July 19, 2017

The American doctor who developed the experimental treatment for the genetic condition suffered by the British infant Charlie Gard completed his examination of the child and made an encouraging announcement. Dr. Michio Hirano said he believes the chances of the treatment being successful are between 11 and 56%, and he hopes to improve Charlie’s muscle strength.

All this, of course, is contingent on the judge allowing the parents to give their child the treatment. And the judge is under pressure because he would be putting the UK at odds with the UN judicial authorities to which other nations (not the US, thank God) have made themselves subservient, and which have already ruled that Charlie should be taken off life support to die. This is what comes of putting government bureaucrats, instead of parents and patients, in charge of health care.

Shockingly, despite the worldwide wave of support for the parents, and the hopeful assessment from the non-government doctor who really knows about this medical condition (and certainly more than any lawyer in a black robe knows about it), many leftists continue to spew out tweets, demanding that the parents’ wishes be ignored and the baby be “allowed” to die with dignity. Then again, that’s not so shocking, considering how much of the current leftist agenda is organized around the fundamental principle that there’s no more sacred right than the right to kill babies.

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