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July 20, 2023



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Louisiana’s Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed a bill to ban “gender (delusion) affirming care” for minors – i.e., child abuse in which confused kids are given chemicals and surgery that permanently alter their bodies when they’re too immature to comprehend the lifelong ramifications. Fortunately, the legislature is so heavily Republican that his veto was overridden by 76-23 in the House and 28-11 in the Senate.

Going Public

The patriotic, anti-woke online sales platform PublicSq is about to take the next step in its mission to compete with Amazon by going public on the New York Stock Exchange tomorrow.

To those who say Amazon is too big and nobody can compete with them, I’d remind that there are plenty of us around who remember when Amazon didn’t even exist and you had to go to a mall to shop. Some of those malls were really big, too. Where are they now?

In Case You Missed It…And Liberals Really Hope You Did:

The New York Times admitted that due to things like listing COVID as a cause of death for people who might have simply had COVID when they died of other things, the government’s official number of COVID deaths might have been inflated by as much as 30%. Normally, this should have made screaming headlines, but the Times quietly dropped it into paragraph 17.

This is just the latest piece of crazy, right-wing conspiracy theorists’ misinformation that turned out to be true, and that when we wrote about the possibility of it two years ago, got us censored and demonetized. But sure, let’s let the government decide who’s objectively correct and censor free speech based on their say-so. What could possibly go wrong?

America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

Proof Democrats are stupid

Here’s more proof that every day, some Democrat somewhere comes up with something so stupid, it makes the writers for the Babylon Bee jealous.

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Interesting Story

This story is about a Christian social worker in the UK, but I have no doubt you could find similar stories here.

He’s suing the National Health Service for withdrawing a job offer because he refused to “embrace and promote” homosexuality. He says it's religious discrimination. In response, the NHS is trying a novel legal defense: the “minority stress theory.” As the story explains, that’s the theory that “if a minority client, such as someone who is LGBTQ, came across the social worker's statements condemning homosexuality, they would face undue stress and potential harm.”

In short, they’re trying to legally define holding Christian religious beliefs as violence and hate speech warranting banning someone from holding a job. I wonder if the NHS would also consider it “undue stress and potential harm” if Christian clients had to deal with a pro-LGBTQ social worker whose opinions offended their religious beliefs? As they say in the UK, “Not bloody likely.”

Understanding War

The late, great President and General Dwight Eisenhower understood war better than just about anyone in history. That’s why he said, “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.” He warned against allowing the “unwarranted influence” of the “military-industrial complex” that seeks to run the nation without accountability and increase its power and wealth. And he said, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.”

I don’t say all that to give you a history lesson in the Eisenhower years. It’s just that it seemed an appropriate intro to the news that defense contractor Lockheed Martin reported that thanks to the Ukraine War, in the second quarter of 2023, it notched up net sales of $16.8 billion and a $1.7 billion profit.

The company’s future also looks bright, even if Ukraine’s doesn’t. Their CEO said that Lockheed Martin is optimistic about its “return to growth and ability to reward our shareholders over the long run with reliable free cash flow per share expansion and cash deployment.”

I agree that he’s probably right, but I wouldn’t describe my feelings about that as “optimism.”



A Denver Summit

Earlier this month, the Freedom Foundation held its first annual Teacher Freedom Summit in Denver.

It was a three-day event for public school teachers from around the nation who are fed up with teachers’ unions pushing far-left “woke” dogma onto teachers and students. The idea is to teach them to organize and fight back. Let’s hope it takes off like a California wildlife.

That story also includes this eye-opening statistic: according to a survey by Hart Research Associates, 81% of teachers believe the politicization of education is a serious problem, yet the leaders of their unions and certain school board members keep pushing it. They act as if that’s the accepted default position and anyone who questions it is a domestic terrorist. Well, if parents who object to the indoctrination of their kids are “terrorists,” then they should be truly terrified to learn that so are 81% of their own union members.

The Country’s In The Very Best Of Hands:

Rep. Ilhan Omar is being razzed for tweeting that the Earth “just broke the record for the hottest day in 120,000 years” adding, “National climate emergency now.” As noted at the link (and by many commenters on Twitter), ice core samples show the Earth has been hotter during that period than it is now, and reliable temperature readings only go back about a century.

I think I can state, however, with a fair degree of scientific certainty, that Ilhan Omar is the worst Congress member in the past 120,000 years.

