Trump and Putin meet

July 16, 2018 |

At this writing, we’re still waiting for President Trump to begin his historic summit meeting with Vladimir Putin.  I’ll write more about that for the evening newsletter.  Until then, to help you prepare, there are some topics that are likely to be up for discussion.

Here’s a response to the nonsense that Trump is some sort of soft-on-Russia Putin puppet, despite his expelling of Russian diplomats, killing of 200 Russian soldiers in Syria, approving arms sales to Ukraine, and ramping up US oil and gas production while scolding Europe for buying Russian oil and gas, both of which undermine Russia’s vital energy industry.  All this criticism, of course, coming from people who never batted an eye when Obama met Russia with nothing but weakness and “flexibility,” while Hillary greeted Putin with a fake reset button and a demand for nothing in return.


Speaking of Hillary Clinton, she once again opened her mouth and inserted her foot, with a bit of World Cup-themed snark at President Trump on Twitter.  She tweeted, “Great World Cup. Question for President Trump as he meets Putin: Do you know which team you play for?”


Well, since he’s never accepted half a million dollars for one speech from a Russian bank, or taken $140 million for his charity foundation from Russian sources, or approved selling Russia a fifth of the US uranium supply, then I’m going to guess Trump is on America’s team. Which team are you on, Hillary?  Or is this like the free agent system where you go with whoever pays you the most?


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Of course, this being Twitter, when Hillary served up an easy slowball like that, people lined up to smack it out of the park.


Finally, to “Finnish” off, a Finnish brewery is doing its bit to insure that the Trump-Putin summit goes smoothly by providing a unique form of lubrication.


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  • Norma Maas

    07/18/2018 06:47 PM

    I love all your comments about the left and their lack of brain matter or the ability to think logically or to see what's really happening. Trey Gowdy is one of my favorite questioners. Sorry we are going to lose him. He can see through all the comments that don't really answer the questions and Strokyx' "I don't appreciate whatever comment was made" with Gowdy's reply "I damn well don't care what you appreciate."

    A little common sense would tell people exactly what's going on in any situation.


  • Denise A Wright

    07/18/2018 12:42 AM

    Welllllllll, in reference to Mrs. Clinton's recent tweets against our President Trump, I think that Hillary needs to leave the good old USA. Her track record beginning from many decades ago isn't too great, in fact, it's quite tarnished. Where should Hillary go? My first suggestion would be Russia. Oh, yes, take Bill with you.

  • Kim Fithian

    07/17/2018 07:25 AM

    This article from March '18 Brookings Institute discloses history and future vulnerability of cyber attacks in US and around the world.

    The next Russian attack will be far worse than bots and trolls

  • Sue Palakst

    07/16/2018 03:55 PM

    Funny, I didn't hear President Trump say he believed Putin, and I didn't hear him say he didn't believe our own FBI on the subject of meddling. He just simply stated. "He said....:

    Funny, the ones vehemently opposing Trump on this are out going repubs...who don't like Trump anyhow. the elite repubs. So there is Speaker of House who was never in Trump's corner, John McCain, who is a Democrate at heart and couldn't win Presidency, John Brennan, who is connected to the communist party and whose own actions may land him in jail, Schumer, some Fox talking heads who are obviously prejudiced against Trump anyhow and don't seem to have a brain to think more deeply on what Trump is really doing, some Wall-Street Journal people - the same, and FBI who keeps trying to trap Trump, Bob Corker, and I'm beginning to wonder about Gowdy...some things he's said in the, maybe Fox might want to start to put together some people who "understand" Trump's tactics in all of this. Trump is no between the lines and quit reading something that is not "there." How dumb can come people be? I'm 10000 for Trump...period! Trust him more than any of the judgments above. These primary opinions annoy me because THEY don't speak for me or the American People...never did! So tired of these "experts" talking about how the American People feel...maybe they should get out of their news bubble and ask a few of us! So there!...

  • Judy Radley

    07/16/2018 02:46 PM

    I find it VERY, VERY interesting that the Democrats and Liberals DON'T WANT President Trump to meet with Putin...The reason I believe why is because when President Trump asks Putin about the meddling, the truth will be told that it WASN'T Putin AT ALL but only the Democrats/Liberals alone, and that they are trying to pin it on Putin, just to take the blame off of themselves....that's what Democrat/Liberals do always... I couldn't believe my ears when I heard on TV that the Democrats don't think it is a good idea for President Trump to meet with Putin.... When have the Democrats ever thought of helping President Trump by giving him good advise? NEVER! So to me, there is more to the story that the Democrat/Liberals are so afraid of the truth coming out that they don't think it is a good idea for President Trump to meet with Putin... They are terrified that the truth will come out and that maybe, just maybe, Russia could be an ally to U.S.A. like when President Reagan got Russia to stop with nuclear weapons development..... Again, Democrats are terrified that President Trump will actually get more and more good done by other nations respecting America again and actually revering America as a great nation and want to help America in any way they can..... Would the old paradigm of America always hating Russia, & vice versa be eliminated, & if the two countries being allies be such a bad thing after all? Once we can trust them and they trust us, then wonderfully good positive things can happen between U.S.A. and Russia, namely take down China and it's domination over trade! Again, we could eliminate the N.K. threats too! Then work to bring peace in the Middle East too! If U.S.A. and Russia could become allies, then world peace would actually be possible, without giving up our freedom!

  • Carla Whalen

    07/16/2018 12:55 PM

    It is hard to believe that Hillary would actually have the gall to ask President Trump what side he was on, as you have pointed out. Also, isn't it true that the United States has also been involved in meddling in other world elections? Why isn't this ever discussed? Thank you for your articles!

  • Barbara Bissette

    07/16/2018 10:30 AM

    Putin is said to want to sow discourse in our population with his election meddling,

    I want President Trump to hammer away at how Muller snd his investigation is helping do that! AND question, repeatedly if Muller and his team are on Putin’s payroll.