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October 16, 2023



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And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

Luke, 6:31

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No, Starbucks did not express solidarity with Palestine, but the baristas’ union DID

A Substack reader wrote in over the weekend to ask if what she’d heard about Starbucks --- that they publicly had come out on the side of the Palestinians --- was true.  Here’s what we found:

No, it’s not Starbucks that did this, but the union representing about 9,000 of their baristas, Workers United, which is an affiliate of the huge, left-wing union SEIU, the Service Employees International Union.  On the SEIU website, they’re described as “a union of about 2 million diverse members in healthcare, the public sector and property services who believe in and fight for our Vision for a Just Society:  where all workers are valued and all people respected --- no matter where we come from or what color we are; where all families and communities can thrive; and where we leave a better and more equitable world for generations to come.”  This is them…

It’s impossible to reconcile their stated mission with their stated support for Palestine, as Palestine certainly does not value and respect all people, nor does it want all of them to thrive.  In fact, when it comes to Jewish people, the leaders of Palestine have made it clear that they do not value them at all and, in fact, want them all dead.  A “better and more equitable world,” according to the attackers, is one in which there are no Jews.  Do the “progressive” leaders of SEIU realize this?  Is a world without Jews part of SEIU’s “Vision for a Just Society”?

Our ideal vision for a just society would include the Palestinians learning to co-exist with Jews and stop attacking them.  If only that would happen, there would be peace, and all of Israel would thrive.  But we would be dreaming, as they’ve made it clear that this is not what they want and that they will never stop attacking Jews.

At the website for Workers United, they say their union is “built on a foundation of social justice.”  They list the various industries they serve, including “coffee shops” but also “apparel...distribution, fitness, food service, hospitality, industrial laundry, manufacturing, non-profit [and] textiles.”

“Join our movement,” they say, which includes speaking out for “social and economic justice.”  Also,  “we believe in empowerment through education, to promote the economic, social and political environments [aside:  oh, yes, political] of our communities.  And this:  “We are a community of people across borders, boundaries and creed, bound by a pursuit of a better life for every individual.”  Not EVERY individual, it seems.

There’s currently nothing about solidarity with Palestine on the Workers United home page, but, as the NEW YORK POST reported a few days ago, they had tweeted (X’d?) “Solidarity with Palestine!” to their nearly 100,000 followers on Tuesday.  That message was deleted, but their account later “liked” a tweet from one of its members saying, “Once again, free Palestine.”

Florida Senator Rick Scott blasted the union and said, “This is disgusting.  Every American should condemn the atrocities that Iran-backed Hamas terrorists committed in Israel.  He called for a boycott of Starbucks “until its leadership strongly denounces and takes action against this horrific support of terrorism.”

But Starbucks, the Seattle-based company, quickly did that. 

“We unequivocally condemn acts of terrorism, hate and violence, and disagree with the statements and views expressed by Workers United and its members. Workers United’s words and actions belong to them, and them alone,” the company said.

SWU and SEIU “do not represent the company’s views, positions or beliefs,” it added.

The POST reached out to Workers United for comment, and they passed the buck, pointing to a statement from the president of SEIU saying, “The violence in Israel and Palestine is unconscionable.  SEIU stands with all who are suffering, while strongly condemning anti-Semitism, Islamophobia & hate in all forms.  I pray for a swift resolution and a future where all in the region can be happy, safe & live with dignity.”

Again, it is not possible to reconcile the condemnation of anti-Semitism with support of Palestine.  They will never co-exist with Jews in a happy, safe and dignified future.  The only way such a future could be realized would be for Jews to be able to trust them never to attack again.  Not happening.

It’s important to note that Starbucks is not affiliated with this union, Workers United, at all.  And many Starbucks employees in a number of states are pursuing decertification petitions to extricate themselves from the union.  National Right to Work Foundation President Mark Mix says that “as Starbucks and other coffee employees across the country continue to flee the union’s power, it’s becoming clearer that the SBWU’s campaign is rooted more in generating political buzz and expanding union power than actually standing up for workers’ interests.”

