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December 20, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. 


31 “At the same time,” says the Lord, “I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people.”

Jeremiah 31:1 NKJV

Today's verse was recommended by James E.

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1. Woke insanity:

Winsor School, an all-girl private prep school in Massachusetts, announced that in the name of diversity and inclusion, it will stop using the terms “she, her, hers” and “your daughter,” and replace them with “they, them, theirs” and “student.” Also, instead of “parent/guardian,” they’ll say, “Adult family member” (note to these “educators”: the singular “they, them, theirs” is grammatically incorrect and “parent/guardian” is already gender neutral.) Teachers will also be told to address students by their preferred pronouns, and not to address groups of students as “girls” or “ladies.”

So I guess to be accurate, I should have written that Winsor is an all-“girls” prep school.

And as long as I’m reporting the latest woke insanity, let’s once again spin the Big Wheel of Random Oppression and see…where………..stops!

On "fishing!" Okay, everyone make a note: Fishing, hunting and hiking are now bastions of white supremacy. And this came from a college professor, so you know it must be true.

2. Biden's accomplishments:

As the first year of the Biden Administration limps to a close, the White House is so desperate for any good news that they tried to make some up and peddle it to the media with the enticement that they could tout it as actual news they’d obtained from their White House sources. If this is what anyone considers news, then they shouldn’t be in the news business. This is what most of us would call a “press release.” And one that’s about as believable as a press release from a broker of penny stocks, although by the time Biden gets through, all stocks may be penny stocks.

The link goes through the list of alleged Biden “accomplishments,” and then provides some truth to counteract the claims. You’ll soon know why news commentator Drew Holden said, “It can only be described as a war on reality.”

So there’s one more Trump policy Biden reversed and made things worse: Trump didn’t start any new wars.

3. Fighting COVID Update:

I send sincere good wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has tested positive for COVID-19. She says so far, her symptoms are mild.

We also extend our prayers and sympathies to the family of Washington State Republican Sen. Doug Ericksen, who died Friday at 52 after a battle with COVID, although it’s not clear if that was the cause of his death. Colleagues said he contacted them in November for help in getting monoclonal antibodies, which weren’t available where he was.

Of course, Warren was fully vaccinated and boosted, but contracted COVID anyway, and she’s hardly the only one in the news in that situation. To cite just one example, 44 passengers on a Royal Caribbean cruise tested positive even though everyone on board was vaccinated.

These stories are doing a lot to undermine support for President Biden’s ever-more-draconian vaccination edicts and his attempt to scapegoat the unvaccinated. The vaccines don’t appear to be working that well, at least not against the Omicron variant (it was always assumed that the vaccinated could still get COVID, but that it was less likely to cause serious or deadly symptoms, but that sort of got lost in all the hysteria.) Fortunately, all of the cruise passengers were either asymptomatic or had mild symptoms, which could be due to the vaccine, or if it was Omicron, to it just being a milder form of the virus.

What all this will probably add up to is the government gradually being forced to recognize that COVID is just something we’re all going to have to live with from now on, like the flu, and stop waging war on doctors who are trying to find treatments. Previous draconian measures to stop it have shown little benefit, while they destroyed the economy, trampled individual rights, and created a whole new set of mental and physical health problems. The question is whether the current Administration is capable of recognizing and yielding to reality on this issue, or if it’s going to result in mass civil disobedience, which we’re already starting to see in many places.

There are hopeful signs that the White House may finally start softening its “Get vaccinated or die, and lose your job, too!” approach.

The problem is that by admitting he was wrong about how to deal with COVID, Biden will also be breaking yet another campaign promise. Remember how he claimed that people died of COVID under Trump not because it was a new and deadly disease but because Trump was incompetent and uncaring? But he had a plan to “shut down the virus,” not the economy. So far, he’s mostly shut down the economy, and now, he’d be admitting he actually had no plan to shut down the virus. He must be reluctant to do that for fear of further political repercussions.

