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August 24, 2021

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Topics include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Psalm 19:1
  • Are Biden's Divisive Mask Mandates Coming?
  • Absolute Chaos In Portland
  • A New Governor In New York
  • Sinema Stands Against Democrats' Massive Spending Bill
  • A Small, Positive Story
  • China cozies up to the Taliban, Iran, Russia


Mike Huckabee


19 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Psalm 19:1

Are Biden's Divisive Mask Mandates Coming?

By Mike Huckabee

Monday, the FDA gave approval to the Pfizer COVID vaccine, and President Biden immediately called on employers to start mandating that their employees take it.

While many Americans are still hesitant to take the vaccine, the FDA action will make it harder to mount legal challenges based on the claim that it’s still unapproved – not that the legal challenges have been very successful so far anyway. Still, this is an end run around red state Governors who say they’ll oppose any attempts by Biden to illegally impose vaccine mandates: instead of imposing them himself, he’s leaning on employers to impose them or people will lose their jobs. But this could lead to a whole new wave of lawsuits from a different angle: wrongful termination.

As with almost every issue Biden touches, it’s as if he asked himself, “What’s the most divisive way I can go about this?” and then does that.

Absolute Chaos In Portland

By Mike Huckabee

If you’ve seen any video this week from the streets of Portland, Oregon, you could be forgiven for mistaking it for footage from Kabul. It’s a fascinating example of how far-left rule always ends the same way: in absolute chaos. In Portland, far left and far right groups are clashing in the streets with rising levels of violence. It started with property destruction and shooting paintballs, air guns, fireworks and chemical spray at each other, which escalated to baseball bats and on Sunday, gunfire.

And where are the police during all this? Standing by and doing nothing, as ordered. They’ve been told to take a “hands-off” approach and observe the violence from a distance, only intervening when it got so out of control that actual shots were fired. This, “despite calls by officials and police to remain peaceful.”

Meanwhile, far-left Mayor Ted Wheeler insists this was the right strategy and is a success: “This time, violence was contained to the groups of people who chose to engage in violence toward each other. The community at large was not harmed and the broader public was protected. Property damage was minimal.” He said a larger police presence might have enticed Antifa into attacking police or damaging more property. (Hint: that would have been your cue to arrest them.)

So, just to recap: a weak leftist leader tried to stop violent radicals from doing what they do by begging them to be peaceful. He failed to use the force available to him to keep order for fear that the radicals might not like that. And now they’re trying to convince us that despite the evidence of our lying eyes, there’s no out-of-control violence or citizens feeling threatened. No, this strategy has been a whopping success.

If anyone can tell me any difference between how Wheeler is handling Portland and how Biden is handling Afghanistan, aside from the scale of the carnage, I’d love to hear it.

A New Governor In New York

By Mike Huckabee

As of this morning, Andrew Cuomo is no longer Governor of New York, and that sound you just heard was millions of New Yorkers heaving a simultaneous sigh of relief. Cuomo being Cuomo, he couldn’t even leave without controversy, involving both his dog and his commutations of sentences for several convicted murderers.

But I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn’t trying to abandon his dog. As radioactive as he is in the Democratic Party, if he wants any friends at this point, he’s going to need his dog.

Lieutenant Gov. Kathy Hochul is being sworn in today as New York’s first female Governor. As someone who also became Governor during a turbulent and divisive time, due to the resignation of a corrupt Governor, I know the challenges she’ll face and sympathize. While our politics are obviously not in alignment, I wish her well in repairing the damage and restoring confidence in the state government. I hope she will consider how both bad policies and arrogance brought Cuomo down, and that she will work across the aisle, listen to the people and hear their grievances, and try to unite rather than divide or dictate.

If I could offer her a piece of friendly advice, it would be to read this article from the Federalist:

It’s about how new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks New York as the fourth-worst state in unemployment. But beyond that, there’s a wider message. Note that the bottom nine states for employment all have Democrats in control of both the legislative and executive branches, while nine of the top ten states are run solidly by Republicans.

One of the first issues Gov. Hochul will have to deal with is the expanded federal unemployment benefits ending on September 6th. Many red states cut them off early because they were preventing people from taking jobs by paying them more to stay unemployed than to work. When they end, many New Yorkers will need to get back to work. That might be difficult if businesses are still being locked down, or ordered to turn away half their customers for not being vaccinated. Some harsh economic reality is barreling toward New York like a subway train. It’s best to start working to get off the tracks now.