On October 10 in Oklahoma, a right-to-work state, Starbucks employee Amy Smith submitted a petition to the National Labor Relations Board asking them to hold a vote among her colleagues to remove Starbucks Workers United union from the workplace.  She’s being represented pro bono by staff attorneys at the National Right to Work foundation.  From the story:

“Smith’s petition contains signatures from enough of her coworkers to prompt a union decertification election under the NLRB’s rules. While Oklahoma is a Right to Work state, meaning SBWU bosses cannot compel Smith or her coworkers to pay union dues or fees as a condition of staying employed, SBWU is still empowered by federal law to impose a union contract on all employees of the coffee shop, including those who oppose the union. A successful decertification vote would strip union officials of that power.”

Amen!  We wish Ms. Smith luck in her pursuit.  Full story here…

Monologue: Israel attacked

As we were all waking up last Saturday morning, we were shaken by the news of a sneak attack by the terrorist group Hamas from Gaza as they invaded the State of Israel.  It occurred on one of the high holy days for Israel and on Shabbat.  As the facts began to be known, it was evident that this was not another terrorist act by a single individual or even a group of terrorists.  This carefully planned attack on civilians in Israel marked the worst act of war toward the people of the Jewish state in 50 years—50 years almost to the day in fact when the 1973 Yom Kippur war was launched by Egypt and Syria to annihilate Israel.  But the 1973 invasion by hostile governments didn’t intentionally target children, women, and the elderly.  The barbarian actions of Hamas last week were the most vicious, irrational, and heinous attack on Jews since the Holocaust.  Babies were beheaded while sleeping in their cribs.  A grandmother in a wheelchair was set on fire as she sat in her wheelchair.  Young women were abducted and violently raped and abused in the most despicable manner.  Entire families were savagely slaughtered.  Hundreds were taken hostage and transported to Gaza to be used as human shields and bargaining chips later. 

The stunned Israeli government and its people had been caught completely off guard, its typically stellar intelligence operation having completely failed to know about or warn about the impending attack.

Hamas, a proxy of Iran who fully funds them, have governed Gaza since 2007, just 2 years after Israel forcibly moved all Jews out of Gaza in order to give Gaza over to the Palestinian Authority in what was supposed to be a land for peace deal.  Israel gave up the land.  The Palestinians gave up nothing except their  worthless word, and have spent the past 15 years regularly firing rockets into the civilian communities of southern Israel.  But the thousands of rockets over many years were unexpectedly matched last week by thousands fired at once throughout Israel. Simultaneously, thousands of Hamas terrorists came pouring into Israel on motorcycles, pickup trucks, gliders, and boats.  The carefully orchestrated attack focused on overpowering the border, killing policemen and soldiers or whoever came to fight.  But the Israelis were unprepared and within hours, Hamas had brought the tiny nation of Israel to its knees, both figuratively and literally. 

Initial shock gave way to outrage and promise of retaliation to avenge the sadistic and intentional torture of innocent Israeli children, women, and the elderly.  Most civilized governments soundly condemned the actions of Hamas not only for their cowardly nature, but for the evil manner of their atrocities.  Of course there were the predictable disgusting words from the so-called “Squad” in Congress, made up of Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who blamed Israel for the slaughter of their own people and defended the indescribable assaults on the innocent civilians.  Their remarks were so revolting that even the White House, who normally defends the Squad, called their comments “repugnant and disgraceful.”

