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October 24, 2022

Earlier this week, Stacey Abrams said something so horrific, I almost hated to comment on it. In defending the Democrats’ fetish for abortion at any stage of pregnancy, Abrams actually said, “Let’s be clear. Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas, it’s why you’re concerned about how much food costs.”

So kill your own unborn child because allowing it to be born would cost money that you’ll need for gas and food now that Joe Biden and the Democrats have made them so expensive. And she thinks that’s a reason to vote FOR Democrats? I considered sarcastically saying, “Why doesn’t she suggest killing your children who’ve already been born, too? I’m sure they’re costing you a bundle.” But I decided readers might take that as mean and tasteless, no matter how well deserved. So I didn’t run the story.

But fortunately, now I don’t have to because the Babylon Bee took the same joke even further. So I’ll just turn it over to them…


Stacey Abrams is now so far behind Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in the polls that in desperation, she’s embracing what Jeff Charles at calls the “MSU strategy." That stands for “Making (Stuff) Up.”

Yes, it’s that point in a losing campaign when the Democrat hysterically claims that if the Republican wins, people will lose their healthcare, transgender children will be barred from playing with other children, and laws will take away your ability to control your future.

I suspect this won’t work, partly because it’s nuts and partly because Kemp has been Governor since 2018 and none of that has happened. Maybe Stacey forgot that because she still believes she was elected Governor in 2018.


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  • Diana Hillyard

    10/25/2022 04:42 PM

    I love your newsletters and you Mike, you do such a great job, you are a savior for us Republicans and I appreciate that you tell the truth. Let us hope for a RED WAVE in November and in 2024. God Bless You.