March 25, 2020

Stop the presses! The money printing presses, that is. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to fast-track the pandemic relief bill in the House, and Republican Senators Ben Sasse, Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham say they’ve found a "massive drafting error" in it that will require it to be fixed and reconsidered, or else regulatory changes made by the Labor Department to prevent it from creating a bigger incentive to lay workers off than to keep them employed and to bar paying people more to be unemployed than to work.

This is what happens when Congress tries to create a massive bill and rush it through too fast. Speaking of that (ahem: “Obamacare!”), I saw a great observation online: Nancy Pelosi had to cave on her version of the bill that was stuffed with leftist wishlist items because she forgot that some people actually read bills to find out what’s in them BEFORE they pass them.


The latest reported victims of the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus are Prince Charles (tested positive with mild symptoms and a bad cough, this is as close to a coronation as he's ever likely to get); teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg (she claims it's "extremely likely" she had it but has "basically recovered," but then she claims a lot of things that haven't been scientifically verified); and the Democrat/media narrative that President Trump left America unprepared to deal with a pandemic. A study by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security found that we were actually the best-prepared nation in the world to handle a pandemic.

Now, imagine what our score would be if the Democrats hadn’t been fighting Trump tooth-and-nail to open up our borders to anyone who wanted to come in?

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Ever since President Trump started holding daily briefings on the COVID-19 (Wuhan, China) coronavirus, the media have been treating them less as an opportunity to get the latest, most reliable information to the public than as a Roman Colosseum battle with themselves in the role of the lions. Every day, they pepper Trump with the type of aggressive, skeptical, disrespectful, accusatory questions that they should have aimed at Jeffrey Epstein. I guess they think that’s making Americans agree with them that Trump is a bad, bad man doing a bad, bad job. Wrong.

The American people aren’t stupid. What they have seen over the past few weeks is a President who seems to be putting boundless energy and yuuuuge levels of management experience into building the best team possible to handle each phase of the battle against the disease and to protect the economy while he does his part by slashing needless regulations, goosing production of resources, and striking deals with corporations and private industry to insure that both the federal government and the states have the tools they need. And they’ve seen him doing it despite the juvenile sniping and petty hindrances of his critics, who have been proven dead wrong about everything they’ve preached, from open borders to calling Trump a racist xenophobe for cutting off travel from China, to encouraging large gatherings and hugging Chinese strangers to show you’re not letting common sense avoidance of the virus make you a bigot.

Americans can tell who’s really working tirelessly to protect them, and that’s reflected in a flurry of new polls that show approval of his handling of the crisis rising by the day. The latest, from Gallop, puts it at 60% (dragged down from being much higher by 27% approval from Democrats, who are the last people still listening to the media wolf pack.) His overall approval rating is 49%, tied for highest ever and up 5 points in less than a month. And a Monmouth poll shows 55% approval of Trump’s handling of the crisis, while just 43% approve of the media’s coverage of it (I’m betting that was dragged way up by Democrats.)

It’s no wonder Rachel Maddow is begging for Trump’s press conferences to be taken off of TV. This is what happens when you let Americans see what Trump is actually saying and doing, rather than what Rachel Maddow and her ilk tell us he’s saying and doing.


If you’re as fed up with the TDS-afflicted media as I am, you might get a kick out of these no-holds-barred assessments of the job they’re doing, from Steven Kruiser at PJ Media:

...And from Andrew Klavan at the Daily Wire, who laments that there’s no vaccine for Trump Derangement Syndrome. This is a must-read for Klavan’s hilariously brutal turns of phrase, such as describing Bernie Sanders as looking “like an unindicted co-conspirator in the Rosenberg case.”

As a committed Christian, I have to say that I can’t agree with some of the comments about hating the rabidly biased and dishonest reporters. You shouldn’t “hate” anyone. But it is possible to love media members as your neighbor while hating the way that they are misleading, angering and dividing Americans at a time when we desperately need to be united and they should be acting professionally. We should love the sinner but hate the sin. In their case, I think the sin they’re committing is a form of hatred in itself. Hating hate seems justifiable.


