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January 3, 2023

With the arrival of 2023, new state laws are going into effect, and of course, the craziest of all are in California. Here are just five, plus one that the courts have put on hold because it’s such a blatantly unconstitutional expansion of government power. But then, aren’t they all?

You’ll also notice that these laws are perfect illustrations of the truism that fanatics eventually become the thing they claim to hate. For instance, California's leftist lawmakers care so deeply about “women’s health care” that they’re going to allow nurses to perform abortions on women without a doctor anywhere within reach in case something goes horribly wrong. And they’re going to discipline doctors for “spreading COVID misinformation” that contradicts government edicts, without regard for the fact that it was the government that spread COVID misinformation for two years while doctors who were silenced were proven correct. They also claim to oppose the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women, but they’re decriminalizing loitering to commit prostitution because it “stigmatizes sex work.”

I’d tell California’s politicians to make up their minds, but I’m not convinced that they have any.


Related: Here’s some more about that new law officially making California a “sanctuary state” for child mutilation.

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