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May 10, 2021

Here’s some more encouraging news that America is not really lost to the insanity of “woke” leftism, but that most people have just been keeping quiet about their annoyance. However, their patience is now exhausted.

You know a sea change is underway when even Newsweek is willing to run an op-ed exposing “wokism” for what it is – systemic racism – and pointing out that the Biden Administration’s plans for ending "systemic racism" are actually introducing a lot of blatant racism into government systems.

This article reminds us that America was founded on the principle of everyone being equal under the law, and that until recently, hardly anyone disagreed with the Rev. King’s call for judging people by the content of their characters and not their skin color. But then, the “woke” leftist “anti-racism” crusaders came along, seeking to replace equality with the Marxist concept of government-enforced “equity” and to bring back judging people by their skin color, segregation, racial animosity and a lot of other rotten ideas from the last century that they keep trying to revive.

It’s time for everyone to recognize “wokism” for what it is: toxic racism, censorship and Marxism that have no place in America or anywhere else in the 21st century -- and to stand up and say so. Kudos to Newsweek for actually having the guts to publish that.

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    05/10/2021 01:38 PM

    Finally It looks like somebody is waking up and maybe the American people will also wake up and start doing something about the present Leadership (?) of our country.