Naturally, we can depend on elitist well-educated, but ignorant students from high-priced schools like Harvard to take the most ridiculous stance and they didn’t disappoint.  Over 20 student groups issued a statement of support for what Hamas had done and of course blame Israel for it all.  Any parent spending a dime or a dollar to send money to that once great, but now disgraceful institution should get their money and their child back. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has been in the crosshairs of a protracted political fight for the past few years, has been able to unite all factions of the country in a concerted effort to end Hamas once and for all.  In the past, Hamas terror attacks were met with limited retaliation that resulted in temporary calm, but Hamas simply waited for the checks from Iran to clear and rebooted their weapons.  This time is different.  The massacre of innocent civilians in a wholesale slaughter has lit the fire of justice.  Israel has declared war, and mobilized all of its reserves and active duty forces for the fight.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem as we’re instructed to do.  Pray for the Israeli people to be safe again in their God-given homeland.  Pray for the thousands whose loved ones were murdered or kidnapped.  And yes, pray for those who identify as Palestinians but who do NOT support the butchering of Israelis.  50 years ago, Golda Meir, then Prime Minister of Israel said “We will have peace in the Middle East when Arab mothers love their own children more than they hate ours.”

We are still waiting for that day to come.  

The latest from Israel

Here is the link to Fox News’ continually-updated page on Israel’s strike back against Hamas:

Among the developments over the last 24 hours: The death toll since Hamas first attacked has risen to 4200, including 1400 Israeli citizens and soldiers and now 30 Americans. The deadline for evacuating Gaza has passed, and Israel is massing forces for a huge ground offensive to wipe out Hamas once and for all. So cue the left to attack Israel and call for a ceasefire.

In a move that might've prevented the Hamas slaughter if it had been standard operating procedure, Israel is distributing roughly 10,000 rifles to citizens on the southern and northern borders and is expediting the process for hundreds of thousands of citizens to get approval to carry firearms.

FBI Director Christopher Wray says the agency has seen a spike in reported domestic terror threats related to the Hamas attack, and he warned Americans to be vigilant about spotting “lone actors” inspired by Hamas. If it helps to narrow them down, I would bet none of them will be MAGA voters, traditional Catholics or concerned parents – you know, all the people the FBI were focusing on because they told us those were the biggest terrorist threats.

And while I don’t wish to downplay any terrorist threat, it appears that the Global Day of Jihad was less fearsome than Hamas hoped.


While we were paying attention to other things, globalists were trying to steal Australia

Were you even aware of Australia’s “Voice to Parliament” resolution?  It was apparently brought to them courtesy of the UN, the World Economic Forum and their own “woke” prime minister and fortunately was defeated, by a large margin that still should have been 100-0 percent.  Yes, PM Anthony Albanese supported this resolution as a way to bring about “reconciliation” with the indigenous people of the Australian continent, though it actually would have changed the Australian constitution to “steal the land” for globalists by:

1.  Instigating a token “return of land” of 80 percent of Australia to the Indigenous (aboriginal people) by way of the Native Title Act.  (This is already at 50 percent.)

2.  Changing the Australian constitution to establish a controlled parallel Parliament represented by a token executive “Indigenous Voice” (that the Globalists would really control).

3. (Here’s the diabolical part.)  Use this controlled “Voice” literally to divide-and-conquer by ratifying a treaty confiscating “stolen” and “sacred” land and then re-allocating all this land and its assets (via a “Truth” tribunal and the Native title) to the exclusive ownership of Transnational Globalists --- “a vast multinational network of megacorporations and their interests.”

Thank God this didn’t happen.  Substack writer Stephen Reason says this:

“The UN perpetrators had hoped to reap the harvest of generations who have been academically and culturally groomed by the Left’s sense of virtue. Indeed, many of the well-meaning white folk were predictably duped, but, fortunately, many more were not. They tried to divide us, and to weaken all successful resistance to their Progressive-Left pseudo-virtue cult — but a majority are now awake to the hysterical Woke. All manipulative appeals to “love,” “the right thing,” “atonement for guilt,” “white shame,” etcetera, failed to mask the general mistrust of the motives underpinning this proposed constitutional change.”

Reason explained that the UN Globalists “were coming for our farmlands, rural regions, forests, coastlines, river-ways, resources, livestock, harvests, precious minerals and metals [aside:  we would think especially those!] --- and they would eventually abolish our private land rights by repatriating all our land to themselves by the decoy of the ‘Indigenous.’”

