July 9, 2019

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Our Top story ---  Biden wants to bring back the individual mandate

Featured Stories: Ainsworth follows up with reader: Trump's tie and this time so much else –- MAD Magazine goes "woke" and then this...-- Liberals turn on one another 

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Joe Biden tried to bail out his listing presidential ship by giving an interview to CNN. But even in that friendly forum, it did not go well. Biden is reeling from getting punched by the left for not being left enough and abandoned by the establishment for veering too far left to keep up with his crazy competitors.

In the CNN interview, he tried to distance himself from the Bernie-style “Medicare For All” scheme by offering a more sensible, workable, popular plan: bringing back Obamacare. I kid you not. And not just Obamacare, but also the much-hated individual mandate, which forced Americans either to buy insurance they didn’t want or couldn’t afford or to pay a tax penalty, leaving them even less money in their pockets to pay for their health care out of pocket. I’m sure this will be a winning issue for the Democrats. Like bringing back typhus.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Ainsworth follows up with reader: Trump's tie and this time so much else

By Laura Ainsworth

A lengthy response came in from the reader who had criticized Trump’s tie and his failure to move his lips during the Battle Hymn.

From Gary:

I believe you missed the whole point here. I voted for this man. I want the swamp drained –- it can't come fast enough.

At least I was able to elicit a response.



MAD Magazine goes "woke" and then this...

By Mike Huckabee

While the 4th of July week was a great week for America, it was a sad week for humor.  It was announced that after nearly 70 years, MAD magazine will no longer publish new issues (but Pete Buttigieg just found out who Alfred E. Neuman was!)  It’s hard to sell any magazine these days, but especially hard for MAD, for a number of reasons: the Internet has made people expect humor to be super-timely, not bi-monthly – and Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are filled with free topical one-liners and parodies.  There was also a lot of behind-the-scenes turmoil with DC Comics buying the magazine, firing the longtime staff and moving it from NYC to Los Angeles. 



Liberals turn on one another

By Mike Huckabee

Must-read column today by Michael Goodwin at the New York Post, on how the Democrats are eating their own, thanks to the far-leftists finding the leftists not leftist enough. There’s a ton of interesting info and history here, including a great quote from LBJ, who was dealing with a similar situation during the Vietnam-era Yippie riots. He said, “You know the difference between cannibals and liberals? Cannibals eat only their enemies.”



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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read these comments


Remember how we were told that President Trump had given up on putting the citizenship question on the 2020 Census after the questionable SCOTUS opinion written by Justice Roberts (basically, “you have the power to do it, but we don’t care for your explanation of why” – which is irrelevant if the executive has the power to do it)?  Trump said that was “fake news,” and he was called a lying liar for the umpteenth time.  Well, guess what: he hasn’t given up on putting the citizenship question on the 2020 Census.

The details of what the DOJ is planning to do are at the link, along with Nancy Pelosi’s baffling argument against finding out how many people in the US are actually citizens, which would seem to be a pretty basic question for a Census -- particularly if some states are padding their populations with illegal immigrants to get more representation in the House than they deserve at the expense of other states and actual US citizens.  Speaker Pelosi seems to be under the delusion that only white people can be citizens.  Sad.  And frankly, kind of racist.  



Charles C.W. Cooke at National Review also noticed the scary rapidity with which we moved from outrageous claim about a patriotic symbol to corporations, major media outlets and presidential candidates all jumping on the anti-American bandwagon without a second (or even first) thought. “Beto” O’Rourke and Julian Castro were particularly noteworthy for the impenetrable quality of their woke gibberish on the subject:

I could say more about the stupidity of this claim and back it up with quotes from the Founders, but Marta Hernandez at the Victory Girls blog already did a wonderfully entertaining job of that, so I’ll just link to her:

Let us hope that now that the tactics are so obvious and the complaints so blatantly ridiculous that more Americans will find their voices and start standing up, not only during the National Anthem but standing up and fighting back when symbols of America’s greatness are attacked by unpatriotic and uninformed ingrates.  I’m happy to say that my friend Dr. Alveda King is among those leading the way:



After the first round of Democratic debates, the crowded field is already starting to shift.  Rep. Eric Swalwell has become the first to throw in the flop sweat towel, which will come as shocking news to virtually all Americans who had no idea that anyone named Eric Swalwell was running for President.  So I guess he won’t get his finger on the nuclear button after all and use it to nuke any Americans who refuse to hand over their guns.

Also, Mike Gravel has dropped out of the Democratic race. The far-far-left former Alaska Senator was so obscure that when I Googled the term “Gravel is out,” I got articles on how to remove gravel from your lawn (that's not a joke, try it yourself.) 

But before the maintenance crew removes two deck chairs from the Titanic, hold on: leftist billionaire Tom Steyer has reportedly changed his mind and will launch a late-entry quixotic lunge at the White House.  This after pouring a mountain of his money into the fruitless effort to impeach Trump for anything.  I have to assume he won’t be basing his campaign pitch on his ability to handle money wisely.  I think it’s telling that someone who is willing to throw away a fortune on any longshot scheme to defeat Trump, no matter how ludicrous, looked at the entire Democratic field and decided that he’d just have to do it himself rather than back any of them.

Here’s a hilarious analysis of these and other developments among the bottom tier candidates from Jim Treacher.  Sample: he describes Swalwell as polling “somewhere between dryer lint and bubonic plague.”

