February 15, 2020

California recently passed a law called AB5 that its “progressive” sponsors say is designed to help contract workers. But as Ronald Reagan once pointed out, one of the three biggest lies ever is, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help you.” By mandating union-style work conditions for everyone, they’re forcing contract workers out of business all over the state, devastating everyone from Uber drivers to artists and musicians to work-at-home moms and freelance writers.

But there could be a silver lining. For years, Californians have been reflexively voting for leftist politicians, who have been driving the Golden State into the ground and driving middle class business owners to move to other states. But independent and artistic types just kept on electing far-left Democrats, blind to the destruction they’re causing because they never connected all the homeless people, filth, crime, blackouts, wildfires, lack of affordable housing, etc., to the insane policies of the people they kept electing.

But now, as Erica Sandberg at City Journal reports, these independent contract types are suddenly having a Damascus Road experience. They’ve had the heavy boot of dumb leftist government come down on them, and they’re getting “woke” in a whole new way. AB5 is such a terrible, awful, no good, very bad law that’s destroying so many people’s livelihoods that these reliably kneejerk Democratic voters are suddenly turning into Independents, Republicans and Libertarians in droves.

Could AB5 possibly be the fuse that finally starts a revolution to turn California red? That might be too much to hope for, but it’s an exciting thought. In the meantime, as you’re still pondering who to vote for in the November elections for Congress and the White House, bear this in mind: Democrats in the House are already pushing a national version of AB5, to “help you”… into the poor house.

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  • Alan Gervasi

    02/16/2020 06:07 PM

    Fragmented unions will overturn the apple cart, as they have. However a plan for inter-acting and intermural system of unions in which all workers and businesses have a secure part would not disable business rather it would allow industry to thrive.

  • Michael Brushett

    02/16/2020 04:58 PM

    HELP US!
    California politicians are destroying our state.

  • B

    02/16/2020 05:54 AM

    please see on youtube, [ george webb ] he is giving vital info to help save America,

  • Tom privett

    02/16/2020 12:15 AM

    I wish California could be red again. I have lived in Ca. All of my life . It is sad to see how that liberal majority here has run this state down so bad. I suspect that it may to become much before it ever gets any better.

  • Charles Matthews

    02/15/2020 07:23 PM


    As a recruiter in FL, I receive resumes daily from people in CA, NY, NJ, etc. The smart ones are leaving. I hope they do not bring leftist votes to my state. May God Bless you and your family. Every day, I read your articles. I pray that your daughter, Sarah is inspired to continue leading America.

  • Dennis Bass

    02/15/2020 07:13 PM

    I was born and raised in California and lived there much of my life. It is tragic to see what has happened to a once beautiful place of opportunity. I know many of my friends just don't get what is happening in the rest of the country because of the extreme liberal bias there.