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November 23, 2019 |

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Back when President Trump said there were fine people on both sides of the debate about removing Confederate monuments (and that’s what he was talking about, NOT white supremacist groups, no matter how many times his critics lie about it), he argued that if we start removing statues of Robert E. Lee, the history cleansers would next go after Washington, Jefferson and every other great American who didn’t live up to current leftist PC standards.  As always, he was roundly mocked and scorned.

And he was right.  Not only have the history censors targeted Jefferson, they’ve made Trump’s prophecy literally true at Washington and Lee University.  Some students and alumni of the law school are demanding that students be given the option of removing the portraits of Robert E. Lee and George Washington from their diplomas because both are potentially “controversial or offensive,” and their likenesses on diplomas may somehow detract from efforts to create an “inclusive and compassionate environment.”

Heaven forbid that they should have to suffer an uncomfortable environment by having a diploma with the man who suffered through winter at Valley Forge to give them this great nation and all the rights and freedoms they don’t appreciate.  Frankly, I can’t imagine that Washington and Lee would be all that happy about being on those students’ diplomas, either. 

But it seems to me that there is a much simpler solution for anyone who doesn’t want Washington and Lee on their diploma:

Don’t go to Washington and Lee University!  Problem solved!

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Weekend Video Quiz!

By Mike Huckabee

Which was the most embarrassing fail caught on video this week?

1.  The new Tesla’s “bulletproof” windows:

2.  Chris Cuomo accidentally proving Trump correct about eavesdropping on phones.

3.  All of these people:



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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

A copy of “The Art of the Deal” that Donald Trump autographed in 1987 by writing “Donald Trump, Future President” sold at auction for $1500, more than books signed by Harry Truman and FDR.

You can see the autograph at the link, but you’ll have to take their word for it that it reads “Future President.” His handwriting is so illegible, it looks more like “Autine Plmt,” which suggests that Trump was not a future President but a future doctor.



A Democratic New York State Assemblywoman from Brooklyn who replaced a politician busted for stealing money meant for Hurricane Sandy victims is herself now under scrutiny for trying to score $100,000 in state funding for a think tank that doesn’t exist.

A good rule of thumb is to always be suspicious whenever Democratic politicians claim they need a lot of tax money to spend on encouraging more thinking. That’s usually not in their best interests.  

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

- Ephesians 5:15-16

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Comments 1-16 of 16

  • Jerry Korba

    11/25/2019 02:33 PM

    As much as this Impeachment is just a farce Pelosi still is stuck with half witted guys like Schiff and the younger half witted Swallwel all thats missing are Maxie the wild hag Watters or gee I missed that pompous lame brain Blumenthal from Nam what a disater all the GOP really needs is more air time let these loons keep talking the old saying if your in a hole and can't get out stop digging I like it these morons are still digging more air time for these people please the only one watching are well hardly no one given more time even the fools will finally figure it out this all a hoax and wasting our tax money and it will be wait 4 more years we'll get em next time. RIP MORONS!!

  • Doug Heilmanheilman

    11/25/2019 01:32 PM

    Concerning Washington and Lee college, Washington college was about to go under when the leadership realized they had one hope of bringing it around and that was to call on a man respected by both the north and the South, Robert E. LEE. General Lee was asked to lead the Army of the north, but loyalty to the state ment more than national loyalty. Whichever the path Virgina took would be his path, but even then General Lee struggled through the night as to the direction God would lead him. After all, the beloved home of his wife's family, Arlington, was just across the river and the chance of returning to it would be doubtfull, but Lee was a career soldier and of Virginia blood, which left him no doubt as to his final decision. He lost no respect from anyone concerning that decision because people at that understood.