If it helps to get him to finally admit that, please let him know that no one will be surprised by learning that he doesn't really know how to stop the virus. We all figured that out a long time ago.

4. Add NBC to the list:

Nick Sandmann, the former Catholic school student defamed by the media, has already won lawsuit settlements from the Washington Post and CNN. Now, add NBC to the list of media outlets who apparently never realized that there could be consequences for destroying someone’s reputation with irresponsible lies.

5.  A proud capitalist, not a communist: 

UPDATE! I reported last week about Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal attending an awards dinner and praising his hosts, who happened to be an affiliate of the Communist Party USA. After this resulted in understandable criticism from the right (and the middle – you don’t have to be very far right to disapprove of COMMUNISM), Blumenthal claimed he thought that was just a labor event; that he gets invited to a lot of things; and heavens, he’s a proud capitalist and had no idea he was amidst Communists!

The media did what they always do: covered up the original story that reflected badly on a Democrat, and when it came out anyway despite their suppression efforts, they rushed to defend Blumenthal, echo his excuses, and try to turn the “real” story into how “Republicans pounced” to try to twist this into a negative political issue for their opponents. Because without the Republicans complaining, nobody would’ve batted an eye at a powerful Democratic Senator joining in a communist event.

Well, here’s the latest from the Media Research Center: Blumenthal claimed he was unaware that he was at a communist event (after all, there was food.) But here is what one awards presenter told the crowd over the microphone:

“There's more and more people talking now about socialism in this country as it becomes more and more clear that capitalism is not going to work for our future.”

And just to make it crystal clear that they didn’t mean AOC-style “Democratic socialism” (which is, like, TOTALLY different from socialism-socialism), the emcee said this:

“We invite you to join the Communist Party in this epic time as we make good trouble to uproot systemic racism, retool the war economy, tax the rich, address climate change, secure voting rights and create a new socialist system that puts people, peace and planet before profits,”

Maybe everyone was slurping their borscht so loudly that Blumenthal didn’t hear the “Communist Party” part and just assumed from that list of euphemisms that they were fellow modern Democrats. Or he could try claiming that he suffered hearing loss from all the guns going off around him during his time on the battlefield in Vietnam. At least, that would be a lie he’s used to telling.

6. PA secretary of state tries to block Senate's Dominion audit

The state Senate in Pennsylvania is trying to conduct an audit of the 2020 election, but the auditors they hired from the Amistad Project have run into a roadblock put up by the Pennsylvania Secretary of State.

It comes in the form of yet another lawsuit designed to prevent transparency. It’s hard to imagine a pushback this forceful unless it’s motivated by sheer terror over what auditors might find.

As Phillip Kline, former attorney general of Kansas and now of the Amistad Project, tweeted: “Pennsylvania secretary of state is now suing to prevent the State Senate from examining Dominion machines from Fulton County. The courts have no business micro-managing a co-equal branch of government. Judges in PA seem to understand that. The left is terrified they won’t be able to stop the legislature from conducting a genuine investigation of the lawless 2020 election.”

He continued: “The US Government, in monitoring foreign elections, requires transparency, inclusion, and accountability. Yet, Democratic officials in PA and the [Merrick] Garland-led Justice Department threaten and sue legislators who in fulfilling their constitutional duties seek to access machines.”

And more: “Things Dominion does not allow government officials to do with its voting machines:

1) Transfer or copy any part of the software onto any other device.

2) Decipher or analyze any part of the software.

3) Make any ‘derivative works’ of the software.”

How is anyone supposed to determine whether or not there was a problem with Dominion software? We have to wonder if DNC attorney Marc Elias might be part of the group holding the line to make sure no one looks at those voting machines or any data from them. As Kline put it: “Pennsylvania’s governor, AG, secretary of the commonwealth [secretary of state], and their high-powered law firms are all coming after tiny Fulton County and The Amistad Project, just to prevent state lawmakers from inspecting Dominion voting machines. It’s like David vs. a whole army of Goliaths.”

