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December 20, 2022



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Psalm 16:8 NKJV

1. Situational Ethics 101

By Mike Huckabee

Democrats are demanding an investigation of newly-elected New York Republican Rep. George Santos after the New York Times claimed that much of his resume is fictitious (Santos denies the charge.) joesquire/2022/12/19/ democrats-demand- investigation-into-incoming- republican-congressman-they- forgot-to-do-any-opposition- research-on-n676087

I guess they think that if the voters aren’t fully informed of all negative information about the winning candidate, then the election is tainted and the winner needs to be investigated and possibly thrown out of office. The chairman of the New York Democratic Party even said, “I think that had voters seen this information, understood the ramifications and how egregious it really was, I don’t see how he would have won the race.”

As you might expect, this sparked commenters to repeat the same three words over and over: “Hunter Biden’s laptop!”

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3. Favorite Story of the Day

By Mike Huckabee

#WalkAway found Brandon Straka is suing MSNBC for defamation for falsely reporting that he was part of the “insurrection” that “broke into” the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, that he was recorded urging the crowd to take a shield away from a police officer, and that he confessed to and was found guilty of helping to attack police officers. Needless to say (this is MSNBC, after all), not a single syllable of that is true.

After months of persecution, unfair vilification and threats of ridiculous overcharging, Straka agreed to plead guilty to a Class B misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct to make the harassment stop. In fact, he never attacked anyone, much less police officers. He never even entered the Capitol building, the alleged quote they cited was incorrect, and he certainly didn’t attempt to stage an insurrection.

He was on my TV show a while back and told the entire story. You can see that interview here:

Quite appropriately comparing MSNBC’s careless slander to Alex Jones, Straka’s lawsuit says that MSNBC’s defamatory false statements caused him to be inundated with threats, intense harassment and hate messages and caused him to suffer “insult, embarrassment, humiliation, mental anguish, injury to his reputation, loss of income and career damage.” I wish him the very best of luck in making them pay.

By the way, his attorneys say this is just the first lawsuit, and it will be followed by others. To which I say, “Let’s go, Brandon!”



4. Supreme Court temporarily pauses lifting Title 42 border restrictions

By Mike Huckabee

There are several major court decisions to cover today. The biggest came from the Supreme Court, which put a temporary stay on President Biden lifting Title 42, the pandemic-era order requiring asylum seekers to remain in Mexico. It was set to be lifted on Wednesday, and border states were bracing for a massive influx of illegal entrants, dwarfing even the previous massive influx of illegal entrants under Biden. The SCOTUS ordered the policy to stay in effect while a lawsuit by 19 states to keep it in place is adjudicated.

Meanwhile, former President Trump issued a statement on the attempts to end Title 42, Biden’s open borders policy, and how to clean up the disaster he’s wrought and ensure that it never happens again. This is the type of policy statement that he needs to be making if he wants to show he’s really serious about making another run for the presidency. I strongly recommend that you read the whole thing:

And the Biden White House made clear that it will continue its current policy of firmly denying reality.


In a victory for Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and election integrity efforts in general, a judge denied a motion to dismiss her lawsuit against Democrat Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County election officials and ruled that a trial will be held on Wednesday and Thursday.

Lake’s attempt to get a redo of the embarrassingly botched election in Maricopa County is still a longshot, and the judge dismissed a number of constitutional claims that I think do need to be addressed. But this is a welcome sign that courts may finally be growing a backbone and will stop shirking their responsibility to ensure honest elections for fear of being accused of “wading into politics.” Sometimes, that's necessary when the politics trample on the law. 

The defendants claim Lake is misrepresenting how they conduct elections and there’s nothing untoward about it (they also tried to claim that Hobbs shouldn’t have to comply with a subpoena and testify – I thought Democrats believed subpoenas were sacred? – just as she thought she didn’t have to debate during the campaign. She's a queen, apparently.)  But Lake claims to have 270 exhibits of evidence, eyewitness testimony from multiple whistleblowers and expert testimony from a top cyber expert that system-wide failure of the ballot printers one day after they were tested could only have happened intentionally.

I think Hobbs’ best response to that would be that you should never underestimate her ability to screw things up.

But we’ll see where this goes. Lake promised further updates at today’s Turning Points USA AMFEST meeting in Phoenix, so stay tuned.


In a 4-3 vote with the liberal majority carrying it, the North Carolina Supreme Court struck down the state’s requirement to show an ID before voting.

Even though the prevailing judges admitted that most voters have at least one form of ID (I’d go out on a limb and say “all of them”), and that the law “appears neutral,” nevertheless, its intent is to discriminate against black voters. I would say that not only requires them to have amazing psychic abilities to read the minds of the people who passed it and divine their “secret” intentions, it’s also incredibly racist in itself.

What are they implying? That black voters are too stupid to know how to obtain an ID? Or since they admit that most voters have an ID, that they are too stupid to bring it with them to the polls?