Democrats disgrace themselves at IRS whistleblower hearing

The two IRS agents who became whistleblowers after their experiences with higher-ups over the Hunter Biden tax/finance case appeared publicly Wednesday to testify before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee.  The supervisory agent who was in charge of the investigation, Gary Shapley, was joined by his next-in-line, a 13-year veteran of the IRS criminal investigative division who until now has opted to remain anonymous.  That person, known previously only as Agent X, is Special Agent Joseph Ziegler, who was on the Hunter case for five years, and we now know why he would have preferred anonymity.

Joe Ziegler is a Democrat.  A lifelong Democrat.  A lifelong, gay Democrat.  And he addressed this directly in his must-watch opening statement, just to dispel any allegations that he had partisan political reasons for coming forward.  The more personal parts of this statement are quite moving...

After he briefly described his credentials and background, he said this:  “I had recently heard an elected official say that I must be more credible, because I am a gay Democrat married to a man.  I’m no more credible than this man sitting next to me due to my sexual orientation or my political beliefs...My credibility today comes from my job experience with the IRS and my intimate knowledge of the agency’s standard[s] and procedures.”

It’s debatable whether his fellow Democrats, obsessed as they are with identify politics, will even comprehend what he was saying.  But we do, and it’s refreshing beyond words.

“I have heard from some,” he said, “that I am a traitor to the Democratic Party and that I am causing more division in our society.  I implore you, that if you were put in my position with the facts as I have stated them, that you would be doing the exact same thing --- regardless of your party affiliation.”

He even said he “kind of equated” the feelings he had about doing this with the experience he had coming out as gay.  “It was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through,” he said.

Matt Margolis at PJ MEDIA wrote about his testimony and what we learned about him.

I wonder how many Democrats would put party aside and come forward as Ziegler did.  Certainly the Democrats on the Oversight Committee made it crystal clear with their comments yesterday that they would put party first no matter what.

“I believe that the Delaware [U.S. Attorney’s Office] and DOJ-Tax have a clear target on me and my supervisors’ back, and I believe they’re just waiting for an opportunity to pounce on us,” Ziegler told the committee.  “My own agency retaliated against me and threatened me with criminal conduct in response to an internal communication I sent to IRS leadership, even after years of essentially being left on an island when it came to this investigation.  It is not my desire to become a martyr for this case, and I fear effectively ending my career.  I did not ask to be in this position, nor did I want to be.”

Ziegler said that throughout his time on the investigation, he had witnessed “a corrosion of ethical standards and the abuse of power that threaten our nation.”

He said that even given the expenses he’s incurred from being a whistleblower, particularly travel, he has “not accepted a single payment from anyone” for doing this.

AMERICAN GREATNESS outlines the specifics of what he said concerning violations of norms.  Regular readers of this newsletter will find most of this whistleblower’s story very familiar, but those who usually turn to mainstream media will have heard precious little of it, if any at all. Indeed, most liberal media outlets even did their best to ignore this hearing.

But before going in to testify, Ziegler sat for an interview with CBS NEWS’ Catherine Herridge, and clips of it were released in a series of tweets after his testimony was concluded.

Gary Shapley (whom many Democrats might find less credible than Ziegler because he is presumably not gay) offered his own opening statement.  Shapley led the investigation until he and his entire 12-person team were removed from the case.  “I have been attacked as incompetent and falsely accused of being a liar, a leaker, or both,” he said, “all by people who know nothing about me or the facts of this case.”  He went on to talk about the “red line” his superiors crossed that made him take action.

“There should not be a two-track justice system depending on who you are and who you’re connected to,” Shapley testified.  “In this case, there was.”  At every turn, he said, decisions were made that benefited the subject of the investigation, and he offered examples, most of which you’ll recognize.

“I’m not here to support partisan agendas on either side,” he said.  “I’m here because our tax system relies on the American people having confidence that it is administered fairly and equally for everyone, regardless of your last name or political connections.”

He went to Congress as a last resort, saying that he had tried repeatedly to go up the chain of command with his concerns.  “I tried to give the prosecutors the benefit of the doubt for a very long time,” he said.

He defended the assistance he’s received from “a small nonprofit that helps whistleblowers,” making an interesting point we hadn’t heard before: “...The Biden family attorneys appear to be representing President Biden, Hunter Biden, and the Department of Justice, and they are not working for free.  It has been reported in public sources that there is a large fund paying for legal fees for Biden family attorneys.  The source of those funds is unknown.  They have virtually unlimited resources to pursue their agenda.”