I can’t believe this is still going on, so I guess I have to say this. Please listen up carefully:

THERE IS NO TOILET PAPER SHORTAGE!! There’s plenty of TP in the supply pipeline (so to speak), and the store shelves would all be restocked by now if some people would stop buying it by the carload and let their neighbors have a crack (sorry!) at buying some.

Like death and taxes, toilet paper is one of the few universal constants. Back during World War II, the allies used to put up posters shaming hoarders as unpatriotic. Okay, we’re now at that point. I understand the initial wave of panic buying, but there’s no longer any excuse. If you’re hoarding it for yourself, you’re being silly and selfish; and if you’re hoarding it to price-gouge, you’re being reprehensible (and in some places, you can get arrested for that.)

On that subject, Costco has started getting shipments back in, but people are still filling up carts and packing pickups and SUVs to bursting with rolls of Charmin. Granted, some Costco shoppers always buy toilet paper by the truckload, but not everyone at once.

At this link, you’ll find some of the more amusing Internet memes protesting and shaming hoarders.

It also details how Costco is trying to curtail it. Not by telling people they can’t buy items by the truckload (it is Costco, after all, where Crisco comes in 50-gallon drums.) But they’ve gotten to the bottom (sorry again!) of the problem with a new store policy. Any purchases of toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, water, rice and Lysol bought during this period cannot be returned.

So anyone who bought 900 pounds of rice had better start eating it now, especially if they have an entire garage full of Charmin that they’ll have to use up all by themselves.

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One of the greatest things about the free enterprise system is the creative ways in which its practitioners swiftly react to new conditions, no matter how negative, and in much faster and more clever ways than government bureaucrats ever could. I’m not just talking about auto makers retooling to build ventilators or a distillery converting on a dime to making hand sanitizer. Even individual entrepreneurs and small businesses are coming up with genius ways to help us (and them) survive the pandemic while keeping a sense of humor and proportion about it.

For instance, restaurants banded together to declare March 24th the Great American Take-Out Day, asking every American to help their favorite eatery survive by ordering food to go (if you missed it, it’s not over: they’re encouraging people to continue supporting their restaurants with take-out and delivery business until this is over, to insure that your favorite places are still there when it’s over.)

Or Google “Pandemic T-shirts,” and you’ll see dozens of shirts for sale with messages that are inspiring, uniting, and even humorous (my favorite is a takeoff on the rap group NWA’s album title “Straight Outta Compton” that reads “Straight Outta Toilet Paper.”)

Possibly the most creative of all are the little bakeries all over America, like this one in New Orleans, that are selling cakes shaped like rolls of toilet paper.

These endangered small businesses are getting a much-needed sales boost because the TP cakes are flying off the shelves as fast as actual rolls of toilet paper. Let’s just hope the buyers don’t bring them back when they realize they aren’t actual rolls of toilet paper!

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  • dennis k dressler

    03/26/2020 03:19 PM

    The organization "numbers usa" stated that the immigrant payout of 350million did not get in the final bill. Also it is stated that some improper wording was picked up in the bill and it has to be re-written. I am assuming that these corrections are correct.

  • Mary Minshall

    03/26/2020 02:22 PM

    Perhaps it is time for President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force to end public press briefings and, each morning (or afternoon), post a written notice containing the latest news on the fence around the White House. The press reporters are very rude to not just the President, but also the Vice President and team of medical experts dealing with the problem. Their time should be spent on finding a cure and vaccine for this virus, rather than responding to a bunch of rude children who really need to be turned over their parents' knees and given a thorough spanking.

  • Helen Sustachek

    03/26/2020 01:49 PM

    Thank you for listening to all those democrats so you can fill us in. I can't listen to them anymore. Today I happened to hear Pelosi repeating, repeating, words over and over, like her friend Waters saying "impeach, impeach, impeach." Have they turned into parrots?

