From the “Everything You Hear Is Wrong” Dept:  Last week, the judge in charge of overseeing the Trump Administration’s efforts to reunify over 2,000 children with their illegal immigrant parents took a jackhammer to the liberal narrative by praising the White House, saying it deserves “great credit” for its good faith efforts to bring separated families back together. 

But wait, the rubble of the liberal media narrative is about to be reduced to pea gravel: Turns out there are still hundreds of children in government facilities whose parents are not in federal custody, and it’s longstanding ICE policy to let these parents take their children with them.  But an ICE spokesman said a surprisingly large number of these parents decline and prefer to leave their children in the ICE holding facilities.  He said, “We cannot force a parent to take a child…and we cannot force a child out of the country” without a court order.  So contrary to the anti-Trump politicians and media, there are many kids in those facilities who are there because their parents want them there, maybe figuring they would be better off.


Of course, the whole point of our laws requiring the separation of children from adults was to protect the children. It was assumed they would be safer in a facility for kids only instead of in detention centers with adults who might be criminals or sexual predators, or even with people claiming to be their parents who were actually human traffickers. By insisting that they be housed with their parents (or "parents"), the self-appointed protectors of the children may actually be putting them into harm’s way.  

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It’s a complicated issue, and one I had to deal with as a governor.  News flash: illegal entrants aren’t the only people who are separated from their children.  All people who commit crimes that land them in custody are barred from bringing their kids with them to jail, which requires states to have child services and foster systems to take care of them.  It’s an expensive, complicated problem.  Everyone involved wants to help the kids, and there are disagreements about the best ways; but enforcing the law on parents doesn’t mean you hate their children or want to separate their families.  That was the parents’ doing; the state is just trying to protect their kids from the consequences of their parents’ bad decisions.   


You’d think the media would understand such nuances, but if they can further Democratic electoral prospects by simply repeating the canard that “Trump hates immigrants and wants rip children from their mothers’ arms,” then expect that to stay in the headlines from now until November.


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  • clara szeplaki

    08/05/2018 06:21 PM

    Gov. Huck, I am glad you wrote about the subject, my only wish that somebody would read it in the "fake-news" dept, I heard the Dems. still complaining about, Maybe they don't know it or just act like they didn't hear it. On Fox, I heard the director of Ice interviewed twice. We know from experience also. Unfortunately, parents can separate from their child much easier-- for convenience or money--than I ever saw it before. It must be because of the lower moral standard, I was a very young child in WWII, after that we lived under brutal communism. I do remember; with refugees on the road, every mothers' eyes were on the kids. The Fathers were on the front, many of them dead or in the Gulag aleady; like my father.

  • Shawn Power

    07/30/2018 06:10 PM

    Great article Mr. Huckabee. I wish more judges would share some thoughts on this. Obviously I want them to be impartial, but in regards to the norms of law. If they notice something out precedence then maybe they could make a statement that says that. Get enough of those statements and maybe more judges would consider acting like the true arbiters and enforcers our ideals want them to be (Ninth Circuit I'm looking at you). I know Justice is blind, but she isn't dumb. Sometimes she should speak. Thanks again Mr. Huckabee, I love your segments on Fox. You and your daughter are classy people and deserve our respect.

  • Janet Geissler

    07/30/2018 05:51 PM

    I have just 4 words for anyone who follows demonrats. Ignorance gone to seed.