November 25, 2019

It’s Thanksgiving week, and that means Congress is recess. It provides a long-overdue and much-needed break…for the American people. In fact, Congress being in recess just might be the #1 thing that most Americans give thanks for this year.

This week off will give Democrats some time to think very carefully about what their next move should be.  Polls show support for impeachment cratering among Independents after their pathetic show trial. They paraded a lot of arrogant bureaucrats’ hurt feelings that their boss wasn’t taking their advice, and a lot of third-hand hearsay, but unearthed not a single document or first-hand witness to confirm that President Trump did anything criminal. You wouldn’t know that if you listened to the liberal media outlets, who keep blaring that the evidence of wrongdoing is “overwhelming,” without specifying a single jot of said “evidence.”   

The Democrats must be grateful for the media cover, but they know it won’t last forever.  They now have a choice: either admit they served up a goose egg in public and decline to vote…or cave in once again to their rabid, anti-Trump, leftwing constituency, gin up some bogus charges based on nothing, and vote to impeach the President. The former would be an embarrassment, the latter a disaster. Like Brer Rabbit, Trump is practically begging them to vote to impeach him, so it can go to the Senate, where a trial run by Mitch McConnell will allow Republicans at last to call their own witnesses, including Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff and his pet “whistleblower,” and put them under an electron microscope, which is the last thing on Earth they want.

Nancy Pelosi’s best out would be to make one of her patented eye-roller speeches about how serious Trump’s “crimes” are, but because the Democrats care so very, very deeply about the Constitution, and we’re so close to an election, they have decided that the voters should make this decision.  Yes, I know it’s a complete 180 from what we know she really thinks, but what else are they going to do?  Jump into the Senate briar patch?

As this article at the Epoch Times points out, if the Democrats really believed that Trump was the urgent, clear and present danger to the Republic that they claim he is, why would they take a weeklong break before even deciding whether to vote to impeach him?  It’s an obvious tell that they know this is just partisan political theater, and it’s flopping. 

That article also reveals that they believe their best hope is that this week, the anti-Trump leftists in your family will convince everyone else over Thanksgiving dinner that the Dems actually made a case for impeachment.  So they’re actually hoping that the obnoxious college student in your family will ruin the holiday feast by spouting a lot of leftist politics at the table. 

Well, that should make them popular.  I imagine it will go over about as well as last year’s lecture about how the Thanksgiving turkey should’ve been made of vegan tofu. 



One of the most pernicious effects of the mindless “Resistance” movement has come in encouraging people who work for the government to think that they don’t have to obey the orders of their elected boss, the President of the United States.  This has been a recurring theme since Trump took office.  We were told it was an impeachable offense for him to fire FBI Director James Comey, and never mind that it was well-deserved and overdue, plus that the President had the power to fire him at any time for any reason. Likewise, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was rightly fired for insubordination for ordering the DOJ not to defend Trump’s immigration order in court.  And we’ve just seen a parade of Foggy Bottom bureaucrats who tried to undermine the President and think he should be impeached for setting foreign policy instead of them.    

But nowhere is insubordination a worse crime than in the military.  Last week, President Trump pardoned or restored the rank of three military members accused of war crimes. The decision was controversial, but there was no question that as Commander in Chief, Trump has the absolute authority to do so.  But some people in the Navy chain of command seemingly decided that they would not go along with their direct order from their CiC. They seem to have forgotten that Trump was largely elected because of his willingness to say, “You’re fired.” And lo and behold, we now have a new Secretary of the Navy, with Kenneth Braithwaite replacing Richard Spencer.

The Daily Mail has more about the details of this story…

But for a blunt and entertaining take on it from the viewpoint of a military man, you can’t beat Kurt Schlichter’s write-up.  Here’s a sample quote:

“If you think some uppity lieutenant would have openly defied me when I was in command and not found his sorry rear out heading up rock repainting operations at the far reaches of the base, you are higher than former sailor Hunter Biden in a rental car.” 

Note the updates to the story at the end.



There’s a principle in logic called Occam’s Razor. In simple terms, it predicts that when multiple theories exist to explain a result, the simplest one is most likely to be true. Applying that to politics, we could believe that Trump released Ukrainian aid because a convoluted plot to blackmail Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden without even informing them that they were being blackmailed was about to be revealed…or we could believe that like many other Presidents countless times before, Congress was about to intervene anyway, and Trump didn’t have the support to stop them, so he just gave it up. 

Which is more likely? Byron York has the answer…



While Democrats were riding their impeachment hobby horse, something was happening that could blindside them in 2020. According to the latest Rasmussen survey, President Trump’s approval rating among black likely voters has climbed to 34.5%.

Black voters may be noticing that all Democrats have done for them is claim that the other side is racist.  Otherwise, they take black voters for granted except when it’s voting time, as even Kamala Harris recently admitted.

Meanwhile, under Trump, black unemployment is at historic lows, paychecks are rising, and prison sentencing reform is finally getting done after years of broken Democratic promises. 

A few other observations: black voters may be questioning the left’s claims that Trump is a racist when he criticizes how long-entrenched Democrats have run cities, particularly when they can see with their own eyes how their cities are being mismanaged and how it endangers their families:

Also, many black Americans are strong Christians who don’t like the far-left lurch of the Democrats, with their defense of unfettered abortion and threats to take away churches’ tax exemptions if they don’t replace the Bible with LGBTQ propaganda.

I also question whether the attempts to hold a rigged trial and accuse Trump of crimes without evidence are going over that well with black Americans.

