November 3, 2021


Good morning! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.


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1. A GOOD DAY FOR REPUBLICANS: Tuesday was a good day for Republicans, America, parents and the Atlanta Braves. It was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day for Democrats, President Biden, arrogant educrats, pushers of racist Critical Race Theory, leftist celebrities, Major League Baseball virtue signalers, and the anchors of MSNBC, whose on-air meltdowns attracted so many gleeful conservative viewers that it probably gave them their first ratings boost since Trump left office. Jonah Goldberg tweeted that it was “pretty wild” seeing them try to claim that all these Virginia voters who voted for Biden by ten points a year ago are now “idiots, racists and/or dupes.” I look forward to the inevitable YouTube compilation videos.

At this writing, Terry McAuliffe has finally conceded to Republican Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia Governor’s race (guess Marc Elias won’t have to “find” a truckload of “mail-in ballots”) in a state that Biden won by 10 points last year. In an even bigger shocker that nobody saw coming, New Jersey Republican Jack Ciatarrelli is one-tenth of a point ahead of incumbent Democrat Gov. Phil “I’ll hit you with the vaccine mandates after I’m reelected” Murphy, whom the polls had leading by 11 points. Of course, that race could change as the count continues, or if someone pops open a car trunk, rolls a body aside and pulls out a few ballot boxes.

But while those races are still nailbiters, there was good news up and down ballots at all levels and across the nation. It’s such good news that political analyst Larry Sabato ruefully described it as a “blood bath” for Democrats.

For instance, Virginia will now have its first black female Lieutenant Governor in Marine veteran Winsome Sears (a Republican), who’s also the first black woman ever to be elected statewide in Virginia – although she says this isn’t about race, it’s about the American Dream. You have to read about her victory speech and see her photo at the link. I think you’ll fall in love.

The state will also have its first Hispanic Attorney General in Jason Miyares, who is Cuban-American and also a Republican. So if it’s true, as Democrats claimed, that the Republicans were running solely to promote racism, then they must be as bad at white supremacy as the Democrats are at everything else.

Ben Shapiro had the best tweet on that: “Condolences to VA on becoming radically racist again, according to the electing a black female lieutenant governor and a Cuban-American attorney general, rejecting racial essentialism in schools, and replacing a Dem governor who wore an actual KKK outfit.”

Republicans also retained Ohio’s 15th Congressional District seat, when Trump-endorsed Mike Carey defeated Biden-endorsed Allison Russo in a landslide. But the Democrats retained the heavily-blue 11th District seat, so this won’t change the balance in Congress.

In another shocker, the media retracted its victory calls for three entrenched Democrat Assembly members in New Jersey after deciding it was too close to call between them and their underfunded challengers: an EMT, a Realtor and a truck driver. And by “underfunded,” I mean truck driver Edward Durr may unseat the state Senate president with a campaign that cost him less than $200.

One of the lowest-level races produced one of the most satisfying results. In Braintree, Massachusetts, Matthew Lynch was forced to resign from his job as a school teacher after what he calls a “digital lynch mob” posted photos of him at the Capitol on January 6th and smeared him as a domestic terrorist. It even resulted in a visit from the FBI. Tuesday, the military veteran and former teacher was elected to the Braintree school board.

The anti-Biden/Democrat overreach/CRT groundswell is good news for all America because of the potential chilling effect it could put on the “progressives’” mad march to try to shove through “fundamentally transformative” legislation with a tiny House majority and a tie Senate. Even former Obama adviser David Axelrod admitted that seeing such a massive grassroots rejection of the leftist agenda, including in blue states, could be making Democrats who are up for reelection 2022 in swing districts rethink their votes on Biden’s big government spending bill.

Some of the victories in Tuesday’s elections weren’t wins for Republicans, since there are so few of them in certain places, but at least wins for sanity. For instance, in Minneapolis, 57% of voters rejected an Ilhan Omar-backed move to dismantle the police department and replace it with a vague “Public Safety Department” that would be under the control of the same mayor and city council responsible for the precipitous decline in public safety. George Soros’ laughably-named “Open Policy Center” (should be called “Open Borders and Jails Center”) pumped $650,000 into pushing that measure, and I can’t think of anyone whose money I’d rather see wasted.

All the votes have yet to be counted in Seattle, but more moderate, pro-business and pro-police candidates have what appear to be massive, insurmountable leads over far-left, “defund the police” candidates. They include Mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell, who at this writing has a 30-point lead over “progressive” council president Lorena Gonzalez. So cutting the police and allowing your city to be burned and looted, crime to skyrocket, and Antifa radicals to take over a large piece of the city while you describe that as a “summer of love” wasn’t popular with voters? Who could’ve predicted that?