I fail to see how requiring everyone to show an ID to vote, just like you have to do to cash a check or enter a government building, is racist. But this ruling is positively dripping in racial condescension. In fact, this ruling, not the voter ID law, just might be the most racist thing to come out of North Carolina’s government in years.

5. "Twitter File" #7 tells inside story of suppression of Hunter's laptop

By Mike Huckabee

Thanks to Elon Musk, Twitter has been dominating the conversation regarding social media’s close association with the FBI. As Jon Levine reports for the NEW YORK POST, there was a revolving door between the FBI and Twitter. Some who crossed over to Twitter had spent 20 years at the Bureau.

So here’s the new “Twitter Files,” Part 7, from Michael Shellenberger, dealing more specifically with the Hunter Biden laptop story…

But now we’re learning that the FBI was perhaps even more entrenched at Facebook –- okay, “Meta” –- than at Twitter, with at least 115 people former intel agents working there. That is downright incestuous, and Democrats in Congress seem to have taken for granted that it would always be so. But as law professor Jonathan Turley reports, some of the biggest proponents of election “disinformation” censorship, including California Rep. Adam Schiff and Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, wrote a letter to Facebook leadership warning them not to go the way of Twitter in restoring free speech, at the risk of congressional action. They say they don’t want to see any “backsliding” from Facebook. A must-read…

As Jesse Watters reported Monday evening, the lead investigator on Facebook’s “misinformation” team, Aaron Burman, was “a CIA spook for 17 years.” The goal of his team in deep-sixing the Hunter Biden laptop story obviously was to get Trump out of the White House and put Biden in. “Now we have a compromised President in the White House,” Watters said, and the feds are still at FB.

“It’s a conspiracy to eviscerate the First Amendment,” said Ben Weingarten at THE FEDERALIST, “to consolidate power. When Yoel Roth talks about what happened in 2016...[that was] when Donald Trump won, and they could never allow a catastrophe like that to happen.” This was taking it even farther than Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and that the rest of that FBI enclave masterminding the Russia Hoax.

Weingarten recalled the article Molly Ball wrote in TIME, admitting what they’d done and even bragging about how well it had worked. The information under the subhead “The Disinformation Defense” is particular eye-opening; note that Twitter’s then CEO Jack Dorsey is mentioned. Written in February 2021, it’s newly timely.

Their purpose was to “fortify” the election by controlling the flow of information, and that’s exactly what the government did, Weingarten said, through “cut-outs” (such as the Election ‘Integrity’ Project). This was “election interference on a mass scale,” he said.

The transparency is there now at Twitter, he said, but accountability is yet to be seen. For First Amendment violations, we’re going to need real cases, “not just Kabuki theater in Washington.” He also pointed out that we’ve had more revelations about the control of information through Elon Musk than we ever got from the John Durham special counsel.

As for “Twitter Files” installment #7, Shellenberger has spent the past couple of weeks analyzing the internal email communications and direct messages through “Slack,” as “there were so many FBI officials at Twitter that they had their own internal messaging system. They even had their own cue cards to train officials going from the FBI to Twitter. As you know, former FBI general counsel Jim Baker had moved to Twitter as deputy general counsel –- with a stop-off at the Clinton-connected Brookings Institution –- and was pushing hard for censoring the NEW YORK POST Hunter Biden laptop story.

Shellenberger said this “looks like kind of a psychological operation [‘psyops’],” the kind of activity the CIA normally would be conducting around the world. But this was done in the United States, against news organizations and social media. And, yes, it’s illegal. The FBI is the most powerful police entity in our country, and it’s not supposed to be politicized and “engaging in dirty campaign tricks.”

The FBI had Hunter’s hard drive in December 2019, when computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac turned it over to them. So they had plenty of time to prep the media for a leak of so-called “Russian disinformation” that they said would drop before the 2020 election. They knew Miranda Devine was working on the story and when it would hit because they’d been spying on her and Rudy Giuliani’s communications. After Giuliani gave the hard drive to the NEW YORK POST, the secret communications between the FBI and Twitter amped up.

We’ve also learned that Twitter was actually being PAID millions of dollars by the FBI to suppress the laptop story, less than a month before the 2020 election. After all, ensuring Biden’s win was SO important, and Twitter would need to dedicate plenty of staff for this. Your tax dollars at work, to “protect democracy” by censoring a legitimate news story and interfering in a presidential election.

Shellenberger is calling for more investigation, stressing that we might very well need an independent prosecutor. We would add, however, that simply having more hearings will not solve this problem.