What he describes sounds suspiciously like the communist “woke” movement in America: “Rather than raising up the living standards of the underprivileged, these Globalists are striving to impose a pathological sense of ‘egalitarianism.’  They envision a world in which all Global citizens are rendered ‘equal’ --- that is, equally impoverished, and equally enslaved, as the First World is collapsed to replicate the abysmal conditions of the Third World:  hence, EQUAL.”  He didn’t mention the name George Soros and the wide-open southern border in America, but then, he didn’t really have to.

Reason (who writes beautifully but rather in the style of Frasier Crane, which might frustrate those who are just trying to get the story), calls this “Albanese’s Folly” and suggests hopefully that this loss will bring on his political demise.  May it be so, and may the pushback be so strong that the globalists don’t dare try this again for a long, long time.

Pulling back the curtain on Palestine and its supporters

The bodies of Israeli children weren’t even cold yet when we started hearing the predictable cries of “moral equivalence” and that the Israelis are the oppressive aggressors against the poor Palestinians. In a must-read article, Stephen Kruiser of PJ Media pulls back the curtain on some well-worn myths that keep the left’s “poor, oppressed Palestinians and apartheid Israel” narrative alive.

For example, you might be surprised to learn that the historical “Palestinian cause” is a fiction dreamed up by a PR firm. And the argument that Hamas doesn’t represent most peaceful Palestinians is undercut by the fact that when given the chance to elect their own leaders, the Palestinians voted by over 90% to put Hamas in charge.

No longer hypothetical

When America has a strong leader, as we did with President Trump, other nations respect us and follow our lead. That’s how Trump was able to craft the historic Abraham Accords to normalize relations between Israel and Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia.

But when America has a weak leader, our enemies feel emboldened. They don’t fear America, so they take steps to interfere with progress like the normalization of Arab relations with Israel, steps like deadly terrorist attacks that prompt necessary retaliation by Israel that gives all the anti-Semites ammunition to attack Israel for defending itself. And sensing weakness from America and strength from our enemies, those Arab nations may be likely to pause the normalization of relations with Israel and start talking to our enemies like Iran instead.

Oh, look: that’s no longer hypothetical:

Related: “60 Minutes” aired an interview last night with President Biden, and despite some obvious editing and prompting from interviewer Scott Pelley, Biden was less than confidence-inspiring. Nick Arama at chose the term, “disastrous.”

Sometimes, Biden struggled to say anything, other times he said things that made little sense, and even when he was coherent, he was saying the wrong things, like denying there’s any evidence that Iran was involved in Hamas’ attack on Israeli or saying it would be a “big mistake” for Israel to occupy Gaza. And considering he’s the man who thought Iran could be trusted with $6 billion, he’s an expert on big mistakes.

Nothing new

As BLM tries to bury its immediate response of celebrating the Hamas mass murder of unarmed Jewish men, women and children, some people on social media, like actor James Woods, reminded us that this is nothing new. Like, for instance, this 2015 video of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors saying, "Palestine is our generation’s South Africa…If we don’t step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project called Israel, we’re doomed." article has more, including wondering what, if anything, the many liberals and liberal groups who plastered “BLM” all over their social media pages and shamed anyone who didn’t are going to do now that it’s finally clear that they’ve been supporting defenders of anti-Semitic terrorism.

Please elect a Speaker

With the world lighting on fire in the Middle East, America needs a Congress that’s ready to take swift action to help Israel if need be. Unfortunately, what we have is a GOP House that is still hamstrung by having no Speaker. The latest candidate, Jim Jordan, is having trouble rounding up the necessary 217 votes, so the election has been put off until Tuesday. He has to flip 55 Republicans who are playing Goldilocks (“This one is too liberal, and this one is too conservative, and I demand someone who’s juuuuuust right!”)

Meanwhile, there are rumors that some moderate Republicans are considering joining with all the Democrats to elect a “bipartisan” Speaker. That could mean that a handful of purist Republicans kicked out Kevin McCarthy and rejected Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan for not being conservative enough, and paved the way for losing control of their own House to a Democrat-backed Speaker. It’s like a circular firing squad with bazookas.

