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November 25, 2023



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Programming Note:

We’ll be mostly taking a break from the news for the next few days so that my staff and I can enjoy Thanksgiving with our families. But keep watching your mailbox: we’ve prepared some material in advance for you, so you’ll still get the daily newsletter. And if anything truly major happens, we’ll come back and report/comment on it. BTW, consider yourself warned in advance that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade organizers apparently looked at Bud Light and said, “Hold muh appletini!”

Do you remember?

Remember how even questioning an election became an act of insurrection, and we were all supposed to believe that voter fraud was a “big lie”? Here’s how that’s working out…

Note that the judge in that last story who ruled that Georgia’s voting machines could have compromised integrity and not be counting votes accurately pointed out that the evidence "does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety," and that, ‘Indeed, some of the nation's leading cybersecurity experts and computer scientists have provided testimony and affidavits on behalf of Plaintiffs' case in the long course of this litigation." Also note that she’s an Obama appointee.

Remember how “green energy” was going to be the future, and we were going to ban fossil fuels and run a 21st century economy on windmills and sunbeams? Well, the makers of those technologies are losing their shirts and trying desperately to get out of their contracts. Here’s the latest…

Perhaps the people most panicked at having been deceived are the auto industry CEOs who actually thought that Joe Biden – a man best known for having been wrong on every foreign policy issue of the past half century – had suddenly developed, at age 78, the ability to predict the future of automotive technology. So they spent billions of dollars building electric cars, only to discover that they’re selling like arsenic sundaes. Turns out car buyers aren’t as easily fooled as car makers.

One after another, CEOs of top automakers are frantically slashing plans to build more EVs and scurrying back to internal combustion engines and hybrids, as EVs pile up on car lots and cost the makers as much as $60,000 for every one sold, while the former CEO of Toyota chuckles, “I told you so.” Meanwhile, with makers slashing prices, experts are warning of a likely crash in EV resale values. I wouldn’t be surprised if by this time next year, they were giving them away with every box of Crackjacks.

I find it hilarious that this is being reported as a surprise “sudden shift” in the EV market. It’s not a shift. I’ve been saying for years that the market for EVs is trendy green liberals who don’t drive very much and like to virtue signal to their neighbors and people with a lot of disposable income who have to buy every new tech gadget. Sales are falling because that IS the EV market, and they’ve all bought EVs already. Even a lot of them are starting to get rid of them, often at a steep loss over what they paid only a year or two ago.

Nobody who needs reliable transportation that can haul and tow heavy loads and travel long distances without hunting for working chargers and waiting hours for a recharge is going to buy an EV. And the market for large electric trunks is predictably turning out to be mostly nonexistent. An EV is a terrible choice for everything you’d actually need a large truck for.

Here are a few of many YouTube videos about the EV implosion, but this one is from our favorite mechanic Scotty Kilmer, so it’s honest, blunt and hilarious.

And from Australia, here’s fellow hilarious auto expert John Cadogan warning of two hybrids with a hidden defect that can kill you two ways. Worth watching just for the video of the explosion that almost puts the roof of one of them into orbit. 

I remember when Democrats mocked Richard Nixon by asking, “Would you buy a used car from this man?” We should start saying of Joe Biden, “Would you buy an electric car from this man?”

Interesting Turn:

The Colorado Democrats who are trying to save democracy by keeping Trump off the 2024 ballot so nobody can vote for him lost their 14th Amendment case, but they’re appealing it to a higher court. That’s hardly news, but the interesting part is that Trump’s attorneys, who won the case, are also appealing it.

When I reported on this, I criticized the judge because while she ruled correctly on the lack of merits of the case, she said on the record that Trump did incite insurrection, but the Amendment doesn’t apply to Presidents. As I pointed out, Trump hasn’t been accused nor convicted of inciting insurrection, and an impeachment attempt based on that claim failed, so she had no right to make such a statement. Trump’s attorneys want that stricken from the court record, and rightly so. If the judge wants to make unsupported accusations against Trump, she can do it where everyone else does: on MSNBC.

Lawsuit time

Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform has filed a $1.5 billion lawsuit against a number of major media corporations for allegedly repeating a false story that they were losing millions of dollars, which harmed their reputation and undermined a deal for a planned merger.

I don’t know anything about this particular story, but I would love to see someone set a precedent that running false and defamatory stories about Donald Trump isn’t an acceptable media business model.


Tweet of the Day! From Laura Loomer:

“I’m watching the Pentagon press briefing right now and one of the reporters asked Sabrina Singh, the Pentagon’s Deputy Press Secretary, about how the Pentagon plans on letting members of the Army who left because they didn’t take the COVID vaccine come back after the Army said they could in a recently released letter…and she said “I don’t know. You should ask someone at the Army.” The reporter then shot back and said, “You are the Army.”  These Biden officials at the Pentagon, John Kirby included, are some of the dumbest people I have ever seen in my life. It’s shocking how these people have jobs.”

I'm shocked that a lot of them have jobs, too, but I can't talk about it too much or they'll call me an election denier. 

No plans to retire

I mentioned yesterday that the problem with Joe Biden running for reelection isn’t his age, it’s his physical and mental condition. I compared him to Mel Brooks, who just wrote and produced a new Hulu series at 97. To cite another example, here’s a story about Clint Eastwood, 93, who is in Savannah directing his next movie, a legal thriller called “Juror No. 2.”

While the media is calling it his “final film,” Clint himself has announced no plans to retire. Maybe he’s just going to stop making movies and run for President.


Actual News Story

The Rolling Stones announced that they will be touring to support their new album. The tour is sponsored by AARP.

No, that’s not a Jay Leno joke. It’s an actual news story.

As that story notes, the organization has started calling itself AARP instead of “The American Association of Retired Persons" because you can join at 50, and people are waiting longer and longer to retire because they can’t afford to in this economy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had more members who aren’t retired than who are. And since members can get first crack at Stones tickets, that ratio might grow even bigger.


Nice to know that even in the world of Hollywood leftist celebrities, there are consequences for making uninformed, anti-Semitic statements.



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  • William J Douglas

    11/26/2023 10:47 AM

    The EVs, wind power turbines, and solar panels are not ready for prime time. Their costs to the environment outweigh the supposed CO2 reductions. These technologies may, at sometime, be ready for introduction into the economy. What we have now is a case of premature electrification.

  • Neil Lesser

    11/25/2023 04:11 PM

    Mike, I enjoy reading your emails, but retired seniors are unable to pay you from the funds we are using to struggle yon survive and enjoy life for as long as it is God's will. The one thing we can do is tell our younger family and friends who love what you are writing about. They will be the ones to sign up and I no longer understand why their signing up is coming back to me instead of them. Keep in mind that many younger people fail to realize that they are signing up, but your computer is asking me, not them, to read and love to read you as I do. Hope this assists you.

  • Stephen Russell

    11/25/2023 10:16 AM

    Hamas is using Americans as barganing chips for hostage release
    All others will be freed?