By now you’ve heard that Musk took a poll on Twitter to ask if he should step down as CEO. Here are the results: : 42.5 percent said STAY; 57.5 percent said RESIGN. Of course, a Twitter poll is about as unscientific as it gets, but he probably thought it would turn out this way when he decided to do it. He might put someone else nominally in charge to run the day-to-day, but one would think he’ll still be at the helm.

fHere’s something else new: John Solomon at JUST THE NEWS reports that at the time Congress was probing the Russia Collusion Hoax, the ‘Justice’ Department was caught spying on Trump campaign, in 2016-27. So they went after Devin Nunes, head of the House Intel Committee, Nunes’ staff, and also his attorney.

Nunes told Tucker that his committee issued 14 criminal referrals, and he assumed “John Durham has that.”

The DOJ also sought grand jury subpoenas for the personal email of two staffers on the House Intel Committee, including Kash Patel. This is so bad, folks.

Nunes accuses the DOJ of trying to find blackmail material.



Well, of course they do! They don’t have the authority to do this, but they’re not about to let that stop them. The recommendation does not carry the force of law, but does anyone seriously think that would have kept them from doing this? It was predetermined, even though they never produced the “evidence” they said on the first day of their hearings that they would have.

It will be up to the ‘Justice’ Department to decide whether to press charges. But, again, does anyone seriously think Attorney General Merrick Garland won't do it? If I were a betting man, I’d say this is a “sure thing” –- it’s been the plan all along.

The Kommittee is also recommending that the House Ethics Committee, which is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, investigate Republican Reps. Kevin McCarthy of California, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Andy Biggs of Arizona, and Scott Perry of Pennsylvania for refusing to comply with subpoenas and testify. Their defense, of course, is that the Kommittee was formed in violation of House rules and therefore lacks authority to subpoena them.

Liz Cheney flat-out lied in her statement about this. Maybe the biggest whopper was this: “We knew that dozens of state and federal judges had addressed and resolved all manner of allegation about the election.” Sorry, Liz, they did no such thing, choosing not to look at the allegations due to matters of “standing” and whatever else they could pull out of their judicial robes. Those allegations were NOT resolved, and other very compelling ones have cropped up since.

PLUS: Portland, Oregon breaks a record

By Mike Huckabee

As 2022 draws to a close, many people are tallying up numbers and making year-end lists. One is the uber-liberal city of Portland, Oregon, which can boast that for the second year in a row, it’s set a new homicide record, with 90 killings so far and 11 days still to go.

Portland is also plagued with high levels of violent crime, property crime, thefts, vandalism and “frightening encounters with people experiencing mental health crises” (and that’s just the local political leaders you see at city council meetings.) Businesses are moving out, lawlessness abounds, and one resident complained that it’s as if the police have “almost disappeared.”

Gee, if only there were something that residents could have done about bringing law enforcement back, maybe on a Tuesday in November…


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  • Jerry

    12/21/2022 09:08 AM

    Having a chat with Cardinal Dolan a man with a my birth year so much I agree with I have begged on this format Divine Intervention in the riddance of this administration and its supporters. I still believe in people working not just physically but mentally brains working to find and build new projects to better life and it’s society today millions of people are just numbing themselves staying home being indoctrinated by being alone and basically shutin

  • Jerry

    12/21/2022 07:57 AM

    With more time for TV during this freezing time period watching the outlets every congress member comes on with the sad story of today boo hoo they the congress members have done nothing to prevent today’s chaos they are all part of today’s decline in society today the decisions made by congress the last couple of decades has weaken American while 2nd rate countries urinate on America Afghanistan Saudi Arabia Venezuela tell biden what to do China h is in control of our agencies Iran North Korea Ukraine threatened this administration and we the people are paying the price so when these congress members comes on tv and tells me biden is doing all this destruction the congress has put in place the chance to destroy America let’s go Brandon to the congress today and the past decades

  • Anne Turner

    12/20/2022 06:35 PM

    I think next time .i go into DC. I will have to carry a perfumed hanky to put under me nose like they used to do when people did not bathe. The smell is so bad that D.C. needs fumigated.

    About the cities: I have been in Portland, Chicago , Baltimore, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and LA. Except for Baltimore and LA these where reasonably safe and definitely beautiful cities. One might say the same thing about parts of Baltimore and LA. How can we ruin things like this? It’s like children deliberately smashing up their toys. I have been in some thirty countries. While many have beautiful buildings and scenery, even in economically well developed countries no people on the whole live as well as we do on the whole. The communist countries and those recovering from communism are dingy and sad looking. The people are not even close to our standard of living. In many cases the middle class of these countries would envy the way our poor live. So why do we want to ruin it?

    We fought a nasty, brutal war over slavery and went through a long period of segregation. The country was seeing much less discrimination and many more opportunities for people of color. Why do we want to return to racism? I totally agree that the whole anti .iD thing for voting is out and out racism, patronizing to the extreme. But then I find that most lefties are racist. They think they are being kind but in reality they are racist and patronizing. But as I have said before, the goal is to keep them needy, victims still on the plantation.