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August 28, 2023

Since Jack Smith’s most recent round of charges against President Trump are based on the idea that he knew he legitimately lost the election because he was told that by “experts,” it seems reasonable to take a look at who these so-called “experts” were. Revolver News did that and dug up some jaw-dropping info. In addition to the expected round-up of Deep State intelligence spooks who’d spent his entire Administration lying to and about Trump and trying to frame and remove him, there was also an agency you might not have even heard of until recently called CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

This shadowy cabal came to public notice recently when the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government revealed that CISA illegally set up a social media censorship division during the run-up to the election to pressure social media platforms to silence users, and then tried to cover it up when it was exposed. But (surprise!) it gets worse.

The founding director of CISA is Chris Krebs. The Foundation for Freedom looked into his past statements and discovered that he makes Joseph Stalin look like a Libertarian. To cite just a few examples:

He thought the Hunter Biden laptop looked like Russian disinformation but didn’t care if it was or not; the important thing was that the media not cover it before the election. He believed that every lawyer who represented conservatives challenging election irregularities should be permanently disbarred and banned from ever practicing law again. He hoped conservative news outlets would be bankrupted by Dominion Voting Systems’ lawsuits, and that the same should happen to anyone in the media who questioned voting machines in 2020 (which he helped administer.) He had the same totalitarian views of anyone who questioned the government’s COVID-19 protocols, even wanting to censor humorous T-shirts. He even canceled his own Direct TV subscription just because they carried the conservative network OANN.

And Trump claims he didn’t believe it when people like this guy told him the election was on the up-and-up and his loss was totally legitimate? Well, obviously, he should be imprisoned!

(Please note, Mr. Smith, that I said that last part, so you can’t indict me, too. And if you claim I was just being sarcastic, I’ll say, “NO! Why, that’s RIDICULOUS!!”)

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Comments 1-2 of 2

  • James J Ferrari

    08/30/2023 08:02 PM

    Mike, I this true.
    The proof of the Biden vote fraud is right in the 2020 Census. It lays
    ALL the numbers out clearly. There are approximately 252 million people
    over 18. Of those 66.7% are registered to vote which = 168 million.
    Turnout was 66.8% or 112 million. If President Trump received 74.2
    million, that leaves 37.8 million. USA Today confirms that 159 million
    votes were cast. That would make the turnout at 94%. That is IMPOSSIBLE!
    There was CLEARLY fraud. Prove any of those numbers wrong. You won't be
    able to. The states, some knowingly, certified fraudulent elections results.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/29/2023 10:30 AM

    I still think this dude looks like a grand Inquisitor determined to ring a confession out of you.