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October 31, 2022

Hillary Clinton – a woman whose gargantuan sense of entitlement to the White House and willingness to spread lies and conspiracy theories about her opponents have helped to rip this nation apart and inflame leftist nutjobs for years – is blaming Republican conspiracy theorists for the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

Naturally, this is without any evidence that that is true. In fact, one might say that at the moment, it’s nothing but a divisive, unfounded conspiracy theory. Not that that would stop Hillary from repeating it.

As that linked story above notes, there are a lot of confusing things about this incident that have yet to be explained, and initial reports that have been retracted, like the claim that the assailant was in his underwear when police arrived. There was also a claim that he ran two right-wing conspiracy websites, only it appears that those sites didn’t exist until Friday and were taken down by Saturday. Sounds like someone is really working hard to make us believe this wackjob is a conservative.

But his former girlfriend, who seems like quite a piñata full of Froot Loops herself, said that not only is he mentally ill and paranoid, but when she knew him, he was in alignment with her “progressive” views, and she was a Pelosi admirer.   

Never one to let facts get in the way of a convenient political narrative, Democrats from Joe Biden on down are rushing to microphones to blame the Pelosi attack on “MAGA extremists” and President Trump. Naturally, CNN and MSNBC touted the same fact-free claims. I guess they miss the good old days when they were 24/7 “Russia collusion” stories and really want to go back to not having to fact-check anything.  

NBC even reported that the suspect was carrying zip ties, like someone did on January 6th! Also like a lot of people do, including the deranged leftist who tried to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Yet so far, there is scant evidence that the suspect has any political motives and is anything other than the kind of far-out lunatic and drug addict that have been allowed to take over San Francisco’s streets and parks.

Bonchie at notes that not only was he known as a nudism activist who recently blogged about an acquaintance being attacked by an invisible fairy that sometimes appears to him in the form of a bird…and not only has he been linked to a hippie commune in Berkeley that’s festooned with leftwing signs and banners for such things as BLM, Bernie Sanders and legalized weed (all of this, including the delusions, suggests that he’s a “progressive”)…but he’s also reportedly been taking an alternative treatment for drug addiction, a drug called Ibogaine that’s shunned by mainstream medicine because it’s too dangerous.

Obviously, there’s a lot of mystery to this story, and a lot of craziness, some of it chemically-induced. So before we let Democrats use it to further their equally crazy claim that all the political violence in America is committed by conservatives (remember those 700+ riots, or Rep. Steve Scalise being shot by a Bernie Bro, or Nancy Pelosi’s own daughter celebrating when Sen. Rand Paul was brutally attacked by his neighbor, or a Democrat killing a teenager with his car because he thought he was a Republican, or the fire-bombing of pro-life pregnancy centers, etc. etc. etc.?), let’s do something that Democrats hate. Let’s apply some logic.

There’s a concept in science and logic known as “Occam’s Razor.” It states that when you’re trying to solve a problem, the simplest explanation is most likely to be correct. For instance, an unidentified light in the sky is more likely to be an airplane or a star than a flying saucer.

In this case, ask yourself which is more likely: that a crazy drug addict in crime-ridden San Francisco was inspired to attack Nancy Pelosi’s home because he was fired up over a speech Donald Trump gave and a three-hour riot that both happened nearly two years ago, over 2400 miles away, and that only Congressional Democrats still obsess over? 


That he’s one of countless crazy drug addicts who are assaulting people and breaking into homes every day in San Francisco. 

And how about this puzzler? Even if it’s true that he asked, “Where’s Nancy?” was it because he was emulating something said by a guy at that riot two years ago and 2400 miles away? 


Did he just know it was the well-known home of a famous person named “Nancy”? In fact, maybe both of them said “Where’s Nancy?” because they both knew her name was “Nancy” and wanted to know where she was.

Now you know why leftists hate logic so much and want to ban it as “white supremacy.” Which is highly illogical, according to Mr. Spock, a famous proponent of logic whose skin was green.

If you haven’t had enough of this cockamamie story yet, here’s Kurt Schlichter on it:

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Comments 1-2 of 2

  • Roma Sweatman

    11/01/2022 01:53 AM

    Bull crap!
    Who would listen to Killary anyway! Talk about insane!

  • Prodigal48

    10/31/2022 07:07 PM

    No matter how warped or insane the perpetrator is, and no matter how many times the story has changed, there are still too many questions. With a person in her position, should not Americans be informed as to exactly how her six-million-dollar home, along with her elderly husband, were left unprotected in the crime-ridden city of San Francisco? Are they going to allow the country to see the camera footage, and if not, why not?