  • John Dahm

    03/26/2020 12:48 PM

    EXCELLENT EXCELLENT keep up the great work. I read your texts every day

  • Phyllis Lambert

    03/26/2020 12:48 PM

    Another informative read full of truth and an abundance of humor. Thanks for being such a trustworthy person. We can always count on you. I am enjoying and need your daily Bible verse! Thanks again!

  • Sharron Baird

    03/26/2020 12:19 PM

    A little girl with asthma in Peoria IL, Lily Arvin, cannot get tested for the Coronavirus. She has all the symptoms of a Coronavirus infection but the hospital could not test her. No positive treatment. Now her family is showing COVID-19 symptoms too. Can someone please help this family get tested for COVID-19? Reported on in Peoria

  • Debbie Anthony

    03/26/2020 12:17 PM

    The Evening Edition - my new favorite read of the day! I love the balance of truth, humor, faith, honesty, and integrity...keep it up, Mike!

  • Karen Mannelin

    03/26/2020 12:01 PM

    An awesome read as always. Yep, the media continues to lie, but fools only the sheep with TDS. I much prefer to hear directly from our President, unpolished as he can be at times, but giving the honest to God facts!
    I do worry about him, as quite understandably he’s looking so tired, I pray every day that God continues to give him the strength and protection he needs and so richly deserves. God bless President Trump and God bless America!
    I look forward to reading reading your next evening post, sir! May a god bless and protect you, as well!

  • Kay DeWitt

    03/26/2020 10:37 AM

    Mike Huckabee, this message is BEYOND magnificent!!!! Thank you...thank you.... thank you...for printing this statement: "We should love the sinner but hate the sin" because how one CAN love the sin WHILE, concomitantly, hating the sinner is what President Trump does not understand...which is WHY, as I've stated before, President Trump told, Arthur Brooks (after Arthur gave his speech, at the National Prayer Breakfast, about one's loving his enemies) that he didn't agree with him because he could NOT "like" those who have tried to destroy him!

    Months ago I stated in one of my comments that, because of what has been your relentless support and defense OF...and love FOR...President Trump that you seemed to be the most likely choice of the one God could use TO explain to President Trump how....if he becomes born again....he WILL be able to love the sinner and hate the sin THEREBY loving one's enemies...and answering the Democrats' hatred for him with (HIS) love!!! IN OTHER WORDS, President Trump could RECEIVE this message FROM you BECAUSE of your obvious love for him!

    And I will repeat what I have also said before....which is....if the Republican Convention DOES meet here in Charlotte, as planned, if President Trump could give YOUR...Arthur Brooks'....and most importantly, Jesus' ....message...AT this convention, he will pull on the heart strings of a city that is been wracked by grief because of the hatred between kids that is behind their shooting one another and sending a kid to an early grave almost on a daily basis!!!!

  • Rosalie B Peck

    03/26/2020 10:14 AM

    After reading that Speaker Pelosi's "stimulus" bill required 1119 sheets of paper(that's a whole roll where I come from!), I determined she could help "save the planet" by limiting herself to three sheets on the first swipe and two on any subsequent efforts.

  • Stephen Russell

    03/26/2020 09:42 AM

    Wuhan Virus side issue for China: notice number of celphones NOT in use.
    Users died, in hospital, & then missing billing for phone services, apply to US.
    Wireless services only


    03/26/2020 08:16 AM

    I am one of those that are not hoarding and I am down to 6 rolls. Let people know that back in the 50's, I remember my mother taking our cloth diapers and rinsing them off in the toilet and then would wash them in the washer. So I am not sweating the 'no toilet paper' hoarding system. If nothing else, I will be saving some money until we get back to normal. It is not as gross as it sounds. Just a little FYI to help others out.

  • Joan Mallette

    03/26/2020 07:52 AM

    I am really liking these updates but I do not like having an ad pop up for my Congressman a Democrat. Josh Gottheimer. It looks like Mike approves of him.

  • Wayne Hilchen

    03/26/2020 07:07 AM

    Governor, you're the best. A little humor about TP is just what we need in the midst of what Congress is up to and the media.

