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November 3, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.




I’m not sure why people who want to be economists go to an expensive school and spend years studying something that’s really pretty simple. If there is a bunch of something, the price goes down because there’s so much of it, the seller needs to unload it. If there’s not much of something, the price goes up because the buyer has a hard time getting it and will pay more just to be able to obtain the things he or she needs or wants. And another rule is this—most people in government, especially the ones who have only been in government and never been in business or signed the front of the paycheck, just aren’t real smart about the economy works. And that’s why when they tell you they are going to fix it, you should know they are about to really screw it up. And recently, that’s just what they have done. What I’m about to tell you isn’t so much about Democrats or Republicans or the left or the right. It’s about the right and the wrong, and we’ve got some folks really getting it wrong when it comes to how much it’s going to cost YOU to put gas in your car, heat your home this winter and put groceries on your table and clothes on your family.

For about a year, the government has been paying people not to work. The idea was that Covid and the government-mandated shutdown cost a lot of people their jobs. Now keep in mind that not a single GOVERNMENT employee missed a paycheck. Even if they didn’t have to show up for work, no one got laid off from the government. And they felt bad that they were getting paid for doing nothing and figured they ought to pay others for doing nothing as well. It made sense when government ordered businesses to close and workers really did get laid off. But when the economy starting to coming back, the employees didn’t. Some realized that with government benefits, there are no taxes or take-outs, and some people made as much or even more money not working than working, so they got used to getting up at the crack of noon and watching Netflix all day. Even though there are “Help Wanted” signs on every street in America, people stayed home. And the government’s brilliant idea to fix that? Keep paying them for not working. I learned something from raising kids and training dogs: If you want a behavior to continue, reward it; if you want a behavior to stop, consequence it. If you punish people for working by taking out chunks of their check in taxes and social security obligations but reward others with tax free income for doing nothing, more and more people will take the doing nothing option. And remember that when there is a lot of stuff, it costs less, but when there is a lot of need but little supply it costs more? There’s a huge need for workers, but small supply, so labor costs more. And that makes everything else cost more. And because Joe Biden turned off our pipelines and punishes our home-grown energy industries and transportation industries because he thinks “climate change” matters more than feeding your family, your gasoline costs much more, groceries are up between 10-20%, and shelves are empty in our stores. You have to work really hard to be that dumb about turning a great economy into one where politicians brag about how money they are borrowing from your grandkids while no one can afford bacon and eggs or the gas to get to work.

When the politicians tell you they want to fix the economy, you better vote for some different politicians. The best way to FIX the economy is to get the politicians out of it, pay people to actually work instead of sitting home, and let farmers farm, let builders build, and let YOU decide whose business ought to be supported based on what you decide to buy and how much you’re willing to pay for it. See, you don’t need a PhD in economics to understand that. Just some common sense and a government that gets the heck out of your way!

2. IS "BUILD BACK BETTER" "DEAD ON ARRIVAL"?  Tuesday’s election results could spell the end for President Biden’s shrinking but still massive social spending bill. Judging from Speaker Pelosi’s foul mood, it’s looking likely that we could actually dodge this bullet.

The red wave spooked moderate Democrats who were thinking of supporting it and gave Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema plenty of ammo to defend their positions that the American people don’t want more expensive, socialist bills.

And take this for what it’s worth, but Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec said he’s hearing that Pelosi is telling people she won’t run for reelection because she doesn’t want to be tied to the impending 2022 Democratic wipeout.

Whoever thought that by casting your vote for Glenn Youngkin, you might also be ridding America of Nancy Pelosi? That would be the best two-fer deal since “Pizza! Pizza!” at Little Caesar’s.

3.MORE BAD NEWS FOR DEMOCRATS: Still sifting through the results of Tuesday’s elections, looking for more bad news to leave on the Democrats’ door step, we find this: the Republicans just flipped a state House seat in a San Antonio area district that’s 73% Hispanic, and that Biden won by 14 points just one year ago.

I guess the Democrat strategist who claimed that a rising minority population would cement Democrats in power forever forgot to run that by minority voters.


4. IT'S NO LONGER PC TO DEFEND WOMEN'S RIGHTS: The mother of the teenage boy in a skirt who was found guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl in the girls’ bathroom of a Loudon County, Virginia, school spoke out in defense of her son. While any mother can be protective of her child, even those who don’t deserve it, this defense reached a shocking new low.

