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August 31, 2021

All right, this is JUST IT. The breaking point.

Whoever at the White House, State Department and/or Pentagon comes forward to try to put a good spin on "8/31" by saying we met “the deadline” and are “out of Afghanistan after 20 years” can just, pardon the expression, pound sand. We're NOT all out. Don’t even bother trotting somebody out to try to clean up for the mentally AWOL Commander-in-Chief in one of your increasingly ridiculous press briefings. You still have some partisan loyals in the media trying to cover for you, but in defending this President you are a pathetic joke. You know perfectly well that we ALL wanted to be out of Afghanistan, Trump included, and we were going to be, and he would've gotten us out in a way that at least made strategic sense. But this latest development is, pardon the expression again, the straw that broke the camel’s back.

What finally did it –- what irreparably broke the hearts of me and my staff –- is this image from yesterday, in which the Taliban are flying over Kandahar in one of the Black Hawk helicopters we used to own, which President Biden left for the terrorists along with $90 billion worth of other military prizes as if it were Christmas in August. Yes, we’d already seen them joyriding in a Black Hawk, but this is the first case we’ve seen of them taking one up and dangling what appears to be the body of a man hanged by the neck. Is the man dead? We don't know.

The WESTERN JOURNAL reports that it is indeed a dead body and describes this as “a giant middle finger to the Western world that has battled terrorism for the past two decades.”

The video was shared by the TALIB TIMES; it’s from a Twitter account claiming to share “official news” from “the Islamic Emirate Afghanistan.” (I assume that’s what we’re supposed to call it now.) The caption reads, “OUR AIR FORCE!”

And who was this man? WAS he dead, or being tortured, or what? Maybe he was one of our interpreters or guides. Maybe a young student at American University, after our State Department refused to admit them to the airport. Maybe just some poor schlub whose beard was too short or who was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe he was a happy Taliban fighter, very much alive, getting his kicks and celebrating the 8/31 defeat of the Americans.

Some have interpreted this video as appearing to show a member of the Taliban “on patrol” over Kandahar. We don’t know, but it would be the strangest patrol ever.

Here are more details on the massive array of equipment the Taliban now have, thanks to President Biden. Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, who assembled the list, said the Taliban now has “more Black Hawk helicopters than 85 percent of the countries in the world.” Each helicopter cost the taxpayers $6 million, and there is so much more we bought them. We've armed our own enemy to the teeth!

The administration has been trying to fool us into thinking the Taliban are “negotiating,” working with us, fulfilling our interests by going after ISIS-K, the “real” terrorists who blew up 13 of our service members at the Kabul airport checkpoint. That, as I've said, is a distinction without a difference. They are all terrorists and all want Americans dead. If the Taliban and ISIS really were enemies, the Taliban wouldn’t have released the approximately 2,000 ISIS fighters we’d detained at Bagram Air Base.

Note to Biden administration: Just stop insulting our intelligence. Calling ISIS-K the “real” terrorists to take the heat off the Taliban reminds me of O.J. Simpson’s lawyers saying he would dedicate himself to finding the “real” killer of Nicole.

And who flew this helicopter? It’s not as if some 7th-century Taliban soldier climbed aboard this ultra-sophisticated piece of equipment and somehow knew how to take it up and circle it over Kabul, dead-or-alive person in tow. Are we sure EVERY American helicopter pilot got out? Or maybe the pilot is an Afghan trained by us and now held captive. We don’t know, and, even worse, we can’t trust the White House to tell us.

Western media have been mostly banned from Afghanistan.  

Well, they did allow some media people because they wanted the world to see them take over and declare victory over America.

There's no telling the horrors that will go on. Those particularly in danger include Americans left behind, Afghan women and girls, interpreters and others who helped American soldiers, and Christian missionaries. We don’t know how many thousands of people this might be.

President Biden, when asked about any of this, says he’s “not supposed to take any questions” on Afghanistan. (What??) Then he walks away. Can you IMAGINE what the reaction would be if Trump were in office and he did that? They’d use it to push their fake “Russia” narrative and say Vladimir Putin had instructed him not to answer.

Here’s something else we can’t forgive Biden for, if the allegations are true: leaving our service dogs behind in Afghanistan. I’m not comparing this to the loss of 13 service members, but these dogs mean so much to the soldiers who depended on them. Some owe their lives to these dogs. Here’s the press release from American Humane, an organization that brings home retired military working dogs and pairs service dogs with veterans.

