members prayed faithfully at the fences of the clinic. When possible, they interceded to offer true help and compassion to the women and girls on their way inside, to make a decision that would haunt them the rest of their lives. Of course, their actions will be labeled as “haters,” but if accurate, nothing could be further from the truth. There was no preaching, no condemning, no bullying. They were, as it should be, telling truths that would never be told inside the clinic walls, and telling it in love.

    "Another bright light was the devoted love of Abby’s husband (and her parents), who solidly and repeatedly confirmed his love, while hating her job. He patiently reflected the love of our Father, while waiting for the Father’s love to work in Abby’s heart. And, isn’t that how it should be between ourselves? We say that in God’s eyes, sin is sin, and that my sin is no greater or less than your sin. But in reality, our minds can’t help judging some sin more heinous than others. Abortion certainly fits the bill. And so we are left with the dilemma of how we respond. This movie exposes the darkness of the worst in human nature, but it also exposes the brightest light of all, which is the mercy and redemption manifested by our loving and forgiving God towards repentant hearts. Truth in love. Perhaps we should start there."

  • clara szeplaki

    04/01/2019 09:27 PM

    Just a few words, Gov. Huck. this time. I am not in the best shape lately, but looking at the alternatives at age 83 I have to be grateful for the golden-age unaccepted surprices. I am glad I read your article, I was looking for a good film to watch. If it is not here close-bye, maybe our public library has it. Thank you for sending me some of your article.You can keep your cool and tell us the truth. I wish our Pres. would learned from you............


    04/01/2019 08:36 PM

    Mike: At CPAC 2019 (for those not familiar with the term CPAC, that stands for Conservative Political Action Conference, I not only saw the movie Unplanned which was previewed for attendees on Thursday evening, February 28th, but on Friday evening, March 1st at the Ronald Reagan Dinner, I sat with Abby Johnson with her friend Laura. At the next table over was Ashley Bratcher along with those responsible for this eye-opening film. Kudos to all of them for bringing out into the open the reality of this hideous procedure which the left loves to call "Freedom of Choice". The left always complains that whenever someone on the right tries to stop abortions from taking place claiming we are always interfering with a woman's right to choose. These folks are the same ones who believe you should not have the right to send your children to charter schools or home school them out of fear you might teach your child something that counters what the left is trying to indoctrinate into your child. Ashley has it right when she stated in her reply to Alyssa Milano about Governor Brian Kemp, new governor of Georgia, that his plan to sign the Heartbeat bill if it fully passes the Georgia legislature is the right thing to do. This is unlike what is going on in Illinois which is trying to expand abortions through all nine months of pregnancy along with other hideous provisions in the two bills currently before the Illinois General Assembly. If the legislators in Springfield and the rest of the country would ever get their heads straightened out and realize that abortion is tantamount to murder (aka infanticide) as Judge Jeanine rightfully pointed out in the final speech of CPAC 2019, we would be much better off as a nation. This also goes for all women on the left who think abortion is correct. May the day come when Roe v. Wade is overturned, and as Abby Johnson correctly states "...And Then There Were None," an organization that has been started by her to help those who provide abortions from continuing this hideousness day after day.

  • John Kerr

    04/01/2019 08:33 PM

    My family and I are so Happy that this movie is doing so well … the shame is that I live in North East Tenn. in the Bible belt and have YET to see a single trailer or commercial on television even from our local stations here … Its a shame that the world has come to this and our country most of all … But I am so grateful for these woman and this movie taking the stand it has taken to protect Lives!!! Its amazing so many states are approving late term abortion and opening the door in my opinion for criminals who kill pregnant woman to get out of murder charges... They are legalizing child murder. Thanks Mike for ALL YOU DO!!!!

  • Faye Elizabeth Mudge

    04/01/2019 07:48 PM

    This movie was well done and it left me wanting to make a difference.

  • Melody Bowers

    04/01/2019 07:03 PM

    I'm so thankful to hear the movie did well, obviously better than it appeared to be doing in Nashville. We were in a theater with approximately 8 people in it. I think anyone over 12 years of age should see this movie to understand the threat if abortion continues to be legal under law.

