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August 23, 2023



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Breaking News:

GOP Presidential candidate and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum suffered an injury while playing basketball and was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night. It's unclear if he'll be able to stand during tonight's debate. I'm sure you'll join me in sending prayers for a full and swift recovery. This is a breaking story, so not much is known yet, but here's an early report at our press time:

Debate night

Tonight is the first GOP Primary debate. To give you some info on where the candidates (including Trump, who is not participating) stand on one of the most important issues, gave them all a questionnaire on their stand on border security and immigration enforcement. Here are their answers, in full…

Bad for Trump

It was reported yesterday that a witness has flipped and will testify against former President Trump and Mar-a-Lago employee Walt Nauta in the presidential documents case. This person, identified only as “Witness 4” (but reportedly Yuscil Taveras) previously supported Trump and Nauta’s claim that no attempt was made to erase security footage. Now, after reportedly being confronted with contradictory evidence and threatened with perjury charges, this witness has flipped and will testify that there was such an attempt.

I’m not an attorney, so I’ll let law professor William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection fill in the details:

As Jacobson notes, this is bad for Trump, and he thinks this is the case most likely to pose a real danger to him (although I still contend that it’s a load of selectively-prosecuted garbage. The tampering with evidence charge is a familiar type of process crime that’s used to imprison people for “obstructing” an investigation of a non-crime that never should have been launched in the first place.) Jacobson also points out that having changed his story completely, this witness will be grilled heavily on the stand about whether he’s lying now or was lying then. He says that what the jury believes may hinge on how convincing Jack Smith’s alleged evidence is.

I will remain skeptical until I see it because this whole story reeks of the January 6th trials, where working people with little to no resources to defend themselves and who felt they’d done nothing wrong were bullied and threatened with years in prison if they didn’t “CONFESS!!!” and testify against others. That sort of thing used to be known as “coerced testimony,” and it got cases thrown out of court and prosecutors sanctioned and disbarred. I don’t know if that’s what’s happening here, but I’ll just say that knowing Smith and his history of improper partisan prosecutions that have been thrown out on appeal, I would be shocked if it didn’t.


The Biden Administration’s decision to name what they’ve done to the economy “Bidenomics” and try to sell it like a new detergent is backfiring spectacularly. Turns out Americans know when they’re struggling financially, and not even the slickest con job can convince them that the hailstones falling on their heads are pennies from Heaven.

So when President Biden claimed that “Bidenomics is just another way of saying ‘restoring the American dream,’” the public responded, “In your dreams!”

In fact, for most working Americans, Bidenomics has been a nightmare, and RNC Research has the numbers to prove it.

Here are a few of their findings. Since Biden took office…

* Prices are up by 16.9% while real wages are down by about 3 percent.

* Increased costs of living have lost the average American about $10,000.

* Nationwide, gas prices are up by an average of $1.48 a gallon (and they’ve been even higher.)

* The average household is spending $709 a month more for the same goods and services.

* Interest rates are at a 22-year high, while credit card debt is at an all-time high.

* Sixty percent of workers, including 73 percent of Millennials, report living paycheck-to-paycheck.

* Nearly 3/4ths of Americans say their financial situation isn’t improving, while almost half say it’s getting worse.

* Nearly 20 million American households are behind on their utility bills, while delinquent credit card payments have surpassed pre-pandemic levels.

* Not surprisingly, most Americans think the country is on the wrong track.

I hope that at some point during tonight’s Republican debate, the candidates take a few moments out from attacking Trump and each other to mention some of this stuff, which I suspect might be important to voters.

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COVID fears are starting again

Fears of yet another COVID variant have some people pushing for a return to pandemic-era restrictions such as enforced masking, social distancing and mandated vaccinations. Not surprisingly, this movement is starting in universities and Hollywood…

That first link even includes this pearl of medical wisdom: “Rutgers University banned one student who was unvaccinated from participating in virtual classes.” I guess they don’t want him to infect anyone with a computer virus over the Internet.

If they’re going to try to resurrect this failed, useless, counter-productive and freedom-crushing campaign, then I suggest Americans resurrect another campaign in response: Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No!”

Name one failure…

President Biden angrily challenged the press to name just one of his Administration’s objectives that’s been a failure. He has a point, if you believe that his objective is to destroy everything he touches.

But for those who can’t bring themselves to believe that Democrats are deliberately trying to destroy America, Victor Davis Hanson has taken on the herculean job of compiling a list of all the Biden policies that have been unmitigated disasters. It’s still not a comprehensive list, but it’s well worth reading, and sharing with anyone crazy enough to think this guy or anyone remotely like him actually deserves reelection.