Here’s the “emergency application” for an order prohibiting “spoliation of key evidence [examination of the Dominion machines] scheduled to occur on December 22, 2021.”

In the application, they even include this provision: “Petitioners shall take all necessary steps --- which may include returning the Electronic Voting Machines to Dominion Voting Systems in a manner that maintains chain of custody –- to preserve the Electronic Voting Machines, and any data stored thereon, in a secured and unaltered state pending further order of this Court.”

They’d like that, wouldn’t they? How convenient to return the voting machines –- “and any data stored thereon” –- to Dominion without anyone having the chance to examine them.

We like to look at what local news outlets are saying about a local story, so here’s a link to one. Be warned, however, that it editorializes in the usual way by saying claims of voter fraud are “baseless.” The claims might not be proven beyond doubt, but they certainly are not baseless, and the obligatory use of this word strikes us not only as baseless but also brainless. There is plenty of reason to audit these machines.

Phill Kline also wrote a great op-ed for the Wisconsin Daily Star about this case. I’m glad this appeared in Wisconsin, as that state has its share of problems, too, with trust in the system, and rightly so.

Dominion Voting Systems says that allowing the Pennsylvania Senate Republicans’ contractor access to its equipment’s digital data violates their contract. If it does, then by this statement Dominion has shown this is not the way we should be doing business, as such a contract with a voting systems company effectively renders any election impossible to audit.

And if these electronic voting systems can’t be audited –- and I mean immediately, the day after the election –- they need to be GONE, banished from our shores. Americans should not have to wait weeks, months, even years to know what the real outcome was, if we ever do. Since state legislatures are in charge of running elections (regardless of what Marc Elias and other Democrat attorneys might think), they some of them could start a push for this NOW. Perhaps the various banana republics around the world that need only the appearance of real elections can provide them with enough business to keep voting systems companies profitable.

Leftists always say they’re so interested in protecting “our democracy” and maintaining faith in the system, but if they really were, they’d want these dicey electronic systems gone as well, as roughly half the country doesn’t trust them, and for good reason. If leftists really wanted to stop voter suppression and make sure elections reflect the will of the people, they’d join us in calling for old-fashioned in-person voting with paper ballots and I.D., to keep voter fraud from canceling out REAL votes.

Of course, we know that’s not what leftists want at all.

Readers ask me every day what we can do to help with the grassroots effort needed to bring back accountability and honesty in our elections. The Amistad Project links to an organization called American Voter’s Alliance, which is a network designed to help concerned citizens find election-integrity groups in their state. It also has an events calendar for various election-related deadlines. It promotes the elusive election standards of transparency, inclusivity, accountability, participation and simplicity. And membership is free.

7. I Just Wanted To Say:

Thank you for reading.

We are stronger together.  Submit your prayer request for HEALTH & HEALING or IN MEMORIAM by visiting my website here.

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day.


"My brother-in-law has to be checked for blockages, and possibly have stints, I'm asking for agreement that he receives a clean bill of health in Jesus' name."

"I am praying for everyone to wake up to the suffering caused by the far left, who are trying to take our freedoms away. This is in the name of the greatest generation; many of them, and previous generations of Americans, gave up their lives for freedom. Let's not allow their sacrifice to be in vain."

"Please pray for my (Nancy) struggle with hip and back pain since during COVID in 2020. No idea what it’s cause is and conservative treatment is not helping. Seeking complete healing from the Lord."

"Please pray for my nephew Brian Williams, who at 49 had a hemorrhagic stroke and is in the ICU. He has undergone two surgeries and fighting hard."

"Please pray for my daughter Katie, who is suffering with Schleroderma (uncurable disease. Fighting for her life right now. Thank you."

"Pray for my friend, Aldonna, who has cancer. Pray for her recovery."

"Sharon-my body is falling apart. I have lung problems, my shoulder is a mess and my syatica is out. I am in horrible pain all the time and I can’t breath. Father please help me."

"Please pray for my husband for he is getting symptoms of Dementia and becomes so depressed and for me to be patient with him. And pray for all the unborn babies that are killed every second for they are our future .Please put an end to it."

