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March 21, 2024

A new woke message movie called “The American Society of Magical Negroes” opened over the weekend in 1,147 theaters and grossed a pathetic $1.3 million. The movie’s premise is that there’s a secret society of black people who help white people to keep them from feeling uncomfortable because white people are “the most dangerous animal on the planet.”

I’m glad to hear that Hollywood is once again losing big money by putting out racist, leftist propaganda. But there’s another point worth mentioning:

Whenever these movies bomb, their makers are always quick to blame the very group they’re attacking for failing to show up and pay to be insulted. But if this movie had any appeal to black audiences, it would have made a fortune. Likewise, the gay romantic comedy “Bros” bombed big time after its maker said he didn’t want straight people to see it, then blamed them for it bombing because they stayed away. But if gay people had wanted to see it, it would have made money, too.

Moviegoers don’t need “representation” or to see people who “look like me” on screen to enjoy a film. “Godzilla Minus One” had an all-Japanese cast and took place in the unfamiliar (to most Americans) setting of post-World War II Japan. But modern audiences of all races found themselves caught up in the characters and stories of these people trying to heal from the trauma of war. The Godzilla scenes were just icing on the cake of a genuinely involving human story.

Bottom line: it’s not just white, straight people who hate these woke propaganda movies. Black people and gay people hate them, too. Nobody wants to pay today’s ticket prices to be preached to with leftist talking points. They’re divisive, heavy-handed and, most of all, boring. If you want people to return to theaters, try making movies that inspire, entertain and uplift everyone. You know: movies that people actually want to see.

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