PS – There’s a typo in this column. When he wrote, “Bidenomics is a synonym for printing up to 6 billion dollars…”, I think he meant “6 TRILLION dollars.”

Some good news at last about Antifa:

Three members of that radical group are finally being held accountable for their violence against a journalist to the tune of $100,000 each. Judging from their looks, the only way they’ll ever raise it is by selling blood, but at least it’s a start.

Things That Make You Go “Hmmm…”

The Washington Post appears to have a unique journalistic rule: It’s okay to refer to politicians and fundraisers as Democrats up until they get arrested for something. Then, magically, the party designation disappears from stories about them.

1978 hit “Fat Bottomed Girls” removed from streaming service

Doing the Babylon Bee’s job of mocking excessive wokeness for them, the music streaming service Yoto removed the 1978 hit “Fat Bottomed Girls” from a version of “Queen’s Greatest Hits” for teenagers because it might be offensive to women.

Meanwhile, they will keep streaming all the current filthy hit songs about how sexy large women are because that’s empowering and feminist.

“Women’s rights”

Here’s a story that should be brought to the attention of women who keep voting for Democrats because “they protect women’s rights.”

Yet another female athlete who dared to speak out publicly in defense of girls not having their sports taken over by men or having naked men invade their private spaces was silenced and shouted down by men for allegedly “misgendering” them. Which means she called them “men.” How dare these women think they should be allowed to have their own sports or speak in public?

And the Biden Administration is not only okay with this, they’re forcing it on schools. Funny way to “protect women’s rights.”

Related: I saw this on a social media meme and thought it hit the nail on the head:

“If genitalia does not define gender, then how does removing/surgically altering genitalia ‘affirm gender?’”

A dangerous constitutional theory to keep Trump off the ballot

Of the latest legal strategy intended to keep President Trump off the ballot in ‘24, law professor Jonathan Turley said this:  “Quite frankly, I think this is the single most dangerous constitutional theory I’ve seen pop up in decades…”

He was speaking of the argument that under the 14th Amendment, Trump can be barred from running for President again --- and from ever holding any office in the federal government --- after supposedly violating his oath of office and supporting an “insurrection” or “rebellion” against the United States.  Keep in mind, the 14th Amendment was passed to deal with the political aftermath of the CIVIL WAR.  Now THAT was an insurrection.

As Turley said Tuesday night to Laura Ingraham, “That brings you to the original question:  what was January 6?”  Many citizens, including Turley personally, characterize it as a protest that became a riot.  And that’s what it was.  “It was not a rebellion or insurrection,” Turley said, while acknowledging that some disagree.  The problem, he said, is that Trump hasn’t been charged with insurrection or even incitement.  Special counsel Jack Smith notably did not charge him with either.

So, why didn’t he?  We all know he would’ve charged Trump with insurrection or incitement in a heartbeat if he’d had even the slightest evidence to make those charges stick, and that’s with the low bar required by a highly partisan DC court.  Consequently, if Trump can’t even be charged with incitement, how does the 14th Amendment come into play?  It defies reason, but since when has that mattered to the left?  This plan is a shameful abuse of the 14th Amendment for no other purpose than election interference.

Taking Trump off the ballot would disenfranchise many millions of people who would have chosen to vote for him.  It just shows that with all the lip service Democrats pay to claims of “disenfranchisement,” they doesn’t really care about that principle.  If it helps them win, they’ll gleefully disenfranchise as many Trump voters as they possibly can.

If there are any leftists reading this --- and I know there are --- just admit it, because you know it’s true.

Turley noted the irony when he said, “It’s a curious way to support democracy, by keeping your opponent off the ballot.”  He condemned the violence of the J6 riot just as we have from the beginning, though he was more critical of Trump’s speech.  “But that doesn’t mean it was a rebellion or insurrection,” he said.  There was no plan for it --- the rioters weren’t even armed --- and it obviously would’ve gone nowhere, as every force in government would’ve been aligned against it.

Since Trump was not charged with insurrection, he said, “this is a considerable reach in my view, and it’s dangerous.  And it could not have come at a worse time for our country.”

Contrast this treatment of Trump with what Turley calls the “theatre of the absurd,” the ‘Justice’ Department’s kid-gloves handling of the Hunter Biden finance case.  Newly-appointed Special Counsel David Weiss has really dug himself into a hole.  He’s now the most controversial person Attorney General Merrick Garland could have picked to be special counsel, and yet somehow he is it.