"Immanuel 6 yo son of Malaysian prayer leaders. He was swept away in a flood yesterday and has not yet been found. Pray for a miracle that the Lord Jesus brings him safely back to his parents."

"Please pray for me… my wife of over 40 years since she doesn’t love me anymore. We have four kids not kids adults and eight grandchildren because I tried to hug her one night and she knocked me down the stairs since she didn’t think she love me anymore and I lost her on her as well and she won’t except my sister apologies for losing it because she knocked me down the stairs. So I’m asking God to help me I guess really to help her consider forgiveness is a virtue that is one of the most important that she can have."

"Pray for David Mott and A lady named Barb is currently on oxygen. Both have Covid and fighting for their lives! Thank you so much."

"Dear Gov Huckabee, I know you prefer dogs over cats but I would like to request prayer for my late husband’s cat Holley. Since my husband died from Covid on 1/21/21 Holley has become a blessing and comfort to me. The vet thinks she could have cancer and I just can’t bare the thought of loosing her…she is a precious link to my husband. Holley is a beautiful spunky Maine Coon mix who likes to stalk me like I am a big mouse and occasionally she nips me…but it is all in fun. I thank you and your followers for your prayers. Merry Christmas and God Bless. Rachel H. Greenup, KY"

"Pray for me dear sister Carol who is suffering from.diabetes related infections. May she get stronger each day."

"Please send prayers to our daughter as she faces a liver transplant at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. Our little girl needs our Lord’s love…."

"Joanna Wehrman for healing"

"For my adult daughter Kate & son John, for strength, as they deal with their dad, his alcoholism, and it’s effects on them, his mother (their grandmother) & his siblings. May the Lord help show them the way."

"Howard Mesick.. my friend... brain damage... was in coma for years... was awakened exactly when I stood in for him at a prayer he needs to recover fully to become able to be a servant of God again... he thinks he will be able to serve after the resurrection... he has a task to do now while in this world... Thank you!!!"

"A sweet friend, Leita, has cancer. She has been through 2 rounds of chemo but the tumors are still growing. She will have a TAC procedure this week to try to stop the growth. Pray for her family & friends who all love her dearly!"

"Our city has experienced too many deaths this year. On March 31, a 16 year old boy, Grayson, died of brain cancer. Pray for his parents, his 14 year old brother, & his grandparents & extended family. In June, a 17 year old boy, Mason, died of brain cancer. Pray for his parents, grandparents, & extended famiky. On July 31, one of our 15 year old Scouts, Calvin, died in a freak kayaking accident. Please pray for his parents, sister, grandparents, his extended family, & his Scout family. We just lost a young man in his 20s from our Church, David, as a result of a car wreck 3 weeks before. Pray for his parents, sister, fiancée, & extended family. The Class of 70 lost 4 members within 2 weeks in October! Pray for their families as well!"

"Please pray for friend Bob who has herniated disks and cysts in his spine. He has a sweet family to support but can only work a bit on good days."


"My husband died less than 2 weeks ago. It was a very quick death. We are still in shock. Please pray for protection for me and our home, and for our loved ones and me to stay healthy."

"Please pray for my husband's family after the loss of his brother, Rob. He and his sister are the only family left on his side. He's doing well, we know Rob is in Glory and his broken paralyzed body is whole again. He can now speak to hus parents in heaven. Thank you Mike and your prayer warriors. I love your messages and often get a laugh. I hope you never stop talking and wished you'd won the Presidency. Trump is great but you're a true Conserative Christian like me. Haha. God bless you and Sarah! And the rest if your family. Thanks, Wendy."

"Please pray for my daughter Lacey and her stepchildren as they morn the loss of her husband and their father from COVID on Wednesday. May God’s grace, and mercy comfort them in the weeks and months ahead."

"Monique Koedel - my sister, who joined our dearly departed family in heaven recently ….."

