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January 18, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Martin Luther King Day
  • About Those Weekend Protests
  • Graham Appeals To Schumer
  • Trump Will Leave The White House Wednesday Morning
  • In Case You Missed It
  • Parler Update


Mike Huckabee

Martin Luther King Day

By Mike Huckabee

Today is Martin Luther King Day, the national holiday in honor of the birth of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on January 15, 1929.

Sadly, this day is not being celebrated as it should be. Not only are coronavirus measures preventing public gatherings, but the nation’s soul is suffering from intense divisions that threaten to undermine Dr. King’s work and legacy. His dream of a nation where all races join together in brotherhood and people are judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character is under assault not only by racists on the far right, but by “identity politics” hucksters on the far left. They appropriate his name while perverting his message, sowing hatred, distrust, division and even violence under the guise of fighting racism.

As a young boy growing up in the South in the 1960s, I saw the evils of racism first hand, and I was deeply inspired by the Rev. King’s peaceful but forceful protests to right historic wrongs. His arguments weren’t just political statements, they were grounded in Biblical truths and moral absolutes. Secular historians may call what them “speeches,” but they were actually sermons, some of the greatest ever given. I wonder if he would even be allowed to give them on public property today.

I wish more than ever that he were still with us, because while his image is still prominent, it's being appropriated by people who scorn his message, his true message is being forgotten, and we are all the worse off for it.

What would the Rev. King say if he were alive today? I’m going to let that question be answered by someone more qualified to say, a woman I’m intensely proud to call my friend, his niece Alveda King:

About Those Weekend Protests

By Mike Huckabee

Despite all the talk of massive rightwing violence, the armed protests on Sunday in DC and state capitals were small and peaceful. And I mean actually peaceful, not the way the media describe leftist protests: “The city’s on fire, but it’s mostly peaceful.”

Check out the link to see the sign a protester was holding in Lansing, Michigan, about the election. If only someone had warned Biden right after the election that suspicions would continue festering and dog his entire term unless he agreed to a transparent, bipartisan investigation of alleged voting irregularities. Oh, wait: I did.


Graham Appeals To Schumer

By Mike Huckabee

Sen. Lindsay Graham is making what is likely a futile appeal to Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer to reject the House’s second politically-motivated impeachment of President Trump in the name of protecting the Constitution and healing the nation.

Graham calls the House’s latest impeachment vote, conducted without evidence, hearings or a defense as Trump was already preparing to leave office, unconstitutional, an act of political vengeance and “a disgraceful saga” that needs to come to an end. He warns Schumer that turning impeachment into a meaningless partisan political weapon will haunt all future Presidents. Impeachment had only come up twice in America's history until Pelosi wielded it twice in 13 months. Graham asks where it will end? If former Presidents can be impeached, could a future GOP Congress impeach Obama over Benghazi, or Democrats impeach George Washington because he owned slaves?

These are wise words, and serious adults in the Democratic leadership should heed them. The question is, are there any serious adults left in the Democratic Party leadership?

Trump Will Leave The White House Wednesday Morning

By Mike Huckabee

It was announced that on Wednesday, President Trump will leave the White House in the morning, arriving at his new home in Florida by noon, when Joe Biden will be inaugurated. Before anyone starts in on the “unprecedented” OUTRAGE of him not attending his successor’s Inauguration, it’s happened three times before. John Adams, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Johnson all skipped their successors’ Inaugurals.

Here are more details about the Inauguration and who will attend. Some of the names might surprise you.

I have a feeling Trump won’t be the only Republican who plans to find something better to do than watch Biden’s virtual Inauguration (what better way to follow a virtual campaign and a virtual election?) and the celebration of “unity” by celebrities who’ve spent the past four years calling Trump supporters white supremacist Nazis. Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to believe that we’re entering a new period of national healing and a cooling down of partisan rancor, but when I see the comments Biden made about Trump, I have a hard time swallowing it.

Kurt Schlichter offers his usual hilariously brutal assessment of how it will be viewed by all but Biden supporters and the media (but I repeat myself):

And he carries that theme forward on how Republicans must refuse to be silenced by government, media or social media, and how to go about countering that censorship and bullying to protect free speech, a free press and free thought.


In Case You Missed It

By Mike Huckabee

In case you missed my appearance on Fox Business Network Saturday, it made a little news. But then, these days, it’s always news when anyone suggests that Democrats be held to the same standards they want to hold other people to.

Parler Update

By Mike Huckabee

Parler’s CEO John Matze said there have been significant positive developments and the free speech Twitter alternative is hopeful that it will be back online soon, after Amazon cut off its hosting service with no warning.

One negative development is that Matze and his family had to go into hiding because of death threats, ironically from leftists who accuse Parler (“without evidence”) of hosting the planning of the attack on the US Capitol (they want to kill anyone who promotes violence.) So far, it appears that any planning took place on other platforms – and incidentally, if it was planned in advance, doesn’t that prove that Trump’s speech did NOT incite it?

If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took her responsibilities seriously, she would call for a vote rescinding her latest bogus impeachment on those now-disproven grounds. But she’s too busy posing for photos with the same National Guard troops that she referred to as “stormtroopers” when they were protecting federal buildings that her office is not in from violent leftist rioters.