I don’t want to repeat all of her feeble excuses, rationalizations and victim blaming, so I’ll just direct you to the link. But I will quote one brief excerpt to give you the repulsive idea:

“If I was in a position where I was about to be raped, I would be screaming, kicking, everything. You’re 15. You can reasonably defend yourself. You’re not just going to sit there and take it.”

See, the rape was the girl’s fault for not fighting off her son hard enough.

I don’t want to spend any more time on this story than absolutely necessary, but I did want to share it to make a point. Ever since this idea first surfaced of letting people use whichever sex’s restroom, locker room or other intimate private facility that they claim to “identify” as, many of us have argued strongly against it. And not just because it overturns centuries of basic decorum, respect and decency and makes women uncomfortable, but it can place them in physical danger.

If you oppose this, you’re tarred with ridiculous accusations of transphobia and spreading hate against a poor, suffering minority. I suspect that very few people in this era are actually arguing that trans people shouldn’t be allowed to use the bathroom – as long as it’s the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex, or if they aren’t comfortable with that, then a gender neutral bathroom. I recall that from the minute this first arose, I argued that the real danger wasn’t so much from genuine trans people but from predators who would exploit those new rules to intrude on women’s private spaces and spy on and sexually assault them.

Nobody wanted to address that very real concern because it’s no longer PC to defend women’s rights. They now rank well below trans rights on the left’s victim scale. So they ignored it, mocked those who spoke out about it, and (as in Loudoun County) covered it up and allowed the rapist to create more victims. Now, here we have someone whose own mother admits he wasn’t gay or trans, he just put on a skirt because he felt like it, went into the girls’ bathroom (nobody dared stop him, of course) and forced himself on a young girl because he wanted sex (he just had “15-year-old hormones”) -- and this is her excuse for his behavior?!

How could someone possibly wander so far away from the obvious bounds of basic decency? Well, you start by tearing down all the time-rested rules observed by decent people for centuries and replacing them with “If it feels right to me, then I should be allowed to do it.” Once you’ve stripped society of all the rules of decorum, you end up with the Loudoun County rapist and all the enablers around him, from the school board to his mom, who would rather voice PC platitudes and self-righteous excuses than prevent a girl from being raped.


UPDATE: As you know, after the following commentary was written early Wednesday morning, Terry McAuliffe actually did concede the race. What this tells us is that there was nothing Marc Elias could pull out of his hat to extend the torment and keep us counting for days on end until McAuliffe was miraculously declared the winner --- that Glenn Youngkin had indeed won by enough of a margin that his kind of shenanigans wouldn't have made a difference. This is the kind of election result we need to work for in every election! Congratulations, Governor-Elect Youngkin.

ORIGINAL STORY: So, what did Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe get from infamous election attorney Marc Elias for his $50,000-plus retainer?

In the wee hours after Election Day, it was hard to know for sure –- though the race had been officially called by news outlets for Republican Glenn Youngkin (hooray!) –- but a close look at Fairfax County might give us an idea. That county had promised to get their count in by 8PM after the polls closed, but failed to do so.

Other stragglers were Norfolk County, with 45 percent of the early vote not having been counted by that time, and Chesterfield County, with 42 percent of the same-day vote unreported. FOX NEWS’ Bill Hemmer speculated that the same-day vote would likely skew more Republican, while the early vote would go more Democrat.

Some Republicans were already celebrating, with Steve Scalise saying in a statement, “Governor-elect Youngkin’s victory is a huge win for parents who are concerned about the education of their children, as much as it is a massive voter rejection of big-government socialism.”

Other commentators were calling this race a “bellwether” for voters’ growing awareness that life under the Democrats was not what they wanted. And surely Youngkin’s vigorous come-from-behind showing is evidence of that. But, when all is said and done, after the last ballot is finally counted, will he be the winner?

In an unfolding of events eerily reminiscent of Election Night 2020, one Virginia county, Fairfax County, the most populous in the state, took its sweet time getting its tabulation in. (We were going to make a joke about a broken water pipe, but Tucker Carlson beat us to it.) Here’s the way BREITBART reported it on Tuesday evening.

We have to suspect that Mark Elias is up to no good with the early balloting, and also that a challenge to the results might be a “Plan B” if he can’t “find” enough mail-in votes to make up the difference on Election Night. Why do we think this? That’s easy –- because he is Mark Elias.

So Kyle Becker got our attention when he tweeted, “Breaking: Fairfax County, Virginia, has announced that they are RE-SCANNING ballots and will be releasing their vote totals later tonight.”

