August 18, 2017

The left always accuses the right of wanting to “turn back the clock,” but for some reason, leftists are the ones who are trying to return America to the 1860s and rip the country asunder over issues that have long been interned in history books. Why? Do they think that if we refight the Civil War, the Democrats will win this time?

I’d like to be able to talk to one of these Antifa people to try to understand their thinking. But they seem to have serious problems with talking or listening to anyone who might disagree with them in any way. So I can only imagine how the conversation might go…

Me: I see a lot of posts online from the left about how all monuments to Confederate soldiers should come down because they were “traitors.” Why were they traitors?

A: Because they seceded from the Union and went to war against the US.

Me: But at the time, they didn’t think that was treasonous because they argued that the Declaration of Independence gave states the right to secede if they felt the government didn’t represent them. And they claimed they tried to leave peacefully, but Lincoln went to war against them.

A: We’re not big on historical context. By our modern standards, which are the only ones we recognize, they were traitors. So %#*@ ‘em!

Me: Okay, your profanity is so persuasive, I’ll accept your premise. But wait: aren’t you the same people who are pushing for California to secede from the union right now?

A: That’s totally different!

Me: …How?

A: Right now, America is led by an ape-like Republican President whose values are completely at odds with ours and who thinks federal laws are superior to state and local authority!

Me: Oh, so you’re now a fan of the 10th Amendment?

A: Yes, apparently. Also, the South was trying to preserve a system of cheap labor that exploited a whole race of people.

Me: What federal laws do you think you shouldn’t have to obey?

A: The immigration laws that would stop us from importing impoverished people from other countries to do our yardwork, housekeeping and crop-picking that we’d otherwise have to pay a free and independent American citizen more money to do.

Me: Thanks for clearing all this up for me. It’s obvious that today’s “Progressives” are nothing like the Democrats who ran the South during the Civil War.

A: Well, everyone knows that the parties magically switched positions in the ‘70s and the Republicans became the party of slavery and the Confederacy.

Me: Hmm. Sounds like we Republicans really need to do some self-reflecting…

Here’s a twist you probably never saw coming: someone actually did some historical research (a rare thing indeed these days) to find out what Robert E. Lee thought of Confederate monuments. Turns out, he was opposed to them: both monuments to himself and to the Confederacy in general. After the war, Lee worked to heal the divisions, and he believed that monuments would keep the sores open and hamper the South’s progress. He said he preferred “to commit to oblivion the feelings engendered."

So, hear that, Antifa anarchists? When you tear down Confederate memorials, you are in agreement with Robert E. Lee. According to you, what does that make you?


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