Sinema Stands Against Democrats' Massive Spending Bill

By Mike Huckabee

Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema announced Monday that she will not support the Democrats’ massive, transformative, $3.5 trillion spending bill, possibly killing their hopes for forcing it through with just 51 votes as a budget reconciliation bill (which is a total perversion of that process, by the way.)

Sinema supported the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill, but her spokesperson said she won’t support a budget reconciliation bill that costs $3.5 trillion. Incidentally, supporters of that bill have now started calling it a “human infrastructure” bill, which is obviously a focus group-tested euphemism for “bill that has nothing to do with actual infrastructure, but people like spending money on ‘infrastructure’ so we’ll call anything that.”

Interestingly enough, while Democrats are telling us we need to pass these bills to spend trillions we don’t have in order to stimulate the economy, the stock market, which had been falling for days, turned positive as news came that Biden’s spending bills may be bogged down in Congress.

And if you’re wondering why businesses would be relieved to see that bill die, here’s why:

A Small, Positive Story

By Mike Huckabee

I hate bringing you so much terrible news (and I wish the Biden Administration would stop making so much of it.) But here’s a small, positive story that I think will warm your heart. It’s about a World War II veteran who finally tracked down three Italian children whom he saved from the Nazis. They posed for a photo together in 1944 that he’s treasured for decades. And now, they’ve all recreated that photo, even though the three Italian siblings are now octogenarians and the veteran is 97.

Read the whole story, check out the photos, and see why he says their mother was the real hero that day.

China cozies up to the Taliban, Iran, Russia

By Mike Huckabee

Investigative reporter Lara Logan made a good point about the fiasco in Afghanistan on last night’s Tucker Carlson show. She said that “this doesn’t just empower al-Qaeda, and the terrorists’ offensive. It empowers every enemy the United States has.”

That observation might apply most specifically to China, which, according to China analyst Gordon Chang, has ties with the Taliban that go back over 20 years, to before 9/11.

Did anyone think it was odd that the Chinese Embassy in Kabul stayed open as the Taliban took over Afghanistan? The Taliban and the CCP must have had some sort of “understanding.” In contrast, we know what happened to OUR embassy as the Taliban advanced and Biden retreated and, in effect, surrendered. Our State Department abandoned their embassy building, the Taliban sacked it, and they took all the files left behind that identified Afghans who had helped America. God help those Afghans who were our friends.

As Chang reports, on July 28, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with senior Taliban officials in the Chinese city of Tianjin. The next step is for China to officially recognize the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.”

This association between the Taliban and China is nothing new. I wonder if we’ll ever know what role, if any, China might have played in the attack on the Twin Towers 20 years ago. Apparently, Huawei, along with another telecommunications company, ZTE, worked on Kabul’s telecom system two years before that. Right after 9/11, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry said that China had no “formal relations” with the Taliban, that the only ties they had were on the “working level,” and that reports of China building telecom networks and dams for the Taliban were “unfounded rumors.”

Does anybody buy that? If recent events have brought about one thing, I hope it’s a total lack of patience with being LIED TO, over and over. Seriously, can we believe anything the CCP tells us about the virus? Can we believe anything the Taliban tell us about letting Americans into the airport? For that matter, can we believe anything our own administration tells us? Biden, Harris, Jen Psaki, the Joint Chumps of Staff? Tragically, no. As I said to Sean Hannity on his TV show last night, our administration is lying to us. Allies must assume they’re lying, too.

When Psaki, with a fleeting smile, can “call out” reporter Peter Doocy as “irresponsible” for suggesting that Americans are stranded outside the airport in Kabul, when we know that’s exactly what they are, then we can’t trust anything our leaders are telling us. When Biden assures us he’ll get all Americans out “who want to leave,” his implication that some Americans DON’T want to leave is such a huge whopper, it insults our intelligence. They all want to leave. I’m tired of being lied to.

Anyway, Chang says that ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING TIMES reported in the aftermath of 9/11 that Indian intelligence officials believed Huawei India (yes, there’s a Huawei India!) supplied communications surveillance equipment to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Huawei denied the charge, and a Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman called it “misleading.” Not untrue, it should be noted; misleading.