And in Buffalo, New York, Democrat Mayor Byron Brown lost to AOC-backed socialist India Walton in the Democratic primary, but he refused to give in and waged a successful write-in campaign. With 97% of precincts reporting, 41% of the vote was for Walton while 59% were write-in votes. Brown declared victory, but the write-in votes still have to be checked to make sure they’re for him (Who else? Trump?) But of course, Walton is still refusing to concede. As a good socialist, she assumes his write-in votes belong to her.

By the way, have you noticed that when Republicans question an election, it’s an assault on democracy; but when Democrats refuse to accept an election result, they’re protecting the right of every voter to have a voice?

It’s good to see Democrats finally getting “woke” to how the far left has hijacked their primary process, and starting to fight back. These often Soros-backed candidates target safe blue districts and run stealth campaigns in primaries in which most voters assume the incumbent is a shoo-in, so they don’t bother to vote. This is how cities end up with DA’s who refuse to prosecute criminals, and it’s how we got AOC in Congress (even though he could’ve run and won, the incumbent refused to challenge her for “the good of the party,” but it doesn’t seem to have done his party or America much good, has it?)

I’m a Republican, but if we have to have some Democrats in office, let’s at least get back to electing reasonable ones, not America-hating, socialist nutjobs.



2.  KAMALA HARRIS WAS RIGHT: Democrats looking for a pony in Tuesday’s pile of horse manure can at least comfort themselves in knowing that at long last, Vice President Kamala Harris was right about something.

3. A HARD TRUTH FOR DEMOCRATS TO LEARN: Over the next few weeks, there will be lots of hand-wringing, jawboning and chin-pulling in media and political circles about what these election results “mean.” I’m sure the Democrats, in their unfailing determination never to learn anything from their losses, will blame bad messaging, disinformation, Fox News, Donald Trump, voter suppression and all the other usual straw men (sorry: “straw persons.”)

The real reason they lost will likely elude them, as it usually does. And that is their party’s beliefs simply don’t work. They sound great in faculty lounges, boring NPR shows and dorm rooms full of pot smoke, but whenever they’re put into effect, they always lead to misery, oppression, shortages, class warfare, racial division and other negative things. I’ve said this many time before: their biggest enemy isn’t Republicans, it’s reality. If they refuse to learn from their mistakes, then we’d all be better off if they’d just let responsible adults run things while they plug in their virtual reality headsets and immerse themselves in a fantasy world where socialism actually works.

After writing this, I saw that Joe Cunningham had a similar take on the Democrats’ willful obliviousness. It’s in this linked article, along with more info about various races nationwide.

America the Beautiful

This feature returns with images of America's cities, landscapes and people.

4. ENTHUSIASM GAP: If you’ve ever heard the term “enthusiasm gap,” here’s a perfect illustration of it. Terry McAuliffe may have won by huge margins in the reliable handful of deep blue Virginia cities, but still not by the margins he needed to overcome his rabid unpopularity elsewhere. And even among those who did vote for him, many of them probably had difficulty working the voting machines with one hand while holding their noses with the other.

5. MESSAGE FOR DEMOCRATS: HERE IS ONE REASON WHY: Psst! Hey, Democrats? You really want to know why things went the way they did for you on Tuesday? Then look at this. Stuff like this is why …

6.  CRT DENIAL: While one of the biggest issues driving this election was parental fury over schools forcing divisive and racist “Critical Race Theory” onto students, leftwing “journalists” continue to insist that it’s all just fake news, that no schools even teach CRT. In fact, they’re splitting more hairs than a bad home perm. Just because they don’t call it “Critical Race Theory” or quote the text verbatim doesn’t mean they aren’t taking ideas and objectives straight out of CRT and imposing them on students.

The media watchdog site Newsbusters looked into all the CRT denial and exposed it for the lie that it is.

7. AFGHANISTAN UPDATE: I know this is a day for celebration, not just for Republicans but for everyone who was starting to despair about the spiraling direction of America and whether anything could be done to stop it. But while I don’t want to spoil the party, I still think it’s important to remember every day that this Administration left an unknown number of Americans and countless Afghan allies behind in Afghanistan. As much as the media would love to ignore that story and hope it goes away, the people in Afghanistan who are hiding out in fear for their lives from the Taliban don’t get the luxury of taking even one day off from being terrorized, so the media shouldn’t get a day off from covering it.

