Oberlin lawsuit update

June 19, 2019 |

Here’s another article about the defamation verdict against Oberlin College. This one clarifies the confusion about the damages amount (turns out the jury did assess the maximum $33 million in punitive damages for a total of $44 million as I originally reported, but the punitive damages were capped at $22 million, bringing it down to $33 million plus defendants’ legal fees – still no cheap ride.)  It also talks about how Oberlin got to this point – by treating misbehaving young adults with kid gloves, as if they were nursery school students having a tantrum – and how many other overly-indulgent leftist colleges have set themselves up for the same retaliation by victims of the spoiled bullies.


Incidentally, just how deeply were the junior radicals at Oberlin indulged in their attacks on the local bakery that was accused of racism for stopping students from shoplifting?  We’re now finding out that college administrators gave students class credit for attending their own protests and tried to settle the lawsuit by getting the bakery to recognize Oberlin’s “culture of theft” and agree not to pursue or prosecute students who shoplifted.  It's starting to sound as if the "culture of theft" refers to the tuition you have to pay for a degree from Oberlin. 


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  • Denise Jackson

    06/20/2019 09:19 AM

    The blow to Oberlin's reputation costs far more than $33 million. Fifty years ago I was disappointed when I was not accepted by Oberlin. Now I am deeply grateful that I am NOT an Oberlin alumna. Wonder how many people will be willing to donate to Oberlin now?