China has also been a main supplier of small arms to the Taliban and insurgents in Iraq, a vast array of weaponry and ammo, some of which were shipped by dirty arms merchants directly from China’s factories. Some weapons were routed through intermediaries in Iran and Pakistan, but central Chinese authorities had to know where they were headed, as there would have been government surveillance every step of the way. Chang singles out a “series” of U.S. Presidents, notably George W. Bush, for looking the other way.

So, why would our leaders just let this go on? Recall that at the time, the thinking was to bring China in to the international system, to “engage” China, to indulge China, to trade with China, to fund Chinese virology labs hard at work studying bat viruses. Well, I made that last part up, sort of.

It turned out we couldn’t trust China, and the optimism is gone when it comes to dealing with that totalitarian state. After what Chang calls “two decades of aggressive, malicious and provocative acts,” we can no longer overlook their dangerous conduct. It’s not just the Taliban who must be held accountable for their terrorist atrocities, but also their #1 sponsor: China.

I have to wonder what Chang, who wrote the book THE COMING COLLAPSE OF CHINA, is thinking of China’s position of power right now. Who, exactly, is collapsing? Our once-dependable power center, the Oval Office, is now a vacuum, a void, a cipher, a blank, a Black Hole in our universe that compares to nothing in our previous experience. So China is sitting in the catbird seat at the moment and will use this time as productively as possible.

China has also said it plans to coordinate with Iran and Russia on joint naval drills in the Persian Gulf, either late this year or early next year. The three countries pulled together for similar exercises in 2019. They plan to make it an annual event.

The Russian ambassador said that these drills are being done “to practice actions to ensure the safety of international shipping and the fight against sea pirates.” Okay……

Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi, met with the president of China, Xi Jinging, last week, reportedly to tell Xi that Iran was “ready to cooperate with China in establishing security, stability and peace in Afghanistan.” Ah, so this is who holds influence in the "new" Afghanistan as we depart. Raisi said, “We believe the departure of foreigners [NOTE: by “foreigners,” he means America], as well as past experiences in this country, has highlighted the need for the support and participation of all Afghans to ensure the security and development of Afghanistan more than ever.”

Raisi also spoke to Russian President Putin, saying much the same thing, that they should “make the U.S. withdrawal a turning point for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.” He’s also spoken with Japan’s foreign minister, who traveled to Iran for the meeting.

Incidentally, Iran’s nuclear program is chugging right along, with the U.N. confirming that they’ve produced uranium metal enriched to 20 percent for the first time and have upped their production of enriched uranium by 60 percent. Of course, Iran insists this is for its civilian nuclear program; they’re not interested at all in developing a bomb.

I wonder if even Jen Psaki could tell a lie that big. On second thought, sure she could.

China and its growing circle of friends need to know that Americans won’t stand for the current situation and will soon be tossing out our worthless “leaders.” We’d do it today, if we could. Time to admit the biggest national mistake in history. It’s obvious we need leaders like Trump, maybe Trump-to-the-tenth-power, to reassure our allies that we haven't lost our minds and impress upon our adversaries that there are consequences to stepping out of line with us.

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  • Wendy Storm

    08/26/2021 08:03 PM

    I sit in horror reading about the TOTAL collapse of this country. The TOTAL destruction will take decades to repair if & only if we vote representatives into government who are committed to the oaths of their jobs instead of personal greed. In my opinion there are only a handful of politicians who actually fit that description & (in my opinion) that doesn't come close to what will be needed. I have zero faith that the elections of 2022 will fix anything except to put power back into the hands of the republicans many of whom are part of the problems in this country. I don't trust anyone anymore (except you Mr. Huckabee, Ron DeSantis, Rand Paul, Candace Owens & a handful of others). We are standing in front of a Tsunami believing we can ride out the power of the wave in a canoe! There is so little integrity left, morality almost nonexistent. I'm saddened to know that the last (hopefully) 30 years of my life will end witnessing the death of all that I held dear in this country, in the world. And I'm terrified of what my daughter & granddaughters will suffer due to the carnage, evil leadership & insanity that has been empowered by ignorant, uninformed voters. I don't believe even God can save us now. And God please please please be with all who are in Afghanistan now desperately trying to escape. The atrocities that are going to be & currently happening there now will be beyond our imagining. Biden has so much blood on his hands right now I don't believe there is a God anywhere that could forgive him.