Want more news from Mike Huckabee?  Read the Evening Edition from July 8

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Our Daily Verse (NIV)

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

– 1 Pet 5:7

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  • Stephen Russell

    07/09/2019 05:08 PM

    2020 Census: NO citizenship question/.s WILL Toss form, why bother aiding the Dems abuse more power.
    Why bother.
    Ideas,comments as why I should
    CA has been Dem since Reagen left White House

  • Kenneth Nicholson

    07/09/2019 04:29 PM

    Federal Court ruled Trump could not restrict people from his Twitter account. It was a violation of 1st amendment. So, is it a violation of 1st amendment for Twitter to restrict access to the account?

  • Don Sprague

    07/09/2019 01:54 PM

    My wife told me about the quiz in your news letter with the question about the origin of the internet.

    Your answer is not entirely accurate. The name”Internet” does come from people who have ARPANET background. However; before the ARPANET, there was

    - SAGE initiated in 1949, the First National Air Defense Network was fully deployed in 1963
    - SABRE initiated in 1953, the first online order reservation system operational in 1960.
    - ARPANET initiated in 1962, It’s first failed logon attempt was in 1969.

    Thus, you can see that ARPANET was not the first network but it was in the direct path to the name “internet” and the Internet Protocol.

    According to a 1995 definition of the Internet, provided by the U.S. Federal Networking Council, their definition of the “Internet” refers to the global information system that is logically linked together by a globally unique address space based on the Internet Protocol (IP) or its subsequent extensions/follow-ons. Thus, the use of IP is not a necessary component of the Internet.

    In an article called; “What Is The Internet (And What Makes It Work) - December, 1999 By Robert E. Kahn and Vinton G. Cerf” they write:

    “For a long time, the federal government did not allow organizations to connect to the Internet to carry out commercial activities. By 1988, it was becoming apparent, however, that the Internet's growth and use in the business sector might be seriously inhibited by this restriction.”

    The commercial activity they refer to was led by the IBM Information Network. It’s 1984 Business Model Architecture and Strategy was to interconnect all users on all networks do electronic business. That architecture and strategy was based on the statement that “anything that can be recorded electronically can be delivered electronically. The architecture and strategy was originally written in IBM in 1980.

    When the Internet Business Model was 8 years old and in place, it was adopted by the developers of IP.

    The IBM Information Network and other commercial Value added networks were already delivering internet services before the government funded 1988 Internet Protocol development.

    If the Internet Protocol had never been thought of, we still would still have the Internet by another name. The IBM information Network had most of IBM’s corporate customers connected by the 1988 government funded project to build another closed network that did not allow business. Companies like AOL were connecting individuals. Any to any had begun before the commercial services providers switched to use IP.

  • Julie Robbins

    07/09/2019 01:12 PM

    **in case YOU missed it**
    (as a Christian their wording is SO unsettling...almost threatening)
    Taken from FB post by our little local paper The Real GC News
    "Rep Terri Bryant Releases Statement About State Fair Debacle
    Category: Local News
    I have been trying to sort truth from fiction in the issue of entertainment decisions at our two State Fairs. I know people are polarized on the issue, but it is always important to get facts. While in Chicago today to attend a hearing I was able to secure a meeting with two high-ranking members of Gov. Pritzker’s Exec. Staff.

    I also asked Rep. Tim Butler to join us as he represents the State fairgrounds in Springfield.

    The meeting was multi-fold. I wanted to identify for my constituents who made the call to cancel the contract with Confederate Railroad and the official reason for why it was done. I also wanted to express my absolute disagreement with the cancelation. In addition, I wanted an explanation for the booking of Snoop Dogg in Springfield considering his album cover has a picture of what appears to be a dead President Trump on a slab covered with a flag while Snoop Dogg stands over him in a defiant manner.

    I wanted the Administration to know I expected Confederate Railroad’s contract to be reinstated. I argued that if Confederate Railroad is canceled, then Snoop Dogg should be canceled too.

    I was informed in no uncertain terms, that the decision to cancel CR was made by the Pritzker administration, including the two people sitting with me at the table. They affirmed that the decision was not made by DuQuoin Fair officials or by Director Sullivan.

    They refused my insistence that Confederate Railroad be permitted to perform. Their reasoning was that they have a hard fast rule not to permit any use of the Confederate flag in any way. When I asked what their policy was pertaining to a sitting President being depicted in the way President Trump is depicted on Snoop Dogg’s album cover, they said, they had no such policy.

    In fact, I was told by one of the Governor’s staffers that I should use this case as a “teachable moment” for the people of Southern Illinois. I am serious…that is what the staffer said.
    In short, the Pritzker administration canceled Confederate Railroad because the Confederate flag offends many people.

    They refused to cancel Snoop Dogg even though it offends many people. I believe in very limited government censorship. I believe even less in double standards.

    In light of all of this, it is understandable that many want to boycott the DuQuoin Fair. I fear that any such boycott will be a harsh blow to Southern Illinois’ economy and unfairly punish small businesses that count on the fair to keep people employed. These small businesses did nothing to cause any kind of boycott.

    I told the Pritzker people to believe the boycott is real and that they will ultimately own the resulting economic damage that results from this hypocritical decision."