  • Kathryn J Rae

    04/01/2019 07:02 PM

    Governor, thank you so much for commenting on the move and the subject of abortion. I, for one, am tired of hearing that it's a " woman's body" and a " woman's choice". It took 2 people to conceive. Why don't MEN have a choice in the murdering of their children? The babies have DNA from both parents. There are a lot of men who would love to raise their children if they were given the CHOICE. As the mother of 2 wonderful sons and 5 wonderful grandchildren, I take great offense in laws NOT giving consideration to the men that would never want their baby aborted. Parents need to stress " abstinence". But, we also need to change our laws to include men having the right to not have their babies murdered. Every life is a gift from God and GOD DOESN'T MAKE MISTAKES. Please encourage men to stand up for their rights. Thank you, Governor.

  • Mike Wiedemer

    04/01/2019 06:57 PM

    My wife and I saw UNPLANNED last week. What amazed us was the number of people (after they saw the movie) who did not know: 1) how gruesome abortions are: 2) how well developed a fetus is at six weeks; and 3) how a fetus reacts to danger and pain in the womb. Another amazing feature of the movie was how well the story was told. It was sincere and graphic without being condescending or gratuitous. Ashley Bratcher gave a sensitive and riveting performance. I hope as many teens and parents as is possible see this movie.

  • Patricia Ellis

    04/01/2019 06:51 PM

    I saw it at a private showing in a sold out theatre, it was filmed beautifully and will affect the lives of women who have had an aboration as well as those who may be misinformed and are thinking about having an abortion. Because we Christians have been silent so long evil has taken over and our babies are being murdered. Regardless of the gestation period it’s still murder! I was born to a 15 year old girl on January 22, (many moons ago ) and then at the age of 12; I was adopted by a loving Christian couple. Adoption should be the first answer to an unplanned pregnancy. Every year on my birthday I feel an even greater sadness for all the aborted babies because of the Roe
    VS Wade SUPREME COURT decision on 1-22-1973. Praise God for the movie “Unplanned”, the actors and everyone
    involved in the process. It should be seen by every female at the age of 12 and older it will definitely open eyes and hearts. At least we know the little angels are in the arms and care of God. ROE VS WADE NO MORE!!!

  • M.P.Carroll

    04/01/2019 06:18 PM

    Abortion should be viewed as a slap in the face to the intelligence of women. What abortion says is that a woman is NOT CAPABLE of controlling her emotions or her sexual impulses, AND she is not intelligent enough to realize that there are consequences to her actions. Did we learn nothing from the women's movement of the 1960's? Didn't we learn that a woman is in control of her life -- her mind -- her body? Have we slipped back into the era where a woman now has to be taken care of -- but now not by a man, but by the government?!?!?! When women realize we are being "played" as stupid sheep by the (don't worry darling, we'll take care of you) Democrats, maybe then we will realize that we can be responsible and independent.

  • Laila Moore

    04/01/2019 05:55 PM

    I just went to see the movie on Sunday and it was riveting and also very informative. Even though I am now a pro-life person, I always thought the morning after pill was still okay in circumstances of rape or incest, but even that is not how I thought it was. Every teenage girl should see this movie!

  • Jerry Korba

    04/01/2019 05:07 PM

    Abortion, todays topic. I always believe giving birth to a baby boy or girl is a mission from God. Liberal States passing abortion laws is what needs to be aborted. People taking life before birth is not abortion its killing or murder use any term that suits you it is a horrific act. People soften the act by calling it abortion of the fetus as to people of intellect know they are killing a baby. People aborting fetuses use this term probably with young girls or young women so it may seem less harsh than it is to say kill your baby. We have so many honorable people working this industry really beautiful people making a living killing babies. NOT!!!! these are horrible people. Maybe someone should ask AOC to give these murderers money not to work it may be the only thing she will ever say that isn't totally insane.