  • Roxanne Wood

    08/25/2021 04:50 PM

    Fast forwarding to the 2024 election, I’m sure there are thousands upon thousands of voters like me who are extremely concerned that we have a fair election. It’s painfully obvious that the 2020 election was tampered with on many different fronts. I’m terrified that we’ll have the same result in 2024. What is the GOP doing to avoid voter fraud so we have the correct President in office?

  • Joseph Orsini

    08/25/2021 12:01 PM

    Magicians TRICKS: watch the shiny object [Afghanistan] while the other hand [$500 Trillion] is going through Congress with almost NO public input; this will be the END of the US as we have known it.


    08/25/2021 10:58 AM

    I'm sure most of your readers are aware that an ex-commissioner of the FDA now serves on the Pfizer BOD. Isn't it convenient that Pfizer get FDA approval, albeit mostly phony and proven illegal.

  • Jerry

    08/25/2021 09:48 AM

    When ever one hears the word Honor and the congress of the United States in the same sentence an Oxymoron has occurred one does not Exist with the other so tv outlets don’t embarrass your selves by implying the two together

  • Jerry

    08/25/2021 06:50 AM

    I suspect that Obama is leading biden around with a nose ring and rope obama wanted to CHAnGE America biden wants to transform America all are code words to bring Sharia Law to America Build Back Better is code to have the CCP influences divide the country and to bring the country to a financial downfall. Every policy obama and biden has not have America first as its results. So as biden disgraces and shamefully brings it to its knees I suspect obama is behind the scene writing the script for old biden to take the heat and the disgrace for all the Anti America action taken by the Oval Office Occupant obama never loved America and biden has no respect for America either. Up next harris as obama has her strings attached and will be making her do his dance in a few months. Ladies rights they are next can you say Sharia look at Afgan women your education helped get us biden that education may not be a choice for your girls educate yourself about Sharia Law biden shut down our pipeline and our energy industry now he is begging OPEC for oil energy do you think he cares about women harris will do the same how will you care for your children at the next ballot box if one will exist??????????????? SHARIA LAW how does it fit you?????????

  • Kent Camp

    08/25/2021 05:59 AM

    It's interesting that Firefox tells me your server is down, but Brave has no problems finding it.

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/25/2021 04:38 AM

    DIMS - Bad News Jacks!

    As Anne Murray sings..."Sure could use a little good news today."

    Many thanks in sharing the Veteran's reunion story. Very heartwarming good news today. Sniff! Sniff!

    Bible verse - The Good News shared every day! It doesn't get any better than the Scriptures.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    08/25/2021 01:21 AM

    Our Enemies. Here we are. Taliban, China, Russia, Iran all buddy up, maybe not best friends BUT the one thing they all have in common is Hate, intolerance intimidation bullying&violence against America, our Beacon of Light, our Freedoms, Rights& Liberties& our life, liberty&the pursuit of happiness. Oh, let’s not forget our love&support for Israel ????. If you believe in Christ, have a personal relationship with Him, NOW is the time to PRAY without ceasing for our One Nation Under God! God IS still in Control, He still sits on the Throne and He still answers Prayer!????????+????. YES HE DOES! Keep the Faith! 2Chronicles7:14

  • Joyce Kanlan

    08/25/2021 01:12 AM

    Democrats MASSIVE (adding to Obama,BIDENS UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT) Spending Bill! Forcing it, pushing it, without ANY regard to can we ACTUALLY afford it? NO,we can’t America! NO we can’t! For crying out loud America, stand up already, shout out STOP the freaking lunacy already! Demand We have some say in ANY spending like that! This is OUR TAX DOLLARS THEY ARE URINATING away! Democrats are NOT kings&queens, well, maybe Pelosi is w/ her expensive refrigerator filled w/ expensive ice cream ??. Open your mouth! Stand UP! Sound off, gather your friends family coworkers neighbors and acquaintances all across America,call, Write Email Visit Bombard your representative&DEMAND they STOP the democrats circus!!!