Until Parler returns, a number of other services are making it clear that they’ll be happy to accept the thousands if not millions of users who are abandoning Twitter and Facebook. Here’s an article about two more, Signal and Telegram, which you might find interesting.

Most telling detail: a tech expert who usually has to explain new services like this to his parents heard from his parents to tell him they had already signed up for Signal. So when Twitter and Facebook tell you that they’re just driving out dangerous rightwing extremists, remember: they’re talking about your parents.




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Comments 1-25 of 58

  • Kaye Pullen

    01/20/2021 06:50 AM

    May God have mercy on America.

  • Bradley David Harte

    01/19/2021 06:52 PM

    God bless you Mike. Keep up the good work.

  • Joyce F Birch

    01/19/2021 04:25 PM

    Again thank you for your voice on all the day's issues. I'm extremely worried & scared with the Biden Admin. (sorry, I can't say President Biden, or Obama's third term). I think Mitch McConnell is a turn-coat. Can't comprehend all the attacks against the Republicians who stood by President Trump & all his supporters. This cancel culture is scary & dangerous. I truly hope Biden sees & listens & acts in the right way to help & heal this country, which the Democrats tore down!!
    Good show on Sat. as usual.

  • Curtis Limerick

    01/19/2021 03:58 PM

    Governor, Biden's inaugural parade has already begun, from Central America! go figure

  • Martha Paxton

    01/19/2021 03:15 PM

    Dont go Mr. Trump. Stay and fight!

  • Sue Johnson

    01/19/2021 01:08 PM

    Governor Huckabee, so much, from the news, TV, and social media are casting a very disconcerting message about Jan. 20th and the coming days. What are we to believe? Are we on the brink of insurrection, a coup, Marshall law etc.? I don’t know who or what to believe!!

  • Nick Daviscourt

    01/19/2021 11:58 AM

    Registered before, trying again

  • Burt Smith

    01/19/2021 10:46 AM

    Hey Governor,your's is pretty much the only voice of reason in these times.The election was stolen and the thieves are gloating over it.The media has been taken over by the left and spews nothing but lies and expects us to believe them.American Thinker got a nasty letter from Dominian and rolled over begging not to be beaten,and has disabled ALL commants on their articles.PJ media has become a group of (mostly) soyboys-one author says he 'now hates Trump more than any President in history'.Frankly I was amazed YOU still allow comments!


    Sorry for shouting but I'm trying to be heard.May God Bless you Mike!

  • Rheann Shine

    01/19/2021 10:34 AM

    Where do we put our anger? Those of us that did not storm the capitol? Those of us who did not see a black man and white cop, but injustice? Those of us who watched as our American history was torn down? Our businesses looted and shut down? And now are being told to "suck it up" or that we are cult members that should be deprogrammed?

  • Julie Cresser

    01/19/2021 10:07 AM

    We need 3 max TERM LIMIT$ Of any elected office and must be 30-80 years of age, and no government worker elected or hired shall make an income from taxation greater then the nations average income!!

  • Gregory Bazinet

    01/19/2021 09:37 AM

    I always enjoy your editions & updates!
    Thank you
    GBaz ??????

  • Stephen Russell

    01/19/2021 09:23 AM

    Comm on Riots: Yes I agree Include ALL Dems in this issue
    Since May.
    Charge Dem mayors & governors.
    Have Red State lead in riot probes
    With Trump gone tomm,, No media focus or the Blame game ( Obama Bush).
    Make= & make fair.
    I say Pelosi & Schumer behind May riots to date

  • Stephen Russell

    01/19/2021 09:16 AM

    Trumps future:
    Motivational speaker
    write Memoirs
    Kingmaker in GOP?
    Lobby for policies inside RNC?
    Business speaker?
    Host events at Mara Lago?

  • Stephen Russell

    01/19/2021 08:49 AM

    Fortified DC:
    Under whose orders?
    RINO , Never Trumper Sec Defense, others?
    & how is Big Tech being used aside censorship to we 74M
    Can silence 74M
    Maybe Nazis did to Jews then but then used radio & newspapers, elections.
    Forced censorship seeds for Civil War 2.
    Plus many of the 74M own guns.
    More citizens own guns then our Armed Forces combined.
    Will DC stay under armor for 4 years or No
    See Dems afraid of the populace.
    Never saw this in Russia Rev 1917 alone.

  • Ruth Egan

    01/19/2021 08:44 AM

    Is this the tribulation? Nonetheless, God does not abandon HIs own. He has promised to never leave us or forsake us. God cannot lie. His arm is not shortened, nor is His ear deafened. We will yet see the Lord victorious.

  • Vernon Thompson

    01/19/2021 08:37 AM

    How long will it take before Dementia Joe gives way to Ms. Giggles and Grins to complete the transition to make the US look like CA? I left CA to get away from what I see there now!

    Please advise as soon as you know when we will be scheduled for "Deprogramming," The Socialists are on a path to destroy this country!

  • Stephen Russell

    01/19/2021 08:34 AM

    Hearing Police State rumors rising:
    Ministry of Truth
    Immunity cards
    Microchipping POST vaccine?
    More censorship.