On that note, here’s a story about more than 100 non-governmental groups who are demanding that the Biden White House take responsibility for its horribly botched withdrawal and help evacuate the thousands of Afghan US allies it abandoned.

And here's a story about conditions in Afghanistan that, if it doesn't break your heart, then you don't have one.

NOTE: Yesterday we used the incorrect lyrics for this hymn.  Our correction is below. 




Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim

till all the world adore his sacred name.

1. Come, Christians, follow where the Master trod,

our King victorious, Christ the Son of God.

2. Led on their way by this triumphant sign,

the hosts of God in conquering ranks combine.

3. Each newborn servant of the Crucified

bears on the brow the seal of him who died.

4. O Lord, once lifted on the glorious tree,

your death has brought us life eternally.

5. So shall our song of triumph ever be:

praise to the Crucified for victory!

By George William Kitchin

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  • Marcella Ballenger

    11/06/2021 03:29 PM

    I love the way you give the news- always with a sense of humor (although there isn't much humor to be found in what we are dealing with these days) However, I'm very puzzled as to where you get your bible verses. most are NOT King James VErsion why would you of all people want to change God's word? I have thrown alway so many books lately because they had like 5 translations they referred to in the books. Are you like the democrats looking for a translation that suits your lifestyle? I don't believe you are . However God said He is NOT the author of confusion but having so many translations leads to confusionbecause some of them take Christs name out and even His blood!! In revaltions it says he who adds to this book or takes away his name will taken out of the book of life. I hear that the guy that translated NIV says he wish he had never done so. (don't know if this is true or not) If you notice they all require permisson to use any of their verses except the KJV!! I am just wondering why you do this- sounds wishy washy and I know you aren't that kind of person!!

  • Carl T Smith

    11/04/2021 07:03 PM

    Let's Go BRANDON: Thank you, Robin Rebhan!

  • Carl "T"

    11/04/2021 06:57 PM

    When Republicans question elections, etc. I'm reminded of the Gun Debate! Guns Kill in one case and it's the Cops in the other!
    I'm not holding my breath about the mid-terms! The Left and that includes 90% of the media and Big Tech, academia, and now Corporate America. Is it just me OR have these people NO Concept of what they are endorsing?

  • George W Trever

    11/04/2021 10:17 AM

    A good day for some REPs. Still another bad day for Jan 6 Political Prisoners according to Tucker Carlson. Who will rescue them? More needs to be said daily about the DC "anti-Trump" persecutions.

  • Jerry Korba

    11/03/2021 08:10 PM

    When one has to endures the Brandon Administration one suffers without merit the cost of living. When one endures the Brandon Administration families mourn the loss of life without merit. Brandon Biden does not care about any cause and effect on America that he creates if anyone has taken notice Nothing is good. Brandon Biden is what rotting fruit is its not not going to get better Biden will get worse and then be disposed of that is his cycle now along with the rest of his collection of rotting fools.

  • Crouse Elizabeth

    11/03/2021 07:42 PM

    Great message and great day for Americans with Republican wins. Thank the Lord for answered prayers

  • Robin Rebhan

    11/03/2021 06:07 PM

    On climate change. Dear Democrats, I have a lot of shade trees. In order to accommodate solar panels for my home I would have to cut down 20-30 very large oak trees. Would I be helping prevent climate change or hindering climate change by cutting the trees down? Would I be eligible for Federal reimbursement for a chain saw?

  • Paul Kern

    11/03/2021 06:06 PM

    I and other vets are praying for and supporting groups like Free Burma Rangers and All Things possible who have people in Afghanistan rescuing those abandoned by the Marxist government.! All are committed believers and staffed by veterans.

  • Robin Rebhan

    11/03/2021 05:53 PM

    Remember Benghazi!
    Remember Afghanistan!
    Remember those who are still responsible!

  • Anne Turner

    11/03/2021 05:53 PM

    Funny thing, all my life .I have be taught that that peoples’ blood, organs, brains all looked alike except for skin color that could range anywhere between palest pale and blackest black. I thought we all bled red. I have not, in the past been uncomfortable with people of color. Now, I am so afraid of offending it affects relationships. We used to joke like, okay so today .I went for a perm and you went to get your hair straightened. We laughed. Not anymore. It is sad. I recently saw one of our little black girls hand in hand with a little white girl at church. They explained they are best friends. My son’s best friend in middle school was black. So, I ask you, what happened? We weren’t perfect, but we were improving all the time.