  • Jerry

    11/25/2019 09:45 AM

    I live in the upper midwest I got the memo 3 years ago Donald J Trump won the Presidency. Why haven't these people in the government , the Military, that work for our President understand he is the Boss. Usually when employees go against the rules and general orders of the boss they are looking to be fired the reasons are many maybe they won the Lottery or Family left behind large amount of money or they received a large kick back from the opposition of the Boss. Ambassadors and the heads of Military serve at the pleasure of the President. Do your job cost overruns, behind schedule are expensive we now have a President that cares about the taxpayer look at the waste being done by the Congress today and for the last 3 years it is shameful and a disgrace the Judge K hearing shameful and disgraceful the list is long the Head of the Navy lazy and careless probably corrupt he was lucky to have last as long as he did. Don't blame the President for this guy's lack of pride and dignity he was given a chance and failed he fired himself. Heads up you are being paid for by the taxpayer their is a new Accountant and Production man in Charge get the memo or get yourself fired do the taxpayer a favor. We are STRESSED!!!!!! We need tax relief fire 10 non- essential Government officials a day Drain the Swamp.

  • Cliff Newman

    11/25/2019 09:40 AM

    Great Bible verse Mike but... I don't have any feet to walk with.

  • Chester Kokel

    11/25/2019 01:47 AM

    Good morning Mike Huckabee

    It is my opinion that the impeachment proceedings and such are facades to much greater
    underlying issues at hand. We need to cut to the chase and consider the big picture.
    There are many appearances of the enemy at present.
    let's consider the climate change issue as it relates to fracking, fossil fuels, and methane gas. The cutthroat competition, cheap gas prices at the pump. And the major oil producers providing gas
    at the pump for a loss, ie Exxon, Shell as best as I can tell this must ne a new breed of oil production companies at work. Our exports are looking good. But consider the price. I have much doubt that the actual landholders benefit from the fracking process. That is based on my
    knowledge as I grew up in West Texas and human desire for profitability after government deregulation. Fracking entails drilling downward, then sideways, releasing methane gas in the process. The methane gas release in this process is said to be the new major cause of climate change. it is the way of kings to search out a matter. Consider how King Solomon did things.
    1 Kings 3:16-28. God's way is to cover over the matter. In a big way such as floods, hurricanes, etc. God becomes angry and stirs up the waters as an example. And the crossing of the Red Sea.
    This in only one matter of injustice at present. There are so many issues. Matthew 13:24-33 shows a blueprint for correction. I do not think this is in the tribulation. Or in the 1000 years afterward. This is the solution The Lord has shown me. I hope for and look forward to sharing the Gospel message at such an event.
    Kind regards, blessings, and peace,

  • joseph orsini PhD

    11/24/2019 06:13 PM

    QPQ requires the requested item be "something of value". An investigation by Ukraine into the Bidens is ONLY VALUABLE if it turns out that Biden was "dirty". If he was innocent then the investigation would be DETRIMENTAL to Trump.

  • Troy shaw

    11/24/2019 04:50 PM

    Use language in your scripture verse that is current - King James, etc. makes it less relevant.

  • Linda Wolfe

    11/24/2019 04:41 PM

    The Democrats are the original "white supremacist" . The wanted to keep slavery, created the KKK, started planned parenthood because of the "weeds" , stood in the door of a school in Alabama to keep black students out & they had a senator named Robert Byrd who had been the "grand wizard" of the kKK. How about if they want to remove monuments they start with Robert Byred's tombstone ? They also turned fire hoses on peaceful demonstrations led by Martin Luther King.

  • Toni DeFronzo

    11/24/2019 03:23 PM

    We so appreciate your newsletter, because we NEVER have to wonder if it is the truth. Thank you for taking the time to be so well informed and passing on honest information. I do not have what it takes to listen to what is mostly garbage in MSM.

  • Firewagon

    11/24/2019 02:37 PM

    "Heaven forbid that they should have to suffer an uncomfortable environment...."

    These protestors today have little concept for what "an uncomfortable environment" might be. America's next generation of leaders are ill-educated and ill-equipped for any endeavor more complicated than 'toilet overflow watch!' Their narcissism blinds them to how inadequately prepared they are.

