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May 15, 2021

While the media have been devoting so much of their energy to ignoring, mocking and suppressing the election audit in Arizona, there’s another legal challenge flying under the radar in Georgia that could flip control of the Senate back to the GOP.

As Bryan Preston at PJ Media reports, this case doesn’t make any charges based on anecdotal reports of stuffed ballot boxes or other disputed claims. It’s based on the provable yes-or-no question of whether the voting machines used in the January Senate special election that two far-left Democrats won met the required statutory standards under Georgia law. The plaintiff insists that they did not.

As in other such cases, the powerful Democrat law firm of Perkins Coie is reportedly trying to get involved to fight the lawsuit because if the voting machines were not acceptable under state law, both races would be invalidated. That means Republicans would reassume the Senate majority until there could be new races, and having seen what the Democrats started pulling the second they thought they were in power, a lot of Georgia voters might not be so keen to put them back onto power.

To be clear: this is a longshot case, but the man bringing it, Michael Daugherty, has fought and won longshots before. His company was once accused of civil charges that were actually caused by cyber criminals. He discovered it was a set-up and not only beat the charges, he forced the FTC to change its procedures on how it treats accused citizens. So he actually fought the Deep State and won.

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  • Robert Patrick

    05/16/2021 08:58 AM

    It's beyond obvious at all the backlash and suppression cast towards opposition of election audits that someone fears something hidden might become exposed. Problem is that thus far all the evidence presented regarding fraud has gone nowhere and likely never will.

  • Elizabeth Prater

    05/15/2021 04:15 PM

    How can I donate funds to this fight? I am a Georgia resident and believe this Senate election was stolen from the residents of Georgia. Thank you for being a truth teller, with a fabulous sense of humor. I can't (and don't want to follow) all the 'stuff' in the world of journalism. You make my life easier and my hair stay a little less platinum.