October 5, 2017

This morning’s updates to the story of the Las Vegas mass shooting still haven’t answered the baffling questions of what possible motive Stephen Paddock might have had for such a horrific act and how he planned and executed it without being detected. One piece of the puzzle seems, at least at the moment, to be a dead end. His girlfriend Marilou Danley is back in the US from the Philippines, but she and her sisters claim to have had no idea he was planning anything so awful.

According to them, he sent Danley away and she didn’t even know where she was going until he told her he’d found her a “cheap ticket” to her native Philippines. Danley reportedly told the FBI that she thought Paddock was a “kind, caring, quiet man” who wired the $100,000 to the Philippines for her family to buy a house, and that she was pleased at first because she thought they would have a future together, then later feared the money was a way of breaking up with her. She said she was devastated by his actions and promised to cooperate in any way she can. But so far, everything she’s said just indicates that she’s as baffled as anyone else by what he did.

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Police are following any leads to try to track down the motivations, movements and any possible connections that the Vegas killer might have had. Thus far, they haven’t found any answers, at least nothing much that they’re willing to reveal publicly. Searches of his computer and other effects haven’t turned up any signs of radial affiliations or mental illness. They believe he might have led a secret life and begun assembling his arsenal decades ago. They assume he must’ve had some help, but so far, they haven’t located any accomplices.

Some other possibly important revelations: The weekend before the shooting, he rented an apartment overlooking the "Life Is Beautiful" alt-rock music festival, but they’re not sure why. He was a major gambler but mostly at video poker, which again means no connections with any other human being who might be able to shed any light. He apparently had a plan to survive and escape, but he committed suicide instead.

Add these to the growing list of puzzling mysteries that authorities are working to solve. And in the meantime, please continue praying for the victims, some of whom were injured so badly, they’re still fighting for their lives.


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  • Melissa Fernandez

    10/07/2017 12:37 AM

    Video poker is not a way to make a living, much less amass a million dollars....(per my grandfather, that's what's built this town). Follow the money if Mandalay can't dhow their hallway surveillance, yet.

  • Michael Egbert

    10/06/2017 09:53 AM

    Did anybody really expect Marilou to come out and say, "Oh yes, I knew every detail of his plans and I chose to run away instead." Its pretty rare and most unlikely that we'll ever hear some defendant stand up in court and say, "You know, we don't need this trial, I am guilty 100%. Lock me up and throw away the key...I did everything you said I did and more."

  • James Barnett

    10/06/2017 09:50 AM

    Thanks Mike love your News letter!
    This whole incident seems wrong when you look into the Suspects past and comments of eyewitnesses, especially the one that said when he had moved recently he only had 2 handguns! As a military trained small arms expert I find it very unusual that Paddock had never fired his rifles, so even if he weren't using a Butt repeater he would have been very inaccurate. Also the story that he had weapons in multiple firing positions is also very suspicious, as normally 1 weapon with a cash of ammunition would be far easier to control than changing weapons and positions as his spree continued. I'm thinking he was just the patsy who got left as a bread crumb trail, while others escaped unnoticed. Almost as unusual as Oklahoma City and very reminiscent of past attempts to create a Crisis, for Politicians to capitalize on as they continue to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights! What part of GOD given Rights doesn't the Federal Government get anymore? Their job is to guarantee those rights, not to circumvent them and undermine those who deserve them! Tyrants all, as the victims were still crying and dying when the Democrats and their Media Elites started the Gun Control chant and telling law abiding Americans this is your fault if you own a Gun!

  • Jill Rhodes

    10/06/2017 08:51 AM

    I am getting most of my news from this e-mail report as I just don't trust most of them .Im even disappointed in Fox these days.
    I am also very much looking forward to your new progam tomorrow (Saturday) night on TBN at 8PM!

  • Kathy McNeill

    10/06/2017 08:14 AM

    Good Morning Governor Huckabee.
    There has been some comments on face book that there were other shooters from the hotel from different
    rooms. Is this another fake news or is there some merit to these comments? I do understand that so much is still under investigation.
    But, the comment s on this seem to be growing.
    Thank You
    Kathy McNeill

  • Daniel Brinson

    10/05/2017 11:10 PM

    "he committed suicide instead"?? highly doubtful. He was more likely a sacrificial lamb left by his cohorts for officers to find.

  • Rosalie Gilliland

    10/05/2017 10:18 PM

    Judging by his words and body language, I believe Paddock's brother Eric had something to do with this murderous plan, then changed his mind at the last minute. Maybe he was supposed to be the explosives guy. I also think Police Chief Lombardo knows alot more than he can reveal right now. It seems to me that this unhinged plot involved several ideologues who thought they could get away with it. But somehow it all went wrong, and just maybe Stephen Paddock had to be silenced.

  • Lucy Overstreet

    10/05/2017 09:13 PM

    I believe that ISIS is involved with this LA killing. Too many questions that make no sense.

    I lived in AR when you were Governor and I got to meet you. You were a wonderful Governor. Your daughter Sarah is excellent in her job. Praise the LORD for your stand for our LORD JESUS !

  • José Guerra

    10/05/2017 07:41 PM

    Thanks for the update. Even though you’re not a news guy, I’m comfortable with your information regarding this event. Maybe you should think about participating in a news outlet?

  • Sam Lee

    10/05/2017 06:20 PM

    in line with your commentary (on web site) , adds are being inserted. the one about sean hannity and"penis power" is very objectionable and I believe is fabricated - not based on anything Sean actually did or said. I have seen similar adds on other conservative web sites which claim a celebrity is leaving xxx to start their own skin care business. Is Blue Diamond Media responsible for selecting the adds or contracting out to other? Im noticing that more and more of your commentary is being excluded from the email and linked to the web site. I understand this makes tracking interest in various topics possible, but it also forces the reader to see the inserted adds. again I understand that adds pay for free access. but the current setup leaves you unable (apparently) to veto certain kinds of advertising. I note that Dennis Praeger and other radio talk programs are quite careful on the advertising they read. If you didnt know it, you may want to check in on whats happening