American working dogs left there by our military face a grim future: certainly death and perhaps torture. We’re looking for additional verification that these dogs have indeed been left behind in the crush to evacuate. Our leaders like to talk about “who we are”; this certainly is not it.

Something else: the airlift out of Kabul was supposed to rescue those who helped us, but it turned into such a free-for-all that Afghans weren’t vetted before boarding the planes. Here’s just one unfortunate example.

Of the 2,000 rescued Afghans being held at Wisconsin’s Fort McCoy, not a single one had an SIV, or Special Immigrant Visa. And according to the WASHINGTON TIMES, only “a tiny fraction” of those evacuated have been Americans.

But here's a ray of hope: An organization of retired U.S. generals and admirals called “FLAG OFFICERS 4 AMERICA” has HAD IT every bit as much as we have and is demanding accountability in the form of the resignation of the two top generals, the highest military advisers to President Biden (who should have resigned in the first place rather than carry out his disastrous orders), Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley. Know what I call those resignations? A good start.

They’ve also written a spectacular letter expressing what they think of the modern “woke” military and weighing in on a number of national security issues, including Biden’s fitness to serve. If anything will make your day, it’s this letter and the long, long list of signatories. Here it is, in pdf form to share far and wide.

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Comments 1-10 of 26

  • Diane Friedrick

    09/06/2021 10:09 PM

    Gov Mike, do you by any chance know of Amir Tsarfati? He is a Pastor and Former Israel officer. He resides in Israel and posts on the sight TELEGRAM. He sends messages of what is happening in the middle east. Today post was made by Christians here in American who were in touch with church group in Afghanistan who were murdered at the hands of the Taliban. These were people who didnt make it out ( mr biden) How many others will be put to death at the hands of these mad men because of the ineptitude of our government?

  • Mike Manoogian

    09/06/2021 06:57 AM

    Afghanistan is the worst of a bad set of actions by this administration. Sec Gates said the Joe Biden was on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue in his 40 years in government. I ask now for a list of what he has got right on anything in his now 50-year career. One does not even need a scrap of paper for that.

  • Nancy Culkin

    09/05/2021 10:50 PM

    They will never ever tell us the truth about how many Americans and Afghans are trapped in Afghanistan let alone the loyal loving and brave dogs also left.
    This man biden and his administration full of cohorts
    are as evil as I’ve ever seen.
    Their hatred for children in the
    Womb and any living soul that can’t further their power and wealth is expendable. May God have mercy on their souls.
    P.S. Thank You Gov. for the Truth.

  • Susan Combee

    09/05/2021 06:34 PM


  • Shari Allegood

    09/05/2021 02:41 PM

    I am trying to listen to the Lord to know how to "occupy 'til I come," but how is the average citizen supposed to deal with this mess. What are we to do (besides pray)?

  • Robert Metz

    09/05/2021 02:02 PM


  • Al Fairall

    09/05/2021 01:46 PM

    RE: Letter from flag officers.
    I was surprised to see only 2 O-10s on the list of so many flag officers. 2 Navy Admirals. were the many 4 stars retired a=invited to sign....or did the refuse?

  • Melinda Smith

    09/05/2021 01:41 PM

    We must remind our brave military that the freedom they afford us is worth everything to us. Even when they are sold out by a worthless President and his pathetic cabinet and military generals, they can still hold their heads high with honor, bravery, distinction and the utmost respect. After all, they earned it unlike those who let them down in the most despicable way possible. Please always thank them for their service. My father is a proud Vietnam vet and I am proud of his service.

  • Judy A Waterman

    09/05/2021 01:15 PM

    Mike, According to Conservative Tree House, the next lie by the Biden regime is to make ISIS the enemy and the Taliban our friend that needs our support ie money to fight ISIS. This lie will keep our tax dollars flowing to Afganistan, so the deep state can skim their profits off the money, ie keep the war going and keep the money flowing, after we have abandoned $90 billion of military equipment. Some military equipment is in Iran now. Was this planned by Biden as a back door way to give Iran state of the art weapons? Smells like Benghazi. Weapons were being funnelled by Obama thru Benghazi to syria and iran and who knows who else. The Taliban think that the chinese are going to support their economy and make them prosper and everything will be rosy.
    The Taliban are going to find themselves enslaved to the ruthless Chinese who will put them in economic chains just like they have to poor african countries.

  • G. Denham

    09/05/2021 12:11 PM

    Will you please tell me (us) how on earth all these military personnel and commanders, etc. are going to continue in this charade? When are they going to get a spine and go in and rescue the Americans and allies? When?
    And why not? This is too critical a need to be left unanswered, undone, unactedupon.