    Rumors, lies, fake news.

  • Ruth Egan

    01/19/2021 08:25 AM

    You are my favorite guy for" speaking the truth in love".

  • Pat whisenant

    01/19/2021 08:11 AM

    dear president Trump thank you for all you did for us the last are my Hero and you deserve the medal of freedom for all you had to endure for America.may god bless you and your family

  • Kay DeWitt

    01/19/2021 07:19 AM

    Mike, my response to your article entitled "Martin Luther King Day" was to want to substitute the name of Jesus for the name Martin Luther...Therefore, DOING that, your following statements would read:

    "The nation’s soul is suffering from intense divisions that threaten to undermine Jesus' work (on the cross) (for our country) and (America's) legacy(of being one nation under God)."

    "(Because Jesus death on the cross enabled those who received Him into their hearts to love others with His UNCONDITIONAL love) His dream (for America) was of a nation where all races join together in brotherhood and people are judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character"

    "His dream is under assault not only by racists on the far right, ( but) by “identity politics” hucksters on the far left, (and EVERYONE who disobeys His command that we love our enemies!) They (who claim to be Christians) appropriate his name while perverting his message,(by saying nix TO His command to love our enemies thereby) sowing hatred, distrust, division and even violence under the guise of fighting racism (and every other evil authored by the hatred of the evil one)."

    "(Last year, the speaker at the politicians' National Prayer Breakfast, Arthur Brooks, reechoed Martin Luther King's message because) His arguments weren’t just political statements, they were grounded in Biblical truths and moral absolutes. "

    And, Mike, in answer to the question you pose after you state: ......"Secular historians may call them “speeches,” but they were actually sermons, some of the greatest ever given.". " I wonder if he would even be allowed to give them on public property today" answer is YES! since Arthur Brooks WAS allowed to give his speech...his "sermon" ...on public property!

    AND IN ANSWER TO YOUR STATEMENT " "I wish more than ever that he were still with us, because while his image is still prominent, it's being appropriated by people who scorn his message, his true message is being forgotten, and we are all the worse off for it".....DO I STATE THAT:

    HE (Jesus) IS still with us and it is because Trump, to use YOUR words, "scorned His message"..... when He used Arthur Brooks as His mouthpiece to GIVE Trump His message..... that THE only answer to bringing unity to America was to answer hatred with love and BECAUSE Trump SAID no to HIS answer and chose rather to answer hatred WITH hatred, he lost the election and, yes, "we ARE all the worse off for it" because we cannot sin and not know the consequence of sin and the only way we are not going to continue to BE worse off is if Christians stop seeing the election win as a POLITICAL win, but as a spiritual win and STOP comparing Trump as the lesser evil to the greater evil of the Democratic Party...but, rather, compare Trump to the HOLY ONE..the greater HE Who tried to TELL Trump what makes for one being a REAL winner frrom HIS perspective!....And, UPON Christians seeing God's hand of judgment in this political....and pandemic...crisis we face, we need to get down on our hands and knees and ask God to forgive this nation of its sin against Him and, after we beg for His withdraw His Hand of sackcloth, and repentance, those Christians who make this plea resolve to care more about BEING church...His our dying, sin sick world....than they do about GOING TO church!

  • Judy

    01/19/2021 03:58 AM

    When has a United States administration put fear in the citizens of this country? Each day I become more concerned knowing Biden will be inaugurated. Tomorrow It will be a free for all. Immigration? Desperate people barging through to get to our borders. Crime up so much as criminals being released from prisons. Untethered societies will fall. And I have been accused of being brainwashed!??? What has happened to this country Gov Huckabee?

  • Dawn Richerson

    01/19/2021 01:47 AM

    Hi Governor Huckabee,
    First, I was on your Feb 2017 Israel was awesome...and it was such a pleasure meeting you. (Purple bus; I was there with my mom.). Second, do you really believe President Trump is leaving the WH? There is soooo much being discussed about what is really happening. We are having a hard time believing President Trump would walk away when our Republic is dying and the Left stole the election. And we will never be convinced the election wasn't stolen. I was in TX on election night and when the Swing States stopped counting I said to all my friends, "They stopped counting? Something is wrong. President Trump is winning by a landslide." And when I slept from 4:30 to about 7:30 am...Biden had miraculously almost caught up. NO WAY. Not possible. Regardless of what happens, we know God is on His throne. I just can't believe President Trump and those who love our Republic would not STAND against this diabolical tyranny. Blessings...Dawn Richerson

  • Sandy Trombly

    01/18/2021 11:40 PM

    Looking forward to more. You’ve been a wise voice of reason and truth. Keep it up. And thank you.

  • Maralyn Grimoskas

    01/18/2021 11:38 PM

    Mike, I will not be watching the inaugural proceedings, because I am not able to watch the media crown him as king of America. And why would President Trump attend when they would shun or boo him for their audience to see. Thanks for your newsletters.

  • Judy Radley

    01/18/2021 11:23 PM

    Gov. Mike, I'm truly sorry for misspelling First Lady Melania Trump's name in my previous comment.