June 27, 2018

Here’s a round-up of Tuesday’s primary election results.  Short version: on the Republican side, it was a good night for President Trump; on the Democratic side, it was a bad night for sanity.


In GOP races, several Trump-backed candidates defeated strong challengers, including Rep. Dan Donovan in New York’s 11th Congressional district and South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster.  As expected, Mitt Romney easily won the Utah GOP Senate primary, which means he’s a virtual lock to be elected.


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The real news was made on the Democratic side.  It’s been said that all the Democrats had to do to win in November was not act crazy, and they’re failing even at that.  First, the good news for the Dems: incumbent Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin easily defeated transgender traitor Chelsea Manning, who called for defunding and dismantling our police and military, plus six other challengers of varying degrees of wackiness. 


But in the Maryland Governor’s race, incumbent Gov. Larry Hogan (who ran unopposed in the GOP primary and was declared the winner one minute after the polls closed) will face former NAACP president and Bernie Sanders campaign veteran Ben Jealous, who is calling for "full funding" for education, single-payer health care, taxing "the rich" to make all public colleges "free" for Maryland residents and legalizing marijuana, which I’m sure is very popular with his supporters. 


But the biggest bombshell of all on the left, the upset that’s being compared to Eric Cantor’s loss on the right, came in New York, where 10-term incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley lost to 28-year-old Democratic Socialist Alexandria Acesio-Cortez.  Crowley was the fourth most powerful House Democrat and was considering a challenge to Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  But he got complacent and barely bothered to campaign against his challenger from the far-far-left. 


Acesio-Cortez ran on all the usual “progressive,” government-as-helicopter-parent ideas for making America into Venezuela: Medicare for everybody, guaranteed federal jobs, abolishing immigration law enforcement and more. The district is diverse and heavily immigrant, and the recent detention issue helped stir up fears among voters there (which I assume was part of the plan all along).  I wonder if the media that helped promote that issue, often hysterically and misleadingly, ever imagined that it wouldn’t hurt Trump in the polls, but it would sink one of the most powerful Democrats in the House?  Once again, Trump’s critics hurled a boomerang at him and ended up conking themselves on the head.


The outcome in November will either be that Republicans will pick up a seat (if there are enough general election voters to swing the district toward sanity) or more likely, there will be another far-left socialist in Congress and in the public eye, to remind rational Democrats of just how far to the left the party has veered, leaving them and rationality behind. 

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On a related note, it was recently announced that the spiritual grandpa of all these young socialists, Bernie Sanders, enjoyed an income in 2017 of over $1 million for the second year in a row.  Not a bad haul for a socialist public servant.  When the USSR fell, humorist A. Whitney Brown observed, “Whoever thought the fatal flaw of communism would be that there’s no money in it?”  Obviously, Bernie has found a way around that flaw.  Congratulations to him for being one of the handful of elites for whom socialism really pays.


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  • David Baird

    07/01/2018 09:25 AM

    As always, you are spot on. Your daughter is doing an amazing job and has the courage of a lioness. Keep up the good work . I enjoy your pieces and your truthfulness in your reporting. God bless you, sir.

  • Dean Barto

    06/27/2018 06:40 PM

    I was born and raised in Upstate NY, and the majority of our relatives and friends still live there (we live in AZ). I watch the media via the web back there to see what’s going on. I checked this morning to see what happened with the primaries, and the three media sites all had nothing but the results of the Democrats. I know that Republicans still live there, but look at how incredibly biased the media is.