March 9, 2021

Brad Steiger at has an excellent piece about how liberal media outlets are cheering on censorship and mocking those who protest it, apparently not realizing that they are feeding a beast that will eventually turn on them.

It touches on the removal of the six Dr. Seuss books with allegedly offensive art that I tried to warn them about at a level they could understand on my TV show, by reading Laura Ainsworth’s “How the Left Stole Reading” as a bedtime story.

(By the way, for all those asking in the comments, here’s the printed version of the original):

I see that the defenders of cancel culture are trying to make the specious argument that the Dr. Seuss estate and the publishers are simply reacting to public opinion by pulling these six titles, and that’s not censorship, it’s just capitalism. No, capitalism would be if the books had gone out of print because nobody was buying them. In fact, they were yanked off the market because the copyright owners were terrified by an accusation of racism, something that’s being used to censor, deplatform and silence things and people all around us, both past and present. That’s more akin to how the Salem witch trials worked than how capitalism works.

If you doubt that this is only the start of the left’s efforts to destroy yet another staple of Western civilization, consider that Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando announced that it’s reevaluating its Dr. Seuss-based attraction, Seuss Landing.

It has a Mulberry Street sign and a section based on “If I Ran the Zoo” that apparently may be scrubbed, even though they don’t contain any of the allegedly offensive images from the books. And how long will more famous titles survive, once the racism cleansers have tasted their target’s fear? Did you know there have already been claims that “The Cat in the Hat” is racist because the character was allegedly inspired by a black lady the author knew? Who even knew that? Is it true? If it were, is that in any way racist? And does it even matter, as long as it gives someone a chance to scream, “I’m offended, make it disappear!”?

Again, if you think we’re just overreacting, no sooner were the Seuss books pulled than a New York Times writer started declaring that Pepe Le Pew cartoons perpetuate rape culture. What can I say except, “This stinks”? Also, I might pick up some Looney Tunes DVDs while I can, and maybe a few extras to resell later on at highly-inflated collectors’ prices.

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