That’s not likely, but the fact that we’ve even talking about the possibility shows what a short-sighted and poorly-thought-out maneuver the ouster of McCarthy was. Maybe he didn’t deliver everything some wanted, but he was doing what he could (committee investigations, major fundraising) with a Democrat Senate and White House that would block any real conservative bills he might have gotten passed. Unfortunately, too many still don’t get that. I've seen a lot of comments from Republicans who call everyone who falls short in any way a “RINO” claiming there’s no difference between the parties and we might as well give the Democrats the House and they just won’t vote again, and I can’t repeat any more of this self-defeating nonsense.

I ran for President twice and didn’t make it. Since then, there has never been a candidate who was more completely in agreement with my views than myself. But that didn’t keep me from working hard to elect other Republicans and voting for them, even if they couldn’t meet the impossibly high standard of being me.

Now, as Derek Hunter of points out in this brutal assessment, the talk about Biden being too old and incompetent that was boosting the Republicans’ poll numbers has been replaced by a self-created crisis that makes it look as if the GOP is incapable of leading, or even behaving like adults. I’ll warn you in advance: the word “idiots” pops up more than once.

Elections, elections

There were several elections around the world over the weekend, and I hope they are an indicator that sanity is about to make a long-overdue comeback.

Closest to home, there was a shock result in Saturday’s jungle primary vote for Governor in Louisiana. The top two candidates were to face off in a runoff in November, and it was expected that they would be Democrat Shawn Wilson and Trump-backed Republican Jeff Landry. Instead, Landry won a landslide of nearly 52% with Wilson a distant second at 26%. Having won over 50%, Landry will become the Governor with no run-off.

That means the GOP flipped the Governor’s office away from Democrat John Bel Edwards. Let’s hope this is a good omen for another Southern race, where Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is hoping to unseat incumbent Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear.

In other races across Louisiana, not only did Republicans win, but conservative Republicans trounced moderate Republicans. Also noteworthy: in heavily Democratic, largely black districts like Orleans Parish, voters barely bothered to show up, even though Wilson is a black Democrat. Turnout was only 27%. That’s not just an “enthusiasm gap,” it’s a canyon.

Elsewhere in today’s newsletter, you’ll find news about Australian voters rejecting a virtue-signaling scheme to turn most of their land back to “indigenous peoples” which would actually put it under the control of leftist globalists. Australian voters rightly smelled a rat and applied rat poison at the polls.

In nearby New Zealand, voters signaled their disgust with the freedom-crushing leftist Labor Party of former Prime Minister Jacinda Adern, who locked down the nation over COVID, giving a decisive victory to the center-right National Party. They will form a coalition government with the libertarian Act Party, leading to what the New York Times wailed will be “the country’s most right-wing government in a generation.”

But don’t worry about Adern: she’s got a new gig as the international face of censorship, having recently lectured at the UN about how free speech is a “weapon of war” and we must criminalize non-government-approved speech to protect society. I’ve heard that New Zealand has a lot of sheep; I assume that’s who voted for her.

Finally, in Ecuador, where a conservative presidential candidate was recently assassinated, another conservative, Daniel Noboa, stepped up to run. On Sunday, he was elected by nearly a five-point margin. Man, leftists have stunk up the place so much, nobody wants them anywhere anymore!


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    Sir, I have been a Conservative all my adult live and it pains me to say this but the House Republican Party have admitted that they do not, an not and wont govern this great country. They have made the party of Lincoln a laughing stock of the country and might as well just sit down and allow the Dems run the show. They are macing it harder and harder for me to vote fro any of them in the future. GET YOU AT TOGETHER IDIOTS

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    Electing a House Speaker:
    Time to Update all House, Senate rules, policies
    Think ahead
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    send all illegal immigrants to delware so terroist plotters can all be in delaware with joe the father crafter of this evil