June 7, 2017

There are roughly 23,000 terrorist suspects being monitored in the UK, 400 of whom actually went to fight in Syria and came back, and about half of those 400 are in London. During a TV appearance with Piers Morgan, London Mayor Sadiq Khan was pressed on why the police didn’t know where each of them was. Khan tried to shift blame to government budget cuts, declaring, “I can’t follow 400 people.” He said the government had to “prioritize in a sensible, savvy way.” Morgan asked what could possibly be a higher priority than protecting British citizens from known terrorists who had actually fought with ISIS in Syria, possibly against UK troops? But the more important question is, “Why were they allowed back into the UK in the first place?”

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Mayor Khan attempted to sidestep the question with one of the open borders advocates’ favorite dodges: pointing out that the most recent terrorist attackers weren’t direct from foreign battlefields, but were “integrated into our way of life.” Well, no: they weren’t. One of them couldn’t have made his refusal to integrate into the British way of life any clearer: he actually paraded his violent rejection of Western values on a TV documentary called “The Jihadis Next Door.”

This particular rationalization (“These jihadists weren’t outsiders, they were homegrown!”) is part of a well-worn shell game. There are several suicidally stupid policies pushed by the open borders left, and whenever the results of their policies are attacked, they point at the particular dumb policy that doesn’t apply to prove they’re not to blame without mentioning all the dumb policies that did contribute.

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Examples: they couldn’t claim the recent London Bridge attackers were British-born because one was born in Pakistan. So they split hairs and saif they didn’t just come straight from the battlefields of Syria. In the Manchester attack, they pointed out that the bomber himself wasn’t a refugee (but his parents were, which illustrates how their refusal to demand immigrants assimilate can keep multiple generations isolated and hostile to modern British society.) They say, “We don’t have the budget to keep up with so many known terrorist sympathizers in our midst.” But why are there so many? Because they refuse to deport them or block their entry. They allow radical Islamists to preach hatred and violence in the name of free speech, then try to prosecute anyone who speaks up to criticize it.

Attack after attack, tragedy after tragedy, Europe’s liberal leaders always try to weasel out of responsibility by pointing to whichever stupid policy of theirs wasn’t the direct cause of that specific attack while ignoring all the others that worked together to create the whole dangerous situation. But the public is finally beginning to realize that it doesn’t matter whether the latest murderous extremist is an immigrant, the offspring of a refugee, or a tenth-generation Brit who got radicalized by people who were allowed to preach violent jihad without any monitoring or consequences. Bombs, knives and runaway vehicles don’t care which kind of radical loon is controlling them; the tragic result is the same. And it all got rolling with dumb government policies that put political correctness ahead of national security and public safety.

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