But thanks to Katie Pavlich at TOWNHALL, we know that this appears to be legitimate. She reported that attorney Harmeet Dhillon had tweeted, “Folks, heard from a TOP GOP lawyer tonight that the Fairfax County thing had to do with an out-of-date/defective memory card. Both sides signed off on re-scan & it was witnessed by GOP lawyers in the room the whole time. Ain’t over till it’s over, but it looks good for Youngkin!”

McAuliffe took to the stage about 10PM Eastern to thank his campaign workers and stress that they still had votes to count. Certainly this was no concession; did anyone think it would be?

“Folks,” he said, “not everything is counted and WE’RE STILL WAITING FOR A LOT OF VOTES TO COME IN. [Emphasis mine; we’ll get to the reason below.] And we want to ensure every Virginian’s voice is heard.”

He did an odd little dance before leaving the stage.

About 12:30 AM Eastern, the FOX NEWS desk officially called the Virginia governor’s race for Youngkin. “He will now be the governor-elect in Virginia,” said Bret Baier. With still only 96 percent in, Youngkin had 1,626,024 votes (50.9 percent) to McAuliffe’s 1,543,933 (48.4 percent.) At that point, there were still more votes unreported than the margin of difference between the two candidates.

Incidentally, one Democrat who wasn’t questioning Youngkin’s win was, surprisingly, Cher, who had a psychotic breakdown about it on Twitter. Here is her must-read rant:

She warned that if Republicans “take power,” “IT’LL (bee) “’TOTAL POWER”. ITS ‘WHITE’S’ ONLY CLUB, AND BLM, LGBT, JEWS, ASIANS, MINORITIES, R IN...PERIL.”

Also gypsies, tramps and thieves. Let’s all keep Cher in our prayers. Van Jones, too, who appears to have lost his mind as well. On CNN, he likened Glenn Youngkin to a disease, “the delta variant of Trumpism.”

But back to our story, which is to say, what Marc Elias might be pulling out of his hat. He doesn’t make his money by losing.

BREITBART did report that there was voter suppression going on in Virginia –- not the kind that Stacey Abrams constantly claims, but the attempted suppression of Republican voters. Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union said he was told he couldn’t vote unless he had a mask on. Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA faced the same situation. Mark Hemingway of REAL CLEAR INVESTIGATIONS did, too. Election workers could not legally turn away people for not wearing masks, but how many voters knew that?

“They were trying to require masks at my polling place in a jurisdiction with no mask mandate in place,” Hemingway tweeted.

In an update to that story, Virginia Department of Elections Commissioner Chris Piper had to send poll workers a reminder not to turn unmasked people away.

After the polls closed and many of the early vote tallies remained unreported, we wondered if that early vote might be the key to why McAuliffe still hadn’t conceded. He had pushed his supporters to vote early, according to this November 1 report from BREITBART.

Early voting started on September 17, before McAuliffe, during a debate, shot off his mouth about parents not having control of what their kids learn in school. At that time, he was five percentage points ahead in a REAL CLEAR POLITICS poll, and many people must have voted for him before he shocked parents into supporting his opponent. “...If Democrats can continue their early voting patterns into election day, McAuliffe will likely be successful on Tuesday,” the BREITBART story predicted.

The mail-in vote is where Elias no doubt has been concentrating his efforts.

As the vote count came in through the night, Youngkin’s lead very gradually shrank. By 1:30 Eastern, it was down to about 90,000 votes. At Youngkin campaign headquarters, the mood of the crowd was tentatively victorious, but Youngkin himself was in no hurry to make his appearance. The good news: with 99 percent of the vote in, Youngkin was ahead 50.7 to 48.6 percent. Finally, a little after 2AM, he appeared at the podium and cheered, “All-righty, Virginia, we won this thing!”

He thanked his campaign workers for waiting “a little longer” than they’d anticipated, and joked that breakfast would be served shortly.

But watch out: McAuliffe has not conceded, at least at this writing, and we think we know why. There’s a new Virginia law that relaxed the rules about mail-in absentee ballots, allowing those that arrive by Friday noon to be counted if postmarked by Election Day. Then in August, the State Board of Elections specified that even ballots MISSING POSTMARKS must be counted if they meet the Friday deadline. The law was challenged in court but survived. Election "Day" is a joke.