Since our readers already know a lot about the “irregularities” these whistleblowers discussed, let’s go now to the stunning way the Democrats on the Oversight Committee humiliated and disgraced themselves in that hearing, with the way they handled their opportunities to question these witnesses.  (Obviously, they have no capacity for embarrassment, so we’ll just have to be embarrassed for them.)  As diligently as Shapley and Ziegler tried to keep partisanship out of the proceedings, the Democrats kept dragging it back in.

Rep. Dan Goldman of New York distinguished himself.  Bonchie at REDSTATE has had his fill of Goldman, saying he “comes across as some entitled trust fund kid who thinks he’s far smarter than he actually is.”  Goldman even went on MSNBC Wednesday to say that, yes, there is a two-tiered justice system, but in the sense that it’s tougher on...Hunter Biden.  Not kidding.  “I’m shocked that Hunter Biden was even charged with these crimes,” he somehow said with a straight face, in reference to the misdemeanor plea agreement for offenses that would land any of us non-Bidens in prison for years.

Here’s what ranking member Jamie Raskin of Maryland came up with right out of the box: “Let’s hear about that crusade they were on to smear President Biden by promoting the same baseless conspiracy theories that this committee serves up as moldy leftovers every day.  Like every other try by our colleagues to concoct a scandal about President Biden, this one is a complete and total bust.”  I thought concocted scandals were a Democrat thing.  Only a truly desperate person would resort to such an obvious untruth about this case and these two agents.  But it’s all he has.

Rep. Kweisi Mfume, also of Maryland (sorry, Maryland!), made a Freudian slip and said, “Those agencies [the DOJ, FBI and IRS] keep this democracy in check...They provide the checks and they provide the balances.” No, it's not the job of unelected bureaucrats to police democracy. And "checks and balances" refers to the three branches of government as defined in the Constitution. Ever heard of it, Rep. Mfume?

Finally, if you missed Pennsylvania Rep. Summer Lee’s completely incongruous race-obsessed rants, the DAILY CALLER has the video.  Ziegler looks appropriately mystified.

Lee focused exclusively on (of all things) race, expressing outrage at a different kind of two-tier justice system, one that affects “black and brown folks.”  We were hoping that some Republican would dare to challenge this, considering Democrats are fine with giving a white man --- Hunter Biden, the ultimate product of privilege from the fact that his white father has enjoyed government power for half a century --- a slap on the wrist for the kind of crimes black men have spent their lives in prison for.

Fortunately, Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna did bring it up.






RELATED:  The Oversight Committee has released a helpful timeline of the Bidens’ various influence-peddling activities in Romania, China, Ukraine and Kazakhstan over a period of 14 years.  And, yes, it’s based on actual evidence:  records of meetings and payments.  Lots of detail here, on transactions totaling $17 million.  (For WHAT??)  Thanks, Oversight Committee!



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  • Oliver H. Harris III

    07/23/2023 12:55 AM

    Since every 2-bit prosecutor serving a democratic majority has decided to indict our former President to keep him from being re-elected, these indictments become more ludicrous each time one of them hits the news. There are so many now that Trump should stand the whole thing on its head. He hit the bullseye when he declared that the Establishment was coming for you - he was just in the way.

  • william paul appelt

    07/20/2023 09:26 PM

    I was especially disgusted that after the whistle blowers spoke their very professional opening statements of clear concise explanations of what, where and how, Raskin replied.... He compared the work of investigation with the infamous character inspector of the Pink Panther movies. Totally uncalled for and more like his own efforts to be an idiot of his own making. BTW what is the story of the head scarf, a brain bandage? Cancer treatment?

  • Barbara Dougherty

    07/20/2023 07:12 PM

    Good stuff.

  • George Reynolds

    07/20/2023 07:05 PM

    The Democrats also disgraced themselves at the Weaponization hearings, wanting to censor and stop RFK Jr. from testifying. What is wrong with those people?

  • Dave Newbry

    07/20/2023 12:39 PM

    I wish I could say I find it incredible that a democRAT, wanting only to tell the truth, could offer a hard lesson on the subject of integrity to the rest of his party and it went completely either ignored or unnoticed. The entire democRAT contingency let the country know they are willing to ignore the oath they took to uphold our constitution, and not one of them should still be serving in congress.

  • Stephen Russell

    07/20/2023 11:35 AM

    IRS hearings:
    If Dems can disgrace selves with IRS
    How about FBI hearings, or other?