While a 34% approval rating might not seem that high, I suspect it will only keep rising between now and 2020.  And as the RedState article notes, Democrats rely on a monolithic black vote to put them over the top. In 2016, Hillary Clinton lost after 2 million black Obama voters from 2012 stayed home.  She got 88% of the black vote and still lost.  If the Democrat in 2020 only gets 66% of the black vote, it’s going to be a rout.    


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  • Daniel Mata

    11/28/2019 05:01 PM

    Governor, my wife and I have been fans of yours for years and watch your show religiously. I am delighted to now read both your rational and insightful commentaries.
    This quote was a hoot: As this article at the Epoch Times points out if the Democrats really believed that Trump was the urgent, clear and present danger to the Republic that they claim he is, why would they take a weeklong break before even deciding whether to vote to impeach him? So very telling!

  • Floyd Hale

    11/26/2019 02:08 PM

    I dont think that the dim.s are going to wake up. They believe and have so much HATE !!!! Which i dont understand !!!!!

  • Darlene F. Donston

    11/26/2019 12:12 PM

    I want to thank you for all the news you put out every single day! At least we know what the truth is and what is really happening!
    GOD'S BLESSINGS and have a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family!

  • Roy Kemp

    11/26/2019 10:41 AM

    I have relatives visiting from New York for the Thanksgiving holiday. The wife of one relative would not come this holiday because we are “Trumpers”. Politics always seem to creep into the conversation. The remark was made that they could not support Trump because he is “despicable”. I really had to restrain myself but did counter that he DOES support Judea Christian values which include protecting the lives of unborn children and biblical marriages etc. Some of my relatives support Bernie and would never listen “Fox News”. Now I understand “TDS” but how do you make them understand that what they are doing is categorically wrong?

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    11/26/2019 07:46 AM

    My "democrat" husband won't change his party, but that might be a good thing...then another vote goes to someone other than a democrat...and, If Church's loose their "tax-exempt" status due to religious beliefs...then the NFL needs to let WOMEN PLAY.

  • Becky Aheren

    11/26/2019 07:45 AM

    The Bryan York article was good, and makes sense, but they had an article in that says Kennedy says he does not believe it was Ukraine that broke into the DNC. I am confused, who said they did? I never heard that, only that they had the company that investigated who broke in. Wilkileaks said no country broke into the DNC and I believe him. We all know the suspect that was killed conveniently for the DNC, suposedly for no reason, and the investigation was halted. All this has nothing to do with Ukraine interfering with the 2016 election.

  • Rhonda Stiles

    11/26/2019 02:38 AM

    Thank you for putting the truth out here so everyone can see it and make better decisions especially when the democrates just spew hate and lies I would like it if a Congressman would write a bill for term limits but I also think that the Congress people who voted on impeachment and have done nothing but throw fits like a spoilt brat should have to pay back the American people and repay us for there medical and pelosi should have to pay back ssi from which she took $$$ for this latest scheme which is fake I think they should also think they should have the same medical as the American people

  • April Allison Garlow

    11/25/2019 10:13 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for always lifting my spirits when the Dem-media coalition gets too absurd. This year my family is having a week of Thanksgiving, we are celebrating with different cultural meals each day (after researching on Ancestry) , to honor all our ancestors, all the hard work and sacrifices that made it possible for us to live in such a great country. But then on Thanksgiving day we will be having all the traditional Thanksgiving foods, always stay grateful my friend!

  • Verlyn Steinbach

    11/25/2019 09:54 PM

    "Ukraine had formed the National Anti-Corruption Bureau back in 2014 as a condition to receive U.S. aid." I read this in the piece you referenced this morning by November 24, 2019 by Sharyl Attkisson. Is this true? If they formed this bureau in 2014 why are we still waiting for them to clean up their act?
    After the parade of witnesses last week I thought with the wonderful work of our embassy staff the corruption was gone. Guess they weren't as effective as we were told.

  • Jerry korba

    11/25/2019 09:50 PM

    I have a feeling the left’s appetite for impeachment may start to dry up.the closer the doj gets to 2016 criminal interference and corruption of the Democratic Party to many officials are wanting to shut all this down it may be too lake the rats are going to start to get off the sinking ship do the time criminals u earned it

  • Robin Rebhan

    11/25/2019 09:22 PM

    In regards to the Navy SEALs. We don't send the SEALs over there to have nice polite conversations with terrorists. Terrorists who kill innocent civilians in the most horrible ways ( remember 9/11 ). It's a dirty thankless and dangerous job that few Americans would ever want to do in a savage land. These guys go anywhere at anytime at our nations bidding with a sense of duty and patriotism that few in this country understand... And quite apparently our President and Commander and Chief does understand this and appropriately granted clemency.
    I think " Political Correctness Syndrome " hindered the chain of command from doing the right thing in the first place. It's a sad day when " Political Correctness Syndrome ' has infected " Armchair Warriors " in the Pentagon thousands of mile away.
    Thank you President Trump for doing the right thing!

  • Stephen Russell

    11/25/2019 07:36 PM

    Cong Recess, etc:
    Theyve been on 1 since 2016, GOP did nothing for 2016-17 years. & None this year.
    Or the Dems stalling for impeachment, Hope base tears into them,
    Nothing has really been done but the: wall, & trade but mostly by the President vs Cong aiding & those who did pass bills BUT no action due to Pelosi & allies.
    Pay for Performance for Cong & Senate & adopt same HC plan