June 6, 2017

 Today's Commentary:  Bette Midler Is Worthless -- It Happened Again -- Run, Hide, Tell


Even for liberal icons, virtue-signaling on social media can be a treacherous business, especially when you do it in the midst of a fast-breaking crisis. Bette Midler discovered that when she responded to Saturday’s ISIS-inspired deadly attacks in London by tweeting, “Men and religion are worthless.” While that sentiment might play with a very narrow subset of her fans (feminist atheists), it enraged and offended many others.

First of all, gender has nothing to do with terrorism. Women have been known to strap bombs to themselves and even to their children. Second, many brave men ran toward the attackers to stop them and help their victims, from the police and paramedics to the civilians who threw bottles and chairs to deter the murderers (sadly, unlike in America, there were no good guys with concealed carry permits nearby, since the UK government disarmed them all so that mass killings would be eradicated. That worked out well, didn’t it? The police rightly earned praise for responding in just eight minutes and shooting the killers dead, but that eight-minute wait for any good guys with guns to show up was still long enough for seven people to die and 48 to be injured, 21 of them critically.)

As for Bette’s slam on religion, her lack of specificity also drew criticism. What religion is she calling worthless? All of them? What did Christianity, Buddhism or Judaism have to do with this? Or is one specific religion (radical Islam) responsible for most recent terrorist attacks? (Here’s a hint: the killers in London were shouting, “This is for Allah” as they stabbed people to death.) That’s the great conundrum facing all virtue-signaling “progressives”: it’s considered politically-correct to slam religion in general, even if it unfairly tars billions of innocent people of faith; but horribly un-PC to name the twisted religious strain actually responsible. Bette must’ve been shocked at the negative reaction to her tweet, since she was just following one of the cardinal rules of modern liberalism: You can slander the innocent all you like, but there’s hell to pay if you apply any value judgments to the guilty.


Mike Huckabee


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It Happened Again

By Mike Huckabee

Once again, we find ourselves in the terrible position of having to offer prayers and condolences to the victims of yet another deadly ISIS-inspired attack on innocent civilians. It happened Saturday in London, where three men were shot dead by police after plowing a vehicle into pedestrians on London Bridge and going on a stabbing spree with long knives while reportedly shouting, “This is for Allah!” Coming shortly after the Manchester concert bombing, this is the third deadly radical Islamist terrorist attack in the UK in 80 days.

So far, all that leftist leaders have had to offer the increasingly bloodied, outraged and terrified public across Europe is mealy-mouthed platitudes and resigned acquiescence, saying that terrorist attacks are just something we have to learn to live with (and now you know why so many Europeans left Europe to move to America). Of course, they live in walled communities with 24/7 guards, so they don't have to suffer the dangerous consequencies of their own folly. But despite recent elections that show the spineless elite still have support for some inexplicable reason, the tide of anger against them is rising fast.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has been under fire for the government's weak-kneed, overly PC response to Islamic radicalism (can you imagine Margaret Thatcher putting up with this?) She’s facing a tough election, but unfortunately for British voters, there’s no candidate in the race who has a record of standing up to terrorism and the political correctness that protects it. It’s been reported that one of Saturday’s attackers, the son of Pakistani refugees, had been reported to the anti-terror police twice by former friends concerned about his radical Islamist views, and he was thrown out of his local mosque for clashing with the imam. Yet the authorities apparently did nothing.

Prime Minister May, sensing the end of public patience, declared, “There is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country.” (Note that she still can’t bring herself to say what they’re extreme about. Are they quilting fanatics?) She went on, “Enough is enough...We cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are.” She called for Britain to become “far more robust” in identifying and eradicating extremism. That’s encouraging, but Britons already identified this particular extremist, and the government did nothing until he started stabbing people. At least in this case, people tried to prevent disaster: in many instances, liberal governments urge citizens to speak up if they see anything suspicious, then shame them as Islamophobes if they do.

The larger problem all across Europe is that elected leaders who've been brainwashed by their liberal teachers into hating their own culture and blaming Western civilization for all the world’s ills. They have such blind faith in the religion of multi-culturalism that they would rather see their own people die than admit that certain radical religious and cultural beliefs are simply not compatible with modern, liberal society. They thought that if they threw open their borders, the masses that flowed in would be grateful to liberals and vote to keep them in power, and never considered that some might be coming in to conquer what they see as weak, sinful societies, not assimilate into them. Many of Europe’s current leaders are like people who fired the shepherds, threw away the shotgun and waved the wolves into their homes, and now they can’t figure out why their family members keep disappearing.


Run, Hide, Tell

By Mike Huckabee

A big “Huck’s Hero” salute to the people of London who, having been disarmed by their liberal government, fought back against the terrorist killers by throwing bottles, chairs and anything that came to hand at them to slow their murderous assault. By doing so, they were violating a police advice campaign on how to deal with a terrorist incident, which was summed up in three words: “Run. Hide. Tell.” (“Tell” means call the police.)

Has it really been only 42 years since the most British of all comedy teams, Monty Python, released the classic comedy “Holy Grail?” Back then, it was considered hilarious that King Arthur would command his knights to “Run away!” One cowardly knight even had his own theme song: “When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled…”

As recently as 1975, the thought of Britons running away from danger and hiding was a joke. Today, it’s official government policy.

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  • Bonnie J Smith

    06/06/2017 12:10 PM

    First of all I will be praying for the families. I will be praying the British? government will go back to conceal and carry they need to protect themselves. Under President Donald Trump I pray America will keep our rights. God I pray for your circle of protection around him, his family and administration. America's families, friends. The liberals look and sound like they are hypnotized and brain washed. Bette Midler, Kathy Griffith very weird, dangerous and deadly.

  • Glenn Richardson

    06/06/2017 09:59 AM

    First of all Governor your daughter is doing a wonderful job dealing with the White House Press Corps (I think it should be renamed the Politically Correct Press Corps). I was amused when one so called reporter asked her of the whereabouts of Sean Spicer. It almost seemed that he was looking forward to having Spicer back since your daughter didn't take any guff from the PC Press Corp and called them out for their "spinning". Even John Roberts of FOX News had to take it on the chin when she used him as an example of having to have a fellow PC member correct him as he misspoke.

    As for your news letter material, you are spot on. It is sad the PC Corps twist the story of the attacks in London to a narrative that President Trump is at fault because of his comments. How the PC Press Corp and others in the media can change the story to the point that our President is at fault because of his comments rather than the lack of skill and resolve by the British leadership(?) to beyond me.

    And finally, it is a damned shame the other individuals that sought the Republican nomination for President aren't willing to speak out as you do to support our President given that each of them made a pledge, as did President Trump, to support the individual selected by the party to represent them. Worse yet, it is embarrassing that former Presidents George Bush and George H.W. Bush don't support President Trump. This, in and of itself, is not the way our Republic has been governed in the past.

    Thank you for all you do and for your daughter to stand firm in your resolve to support President Trump.