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March 2, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

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  • Wikipedia competitor
  • Texas Independence Day
  • Must-Read Article
  • The Left Eats Its Own
  • First Attempt
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Mike Huckabee



Wikipedia competitor

By Mike Huckabee

As if Wikipedia weren’t already something of an easy joke when you need a wisecrack about unreliable sources, lately, the online user-curated encyclopedia has joined Twitter, Facebook and other Internet giants in becoming rabidly partisan and insufferably leftist. Finding an objective sentence about a Republican figure such as Donald Trump is nearly as difficult as finding a real fact-checker.

That’s why one of Wikipedia’s founders, Larry Sanger, is fed up with his creation. Sanders told Fox News that “the days of Wikipedia’s robust commitment to neutrality are long gone…Wikipedia’s ideological and religious bias is real and troubling, particularly in a resource that continues to be treated by many as an unbiased reference work.” For example, he notes that the entries on communism and socialism run about 28,000 words, yet never find space to mention the manmade famines, slave labor, genocides and other atrocities that killed tens of millions of people. And there’s no critique of communism or socialism from a conservative or libertarian viewpoint.

To help end Wikipedia’s stranglehold on information (or “information”), Sanders announced that he’s working on a new project to compete with it. “Encyclosphere” will be a free, decentralized, leaderless network that ties all the world’s encyclopedias together, so nobody can control the information on it or restrict access to it.

This is a massive, longterm project (see details at the link) that won’t be available for a while, but it’s worth it. Like MeWe challenging Google, Gab and Parler challenging Twitter and DuckDuckGo taking on Google, the best response to the leftist takeover of the Internet is for conservatives to take our money and our data elsewhere.

Texas Independence Day

By Mike Huckabee

Today is March 2, Texas Independence Day. On this day in 1836, even as Santa Anna’s Army was laying siege to the Alamo, Texans convened at Washington-On-The-Brazos and defiantly declared their independence from Mexico, choosing David Burnet as provisional President and Sam Houston as commander-in-chief of all armed forces. Just six weeks later, shouting, “Remember the Alamo!,” Houston’s army surprised Santa Anna’s troops at San Jacinto, capturing him and forcing him to recognize Texas’ independence and withdraw.

These days, the Alamo is once again under siege, by historically revisionist “historians” who are trying to paint it as an “insignificant” battle or even a symbol of “white supremacy,” like every other great or heroic person or event in American history. They are small people lobbing spitballs at giants. Bryan Preston at PJ Media has that story and asks if “woke history” will cancel the Alamo.

While many Texans these days are not what they used to be (“Beto” O’Rourke actually got close to being elected Senator, in a land where Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, William B. Travis and James Bowie once strode), I have high hopes that enough of that Lone Star spirit still reigns that Texans will never allow the woke leftists to make them forget the Alamo and what it really stood for.

On a related subject, we’re starting to see a little of that rebellious spirit rise against the cancel culture tyrants, the same spirit that prompted Davy Crockett, after losing his Congressional race in Tennessee, to say, “You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas!”

The University of Texas was considering changing its revered school song, “The Eyes of Texas are Upon You,” after getting complaints that it’s racist. There’s nothing racist in the lyrics, but the title was inspired by a quote from Gen. Robert E. Lee and it was once performed at minstrel shows. On those tenuous grounds, some students were demanding that it be replaced.

Well, in Texas, you don’t diss the Alamo and you don’t ban “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You.” The eyes of a lot of wealthy college donors were upon the woke school administrators, and they’re getting a flood of angry letters letting them know that if they dare remove that song, the flow of money will be shut off faster than Joe Biden can shut off an oil pipeline.

As one former UT law alum and now retired judge put it bluntly, "UT needs rich donors who love ‘The Eyes of Texas’ more than they need one crop of irresponsible and uninformed students or faculty who won't do what they are paid to do."

Hallelujah! Let’s hope this rebellion against anti-historical “cancel culture” lights a fire under every rational American and inspires them to stand up to the radical left and say “No more!” the same way the Alamo inspired Texans on this day in 1836 to stand up to Santa Anna and kick him back to Mexico.

Must-Read Article

By Mike Huckabee

Will COVID-19 be pretty much gone before the Democrats’ can even pass their COVID-19 “relief” bill?

One reason they’re having so much trouble passing that bill is that by some estimates, only about 9% of it is directly tied to COVID-19. To make that point, Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gozer offered an amendment (rejected, naturally) to take all the non-COVID funds away from pork projects, foreign aid, blue state bailouts and Democrat interest groups and direct them to Americans who actually need help after being harmed by the lockdowns. It was enough to give everyone a relief check for $10,000.

And while it was reported that the bill passed the House on party lines, it should be mentioned that two Democrats, Reps. Jared Golden of Maine and Kurt Schrader of Oregon, opposed it. Golden called it nearly $2 trillion of poorly targeted, unnecessary, wasteful and unprecedented deficit spending that buries the urgent needs of struggling Americans.

It’s good to know there are still some Democrats around who can recognize those things as negatives.

The Left Eats Its Own

By Mike Huckabee

The website Twitch tried to celebrate the start of Women’s History Month by calling it by the PC term, “Womxn’s History Month” and calling for celebrating and supporting all “womxn.” The ensuing anger at celebrating women by using a word created as a sop to the transgender activists to include men who identify as women forced them to issue a groveling apology and start spelling “women” correctly, while insisting that will continue to work with the “LGBTQIA+” (it gets longer every day) community.

Ed Driscoll at Instapundit has the roundup of biological/political confusion…

…while as always, the Babylon Bee sums up the woke mess with the perfect headline:

“Women’s History Month Canceled for Implying There is Such a Thing as ‘Women.”

First Attempt

By Mike Huckabee

The Democrats’ first attempt to pass new gun control laws will likely be a bill called the “Enhanced Background Check Act of 2021.”

This would extend the time that a background check of a potential gun buyer from NICS (the National Instant Criminal Background Check System) can be “pending” from three to 30 days. That not only makes a mockery of the word “Instant,” it also means that a law-abiding citizen, like a woman who needs a weapon to protect herself from a threatening ex-boyfriend, might sit around waiting for up to a month, with the burden of proving her innocence put on her.

There are more details of this bill and other ideas to undermine the Second Amendment at the link. Also worth noting: sponsors of this bill claim we need enhanced background checks because of previous failures of the current background check system to identify dangerous people. So the system is a proven failure…and that’s why we need more of it? That’s no surprise. If you look closely at just about all the new gun control proposals, you’ll find that most amount to doubling down on laws that punish and inconvenience law-abiding gun owners, but that failed to stop actual criminals from getting guns.

A Reader Writes Back...

I just wanted to note that, apart from your spot-on articles and Bible verses, I really love your new "America the Beautiful" feature at the end of your newsletter. Makes me want to take a road trip (even in the middle of the winter)!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, visit its website here.

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