  • Thomas Douglas Roper

    03/26/2020 06:36 AM

    How you noticed that during a COVID-19 Task Force update they'll ask questions that has nothing to do with the outbreak?

  • Patricia A. Pacini

    03/26/2020 06:12 AM

    God has allowed this pandemic and lock down to draw all people to Himself. We NEED to embrace this time and use it to get closer to God by reading HIS WORD and obeying what He is telling us to do. God is preparing His people for the greatest time in the history of the world. . .the end time harvest of souls that will be coming in the very near future. Get plenty of rest, get daily exercise, and eat as healthy as possible and take Vitamin D3 and Zinc to keep your immune system up. Stay calm and trust God. Allowing fear to take over our lives will also lower your immune system. Also try to have at least 10 belly laughs per day, which is also known to keep your immune system up. Stay away from sugar, as this also lowers your immune system. Tell those you know, who have not accepted Jesus into their lives to invite Him in. Look up, for your redemption draws nigh. Jesus return is close!

  • Janis Tobin

    03/26/2020 02:33 AM

    We had a pizza owner "Uncle Nick" who was giving away a roll of toilet paper with each pizza to go! He had a commercial supply of the TP and so wanted to share it with the public. A great business move! To this day, he is doing very well with pizza carry outs and deliveries...but no more TP.

  • Mona Kramer

    03/26/2020 02:19 AM

    Test people who work and if negative, let them go back to work. Stop the madness, stop paying people not to work! Life goes on!!!!!!

  • Debby Figg

    03/26/2020 12:49 AM

    Thanks again for your newsletter. So appreciate all the work you put into getting us the truth about what is really going on. That said, my region of the country has not seen a press conference all week. None of the national networks or PBS is cutting away for live coverage. Very disappointing. I have to say I don't miss the questions from the reporters. They really aren't interested in the answers anyway. They just want to sound off, sorry but if they really listened to what is being said they wouldn't have to ask questions. I think the presentations are very clear and straight forward.

  • John Stowe

    03/25/2020 11:39 PM

    I appreciate your perspectives and commentary! Thank you!

  • Ruth Hoefert

    03/25/2020 11:37 PM

    Thanks for reminding me not to hate. I strongly dislike the behavior of the mainstream media and do not trust them. Thank you for being trustworthy!

  • Peggy L. Murphy

    03/25/2020 11:33 PM

    I want to know if Pelosi and Schumer got the $850 billion from Social Security they wanted! People use SS as an opened check book! It’s not the government’s money! That belongs to Americans that have and are working!
    These people take from SS but never put it back!!
    This needs to stop!! Now!!

  • James Evart

    03/25/2020 11:08 PM

    Could the reason that New York's Corona virus case numbers are twice the number of cases in all the other states combined (I think I got that right), is that New York had a very loose vetting policy for incoming international airline passengers incentivising the increase of incoming passanger numbers, which allowed illegal aliens entry through a non-cooperation policy between state law enforcement authorities and federal Customs and ICE authorities, keeping them from doing their jobs?

    When our President got wind of this he cancelled New York's fast-track customs privledges and was skewered by the press and the state officials (as usual), but our President stood his ground and made these passangers wait in the normal line, drasticly increasing their customs waiting time until he resolved the non-cooperation policy of New York's state officials with Customs and other Federal authorities.

    Could New York have been a seeding ground for a disproportionatly large number of virus infected immigrants because of ease of access?

  • Ron Besse

    03/25/2020 10:09 PM

    We, my wife and I, by nature are not hoarders but my wife a couple weeks ago had a senior moment and we are the proud parents of 48 really big rolls of Charmin toilet paper and a dozen rolls of paper towels. I told her I think we have enough to last until 2021. Funny but she realizes that she got a little carried away after my comments and she hasn't done this for any other items yet.

  • Alma Walker

    03/25/2020 09:57 PM

    Unhappy with a message that used your name as if the email was from you criticizing Chick-Fil a. Do you support this sort of thing?
    Do you sell email addresses?
    Thank you for checking this out. AW