Turley’s piece goes over some familiar territory, because our newsletter readers are already extremely well-informed on this case, but it at least tells you you’re not crazy in your assessment of it.  The big question now for Turley is “why, knowing the distrust over the past handling of the investigation, Garland would make an appointment guaranteed to further deepen that unease.”  Maybe the most openly partisan attorney general we’ve ever seen just assumed we’d sit back and take it.  Sorry to disappoint him.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham is calling for the removal of Weiss as special counsel, citing the revelation that it was only after two IRS whistleblowers came forward that he chose to indict Hunter Biden for ANYTHING.

“An independent special counsel is needed in this case,” Graham tweeted (I mean, “posted on X”).  “It is abundantly clear Mr. Weiss needs to be removed from the investigation of Hunter Biden.  To say this has been botched is an understatement.”

Even some Democrats are concerned about the political fallout from the “special handling” of Hunter’s case.  And after getting no response from AG Garland, the GOP chairmen of the House Judiciary, Oversight and Accountability, and Ways and Means Committees, who together are doing the job of the DOJ in the Hunter investigation, have subpoenaed four IRS and FBI officials who were present at the meeting that proved to be the last straw and caused lead investigator Gary Shapley to blow the whistle.

“[The whistleblowers’] testimony raised serious questions about the federal government’s commitment to evenhanded justice,” they wrote.  “The DOJ [Office of the Inspector General] acknowledged they received information from the whistleblowers but have not indicated whether their office is meaningfully investigating the disclosures.”

If Weiss is replaced, it won’t be the first time more than one special counsel has handled a case.  John Yoo pointed out Tuesday night that Ken Starr was not the first special counsel who investigated President Bill Clinton and Whitewater.  After the first special counsel, Robert Fiske, was seen as not doing a thorough or sufficiently timely job, political pressure led to his replacement.  That could happen again.  From the archives…

But nothing is simple:  DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has informed the congressional committees that a “potential jurisdictional issue” might prevent him from investigating the IRS whistleblower claims.  His letter to them was light on explanation, so they wrote back asking for him to clarify.  “Based on your statements and the DOJ’s pattern of politically motivated actions,” they wrote, “we are concerned that the DOJ is limiting your office from fully investigating the disclosures provided to your office.”

To help them understand the scope of his investigation, they asked for specific documentation about the limitations he thinks he will have.  Horowitz needs to cite chapter and verse (well, law and/or regulation).  They want this by September 6.

Wouldn’t it be something if after the whistleblowers came forward because they were blocked in their investigation, the inspector general was blocked in his investigation of whoever blocked THEIR investigation?

Finally, try not to be too surprised, but at least seven prosecutors in Weiss’s office over the past several years are apparently Democratic donors, and one of them even appears to have a previously unreported relationship with the Biden family, at one time referring to Hunter Biden as “a good friend.”  The WASHINGTON EXAMINER has taken a closer look.

Hunter’s finances should never have been investigated out of the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office.  For crying out loud, Hunter’s father was a VERY longtime U.S. Senator from Delaware before becoming Vice President, and his brother Beau was attorney general in Delaware before he passed away in 2015.  And now we learn that Hunter apparently had at least one good friend in that office (though, to be fair, he seems to have had friends in many places!).  The Delaware office simply should not have been handling this.  But I guess that’s just “the Delaware way.”



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  • Robin Gonsalves

    08/24/2023 09:46 PM

    Regarding the witness flip in the mar a largo case. If the defendants in the Georgia case are having them sent to federal court where they have immunity under federal law because what they did was supposedly a protected act while working as a federal employee, then why doesn’t the mar a largo case fall a long the same statute? POTUS Trump was president when he took the documents and everyone knew he had documents because every president did!
    And then there’s slow joe who as a senator and VP should have never had any documents but he did and they were all over the place, so hunter could go through them at will, or the Chinese, or the Russians …

  • Joe Lyddon

    08/23/2023 04:30 PM

    Hi Mike!

    In looking at your Newsletter writeup to New site and Subscriptions needed comment, Here are my thoughts.

    I really enjoy your newsletter and I enjoy Sharing parts of it with my Facebook Groups and the GAB non censored website. ( )
    Perhaps you could investigate GAB.COM for using their site for your Newsletter? They are 100% against Censoring and believe in Free Speech... If you could use them, I'm sure your information would be sharable to the world by me as well as others.

    By subscribing, I don't think I would be able to do that... I am caught between a Rock and a Hard place!

    Thank you for considering it,
    Joe Lyddon

  • Stephen Russell

    08/23/2023 04:12 PM

    Covid Rerun:
    NOT playing this Game again
    Notice timing before next election