    Unrevised American history or world history is not being taught at any level of education. These protesters should be required to review just one battle of WWI.

    The Battle of the Somme, which took place from July to November 1916, began as an Allied offensive against German forces on the Western Front and turned into one of the most bitter and costly battles of World War I. There were 25,000 dead in the 'first hour!' More than 3 million combatants on both sides took part, with more than 1 million killed or wounded by the battle's end.

  • James Mills

    11/24/2019 02:27 PM

    I suppose sooner or later they'll want to remove Lincoln from history because he supposedly had something to do with slavery in the USA. Then they'll want to delete Grant because he was a soldier in the civil war era. Then Eisenhower would follow because of all the people who died in WW2. Then they'd like to strip both Bush presidents out of our history just because they don't like 'em. Anyone who ever said anything that MIGHT be racist will be next, then anyone who the powers that be determine to be non-PC... eventually the history books may be full of totally blank pages. And then someone will suggest history should not be taught... until someone decides to use it as a propaganda tool... like teaching the Darwin theory as proven fact and not a theory at all. Oh, wait... they're already doing that. Have been for decades. Huh?
    RIP Honesty, Truth and Justice.
    I wish Jesus would come and get us all SOON.

  • Jerry Korba

    11/24/2019 11:51 AM

    People on the Left look for the worse side of almost every issue today and the media sounds off on it. Almost never do they look at both sides of an issue, your example of the supremacist is one of the ways the left looks at almost everything. I have to use the word almost the left might want to be truthful at some point. The media dislikes the President very much I stay away from it as much as i can now, Fox News has to many weenies for me to view I select a couple time slots thats about it. Most of them dislike Trump and their reporting hints at it most of the time. One issue; about Russia Ukraine China The 3 countries really dislikes us we do business with and yet China sends Fetanal the dangerous drug, products come over laced with material that is harmful, Russia is at war with us in the cyber field and Ukraine with American approval brings us corruption and my President is trying to stop it and what does the Left and the media do it tries to Impeach him, Our border allows who, what, to come into the Country and major cities give them a hideout the who kills rapes and sells fetnal and some bring cheap labor to our factories construction sites and lawn service the Left with a lot of money do not wish to spend money on labor costs or protect , they prefer to buy products that are sub standard and harmful, dispute this if want, pull your heads out of the sand people look at it closely the media won't, you will have to find it yourself take a half hour each day find the real answers. Continued Freedom is the product.

  • Sam Vanderburg

    11/24/2019 11:48 AM

    Personally, I would be honored to have their picture on my diploma. That is really a neat thing!. But, if one does not want to be associated with Washington or Lee, why on earth would one go to school there? Graduation is a little late to decide that!

  • Dolores

    11/24/2019 10:55 AM

    Kudos, Mike! ?????????? You get 5 laughing emojis for this winning newsletter. I can’t pick the funniest blurb, so we have to be all-inclusive and award them all. After the week we survived, this offered some much needed laughter. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  • Amelia Little

    11/24/2019 10:41 AM

    On the college--you ended the article with what I thought about 2 lines in---so CHOOSE A DIFFERENT COLLEGE!! It's mind-boggling that, instead of actually paying attention to courses, attend classes, work on the degree!!! YOU chose the college, and it's name was right there when you chose. I don't know about this university, but it seems there are more and more "prestigious," EXPENSIVE colleges where the professors also spend more time on left wing activism than teaching course content. And, who knows--did some students pick this college with the idea in mind they would "correct" or obliterate history--change the name, etc etc etc?

  • Vernon Thompson

    11/24/2019 09:58 AM

    With Speaker Pelosi and Adam (Captain Kangaroo) Schiff in charge of Congress, Saul Alinski (Patron Saint of the Democrat Party) should be applauding from the grave!