January 19, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Poison in the alphabet soup: GPS, FISA, FBI, DOJ -- Unemployment claims drop -- Feds raid PR warehouse -- Defending religious freedom -- Apple moves jobs to US  -- "A California Man" -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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In a stunning confluence of events, on the very day the Senate approved the “Section 702” provision that allows the FISA court to expand its authority to spy (apparently on Americans), we now have evidence that puts us very close to concluding that during the Obama administration, in a flagrant abuse of power, the unverified, Hillary-financed “Trump/Russia dossier” was indeed used by the FBI to get a warrant to listen in on Carter Page and, by extension, the Trump campaign. In other words, when Trump said his campaign had been “wiretapped,” he wasn’t just being paranoid, because you’re not paranoid if it’s really happening.

After Dianne Feinstein took it upon herself to release a transcript of Glenn Simpson’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the House Intelligence Committee decided to go ahead and release his testimony before them, too, and voted unanimously to release all 165 pages. According to Simpson, Fusion GPS was being paid $50,000 a month, plus expenses, to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. He said he wasn’t the one who passed the Christopher Steele dossier to Buzzfeed and in fact had been very concerned about putting “raw information” out there. He asserted that Putin went on a “witch hunt” to track down U.S. intelligence sources and said he even believed people were killed, in “a bit of an old-fashioned purge.”

When asked if the information in the dossier was true, he replied, “I didn’t say that. What I said was...


Mike Huckabee


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Unemployment claims drop

By Mike Huckabee

The Labor Department just reported that last week’s unemployment claims dropped to the lowest level since 1973. Businesses, especially construction and manufacturing, are struggling to find enough workers to fill positions, and the 4.1% unemployment rate, already the lowest since 2000, could be poised to fall again.

But the big news on CNN: Trump may have said a bad word about Haiti! And maybe his doctor is lying about his body mass index!

Luckily, most Americans have jobs now, so they no longer have to sit home watching that nonsense.


Fed raid PR warehouse

By Mike Huckabee

Why has it been taking so long to get power back on in Puerto Rico? I’m sure the media would love to blame President Trump, but how about blaming the local power authority, a state-owned company run by the territory’s government? Federal agents just raided their warehouses, seized a massive store of rebuilding materials that they were hoarding, and distributed them to contractors who’ve been waiting months for them. You’d be surprised how quickly power can be restored (from 50% to 83% in one week) when needed materials aren’t being hoarded by the government.

As Ronald Reagan said, one of the three greatest lies is “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.” In this case, the government was here to help itself.


Defending religious freedom

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump is keeping his promise to protect religious freedom rights by unveiling a new division of Health and Human Services’ Civil Rights wing: the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division. It will defend the rights of medical professionals who object to being forced by their employers to provide services they object to on religious or moral grounds, such as abortion or gender reassignment surgery.


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Apple moves jobs to US

By Mike Huckabee

Apple just became the latest (and biggest) company of many to react to the GOP tax cut bill. Long under fire for manufacturing its products in China, Apple announced that it would pay $38 billion in taxes under the new lower corporate rate to bring profits that had been parked overseas back to the US and build a new customer support campus that will create more than 20,000 jobs.

Note that under the higher corporate tax rate liberals love, both the money and the jobs stayed overseas and the government got nothing. They insisted that lower rates don't stimulate activity that brings in more revenue ("Trickle down!") and companies would not use savings from lower taxes to expand or create jobs. That’s why no Democrats voted for the tax cut bill. None.

Not a single one.


Just something worth remembering until November.


"A California man"

By Mike Huckabee

The Daily Caller reports that a California man suspected of being caught on video stabbing another man in the neck seven times at a supermarket is an illegal immigrant from Mexico with multiple criminal convictions including felony drug and weapons charges, and that he has been deported back to Mexico seven times since 2007.

To protect Americans from such violence, ICE is reportedly planning a crackdown sweep on illegal aliens in California – not simply undocumented residents, but actual criminals previously targeted for deportation. And police chiefs in many California cities are refusing to cooperate, under California’s new “sanctuary state” policy. Their motto is “to serve and protect,” but it’s no longer clear whom they’re serving and protecting. It sure doesn’t seem to be their own law-abiding citizens.

Now, look back at that first paragraph. Notice something odd? The Daily Caller described the alleged stabber as “a California man” even though he’s obviously a Mexican man who is in California illegally after being returned to Mexico seven times. I guess that’s an understandable mistake, since even the governor of California apparently sees him as “a California man,” too.


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  • ktf

    01/22/2018 11:09 PM

    Ditto!! "Please tell president Trump not to cave in to the democrats on DACA. We his supporters know what they want. More votes for themselves, and more power to control our lives."

  • Marlene Helfrick

    01/22/2018 07:52 AM

    Please tell president Trump not to cave in to the democrats on DACA. We his supporters know what they want. More votes for themselves, and more power to control our lives.