May 1, 2021

As expected, the ratings for this year’s Oscars were about as low as a community access TV show on feminist pottery. While it was a precipitous dive (58.3% lower than last year), there’s been a steady decline in viewership among all awards shows for years.

But Hollywood celebrities and liberals in general reject the notion that viewers are fed up with hearing “woke” political lectures from self-righteous, rich celebrities. They blame lower interest in the whole awards show concept, nominees that aren’t popular hits, competition from the Internet and streaming services, and anything other than “People don’t want to be hectored about socialism from stars in $20,000 gowns” or hear condemnations of guns, cops and security walls from people protected by armed cops and security walls. Ricky Gervais tried to tell them this at the Golden Globes, but the message still didn’t penetrate their hair mousse.

So maybe this will:

EXCLUSIVE: Daily Wire Poll: Most Americans Oppose Oscars’ Diversity Requirements | The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire sponsored a poll to ask Americans if they planned to watch the Oscars, and if not, why not. Seventy-one percent of Republicans and 49% of Democrats said no, and the chief reason was clear: the leftwing politics.

While Democrats said they wouldn’t watch because of lack of interest in awards shows, it’s too boring or no movies they liked were nominated, 63% of Republicans said they were skipping it because it’s too political. Overall, 71% of respondents, including majorities among Democrats and non-whites, agreed with the statement, “Award winners should avoid making political speeches and comments while accepting their award.”

Daily Wire’s editor emeritus Ben Shapiro said, “It’s clear from the polling and the Oscars’ abysmal ratings that Americans are tired of Hollywood shoving their woke politics down their throats.”

So now, the people have spoken, with polling to back it up: Hollywood's leftist preaching is killing awards shows. Does this mean they’ll stop? Certainly not! At least, I assume not, but I can’t say for sure since I don’t watch anymore.

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