This kind of maneuvering is Elias’ specialty, and we predict he'll continue, if at all possible, counting and counting and doing whatever else is necessary until McAuliffe wins after all, with 50 percent plus 1 vote. It's what he does.

IT'S NOT OVER!..New VA Law Allows Absentee Mail-In Ballots With Nov 2 Date To Be Counted Until FRIDAY...Ballots Missing Postmarks Can STILL Be Counted

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  • Floyd A Unger

    11/04/2021 03:13 PM

    Thank you. Did you hear? The “Homeless” on Maui Hawaii are suing the Mayor and the County for being forced out of their campsites ??

  • Ken Lawyer

    11/04/2021 01:02 PM

    Ecc. 1:9 -The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

    Unfortunately, this boy has reintroduced something most of us had never thought of. Those who call me a homophobe - I just reply "Yes, I am so why aren't you?" There, either the conversation deteriorates to their using profanity towards me and I reply to that "I see we agree to disagree." Or, we might discuss the reasons why I am a homophobe which usually we just conclude neither one of us are going to change our beliefs. This boys mother is the vine that is strangling the branch. He's being allowed to act out his fantasies at the expense of innocent and defenseless victims. Hopefully, this mother will be arrested for her allowing this behavior and disregarding his predatory nature because he is a minor (17?) and the state puts this boy in a state institution where he will get the discipline and guidance to rethink his actions and finds a much needed code of conduct to make better decisions in life.

  • Lynn Young

    11/04/2021 12:47 PM

    I live in Washington State which has had "mail only" voting for the last decade. It was sold to us as increasing turnout due to it's "ease", the return envelopes don't even need a stamp. Our turnout Tuesday was a nail in that coffin of mail only voting. The second largest county, Pierce, had a turnout of approx 17%, while our largest country-King, with the Socialist City of Seattle, had a turnout of approx. 22%. If Democrats want to tell you that mail only voting is to INCREASE participation, we have the receipts that it does NOT. And it's for fraud, entirely.

  • Anne Turner

    11/04/2021 12:29 PM

    Poor Cher. She was never beautiful but she did have an interesting face. Now it’s just odd. Let’s give her credit for having had a great voice and being a good actress but why is she featured for her political, ignorant screeds. Why do people even listen to Hollywood stars about anything except acting or singing? Why do people think Trump is a Nazi? He never did anything to put down Jews, or Gypsies. Gays were in no danger in any way. Does he hate his own daughter, a principle advisor, his grandchildren or their father, also a principle advisor? Where is the evidence?

    Read where considering have women register for draft. You can’t have it both ways. Either women are equal or they are not. I would make the following exceptions, pregnant women and women with children under five. Women who have no one to care for their children of deployed or government has well run residential private schools for same, in addition, for practical reason women should have the choice to do non combatant jobs. That is just practical. There are so many jobs women could do that do not involve hand to hand combat. Training should not be dumbed down for women.

    What a day was Tuesday. I am beginning to have a little more respect for people. Now GOP, you have to deliver. I’m glad you were correct.

  • Thomas Eckel

    11/04/2021 11:16 AM

    If there is no post mark on a mail in ballot, then it is not a 'mail in ballot'.

  • Frances Hynes

    11/04/2021 11:03 AM

    Instead of calling him President Biden he should be called President Burden since that describes him much better.


    11/04/2021 10:51 AM

    Thanks for the down to earth economics lesson, the whole write up is SO TRUE. Then to follow up with Build Back Better which is a lesson in real BAD economics! Great newsletter!

  • Rebecca Andrews

    11/04/2021 10:00 AM

    Have not fear! Nancy and Maxine will NEVER resign!

  • Neal Adam

    11/04/2021 09:56 AM

    I realize I'm beginning to sound whacked out, but I’m wondering if Biden is more mentally sound than he seems, but is being doped by his handlers/doctor so he can be more easily controlled? I think that could also cause some of what he is doing/what we are seeing. If that were true, and could be investigated, it might be a way to get at the ones controlling him/abusing him; i.e., abuse of the elderly. After all the stuff that dems have done, it’s easy to believe just about anything…

  • Doug Arndt

    11/04/2021 09:36 AM

    Now that McAuliffe has won in Virginia, I hope you'll encourage him as a first item of business to do a full forensic audit of this election. Why? To root out the fraud and cure the election process. Just because he won doesn't mean the election was "clean". Who better to push an audit than the winner ? Cleaning up all fraud will encourage other states to get going.