"For Jeffrey Alan Smith who passed away April 10,2021. Jeff lived his life fully and fully loved even though he was born with Down Syndrome.He blessed us so much with his sense of humor, his love of sports, ( Go Browns! ) and his love of Jesus.He is now whole and running into Jesus’ arms."

"Asking for prayers for my dear sister Dale, at the loss of her beloved son Jimmy, who went to sleep in the arms of our Lord, Jesus Christ on Saturday night. Also for my extended family at the loss of our cousin Jeanne on Tuesday. Marie"

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  • Gary Stilwell

    12/21/2021 10:46 PM

    Re: "woke insanity"
    That school may want to read the Mass. State Constitution and the State Laws pertaining to the local inter-agency(County) guidelines(Laws) as promulgated. The State Statutes do NOT allow the acts these folks have put forth. They risk civil action--to the tune of $600 fine and 60 days in the slammer(and as I read the Statute-the action allows that the Commission/Town/members may be sued outside of their stature as an assemblyman/elector--ie personal)--and the State/County has no obligation to defend---_

  • Jerry Korba

    12/21/2021 09:26 AM

    Mike if you can at some point list the 10 Commandments and see where the Democrat resists these commands. This may sting a few people some one needs to look at this.

  • Jerry Korba

    12/21/2021 09:23 AM

    It is sad to see that our country has got to the point where outrages remarks and accusations and the trill to destroy individuals reputations and aspirations. The only method to stop this immoral behavior is to destroy the company or person itself. Court battles and huge payouts are the only way to stop this wave of immoral action. With no regards for the 10 Commandments MSM outlets continue to bring false witness to people that have done nothing wrong with the exception of being decent. On Earth punishment for criminal deeds done against the powerless should be to have assets of the strong be granted to the innocent in a huge way as a deterrent for future criminal activity however the Democrat is in favor of the dismissal of all the 10 Commandments as those actions are not in the Democrats playbook they are anti 10 Commandments just look at what they do and you can see clearly this is a group against Christ and His leadership.

  • Roy Kemp

    12/21/2021 12:07 AM

    Reference Dominion voting machines: Since Dominion doesn’t want to be audited, push a law through each state’s legislature to outlaw Dominion voting machines and any company or machines even remotely close to them.
    We may not be able to audit them now but we won’t have to worry about them in the future.

  • Anne Turner

    12/20/2021 10:03 PM

    When calling females girls or ladies is forbidden, I think perhaps it implies that being of the female persuasion is somehow less than male. Using incorrect English on purpose implies ignorance. It’s really pretty simple and pretty silly.

  • David K Kottwitz

    12/20/2021 09:59 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    Item 6: Dominion is proving itself to be compromised from front to back and all areas between. There's convincing evidence these things were manipulated via modems during the election! You're correct - they need to be gone . . . . Yesterday!

  • JC Holland

    12/20/2021 09:21 PM

    So does this mean the NBA, NFL, and college basketball and football are bastions of black supremacy.

  • William Fuhrer

    12/20/2021 09:10 PM

    Roget does not have PROGRESSIVE as a synonym for SOCIALIST or COMMUNIST or RADICAL. All of the last three labels could be used for a politician who backs the BUILD BETTER BILL?

  • John Prentice

    12/20/2021 07:59 PM

    I would encourage you and your readers to get and read Robert F Kennedy Jr. 's book "The Real Anthony Fauci ..". Robert Kennedy is a democrat, of course, but does an excellent job of documenting (i.e. hundreds of foot note references) how we got to where we are with COVID-19. It's a great read as either a historical novel or science fiction depending upon your biases. Warning: some of the vocabulary words I haven't seen since I was studying for my SAT's in the '60's!

  • Timothy Morrison

    12/20/2021 07:57 PM

    In my part of the country, if we would not be able to address a group of young ladies as such, we'd just call 'em ya'll. That should fit great at an exclusive Massachusetts all-girl prep school! And maybe they will need to start referring to the school itself as an exclusive prep school for young'uns of undetermined gender.