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June 28, 2023



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But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.

James 1:6


RIP Ryan

I hope you’ll join me in extending prayers and condolences to the family of former NFL and Arkansas Razorbacks quarterback Ryan Mallett, who died yesterday at 35 in a tragic drowning accident off the beach in Destin, Florida.

As you can see at that link, there were good reasons why he was called a football legend in Arkansas. Just last year, he became the head football coach at White Hall High School. What a terrible tragedy and what a loss for the generations of kids who could have learned so much from him.

CNN reporting takes another hit

Anything related to the persecution – sorry, “prosecution” – of former President Trump should be subject to the 24-hour rule (or 48 or 72-hour.) That means, don’t believe it until there’s been enough time for something new to come out and completely negate the last thing you heard.

For instance, yesterday, CNN had a “bombshell” report that they had obtained the audio tape that allegedly proved Trump was showing people a rejected plan to invade Iran and that he admitted he hadn’t declassified it. It looked bad for Trump’s case, but as I pointed out, it also looked bad for the Biden DOJ. They were already under suspicion of leaking anti-Trump tips to CNN, and if they’re trying to jail a former President for being careless with sensitive information, why was this important piece of state’s evidence now in CNN’s hands?

One of Trump’s attorneys had the same question. She said the DOJ is holding all this evidence close to its chest and not showing it to the defendants, so if only they had the tape, they had to have leaked it to CNN and “there better be some consequences.”

But wait! There’s more! In an even bigger surprise twist, CBS News reported that despite CNN’s claims that the tape was a central element of the case against Trump, the alleged Iran secret document isn’t even part of the records that make up the case against Trump. It might not even exist.

That would jibe with an earlier story we had that claimed the DOJ didn’t have that document, and with Trump’s claim that he wasn’t holding up a classified document but just a stack of news clippings and his comments were merely “bravado.” In other words, just a lot of bluster that's not meant to be taken seriously.

You know, like a news report about Trump on CNN.

America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

Bidenomics is not popular

I’ll warn you, don’t drink a beverage while reading this story. You might spit it all over your keyboard.

President Biden will be making a reelection speech today, touting how popular and successful his economic policies have been. (See, aren’t you glad you didn’t have a mouthful of coffee?) Yes, according to the White House, Bidenomics is “incredibly popular” with the American people. As for those basement level approval ratings on his handling of the economy, why, that’s just because Americans are only now starting to “feel the impact” of his agenda. Yikes, I hope not! After record-high gas prices, depressed real wages, the volatile stock market wiping out 401Ks, higher taxes, trillions more in deficit spending, more Americans living on savings and credit, and runaway inflation that’s turned a trip to the supermarket into a traumatic experience (two-and-a-half bucks for a can of Pringles?!), I shudder to think that “We ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

But Biden’s deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton insisted, “When you ask people what they think about investing in our roads, bridges and airports, what you - when you ask people what they think about educating and empowering workers, when you ask people about how they feel about reshoring, manufacturing jobs and investing in America, those things are incredibly popular." 

Those things are also not economic policies, they’re just spending money we don’t have (which adds to the national debt and increases inflation.) That’s always going to be popular with some people, but it’s not good policy.

Dalton’s jaw dropping claim garnered a lot of backlash and mockery, ranging from serious objections from experts (economist Tony Sanders asked, "Like 26 straight months of negative real weekly wage growth?" and Mitch Roschelle tweeted, "Government spending on infrastructure projects that haven’t happened are NOT popular and how exactly does this help the middle class when we already have a shortage of construction workers?") to the bluntly hilarious (Doug Powers of tweeted, "No, we’ve been feeling it for over two years, hence a presidential rating that falls somewhere between 3rd degree burns and genital warts on the approval chart.")

Dalton fell back on the most ridiculous assertion of the decade, replying to skeptics, "Well, what I would say to you is look at where we were when we came into office. After 4 years of Donald Trump unemployment was over 6%, and today we are standing here at a time where unemployment is at historic lows."

To be precise, after two years of Donald Trump, the economy was booming, gas was under $2 a gallon, we were energy independent, inflation was at 2%, unemployment was 3.5% (the lowest since 1969), real wages were rising for the first time in decades among all demographic groups, and jobs were moving back to the US, not because the government was subsidizing them with borrowed money but because the President had created a business-friendly economy. And then came the virus from that country we weren’t allowed to mention, and a lot of Democrats insisted that the economy be shut down until after the election – oops, I mean “the pandemic” – was behind us.

As I’ve said many times, allowing people to go back to work at businesses the government forcibly shut down is NOT “creating jobs.” And when many of those jobs were created in red states that defied Biden's policies, you can't credit Biden for them.

I used this analogy throughout the Obama years, and it applies even more to Biden: the American economy is so strong that it struggles but still survives even under the most boneheaded leftist policies, but that’s due to the strength of capitalism, not “progressivism.” It’s like hanging a concrete block around the neck of an Olympic swimmer, and if he miraculously is still able to tread water, you give credit to the concrete block.

Not an overreaction

LGBTQ activists are claiming that the outrage over chants of “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” at the New York City drag queen parade is just a rightwing overreaction, and that the chant was “taken out of context.” Parade organizer Brian Griffin (I assume not the dog from “Family Guy”) said, "It’s all just words. It’s all presented to fulfill their worst stereotypes of us."

I guess that would also explain why so many of these events include naked or nearly-naked men acting out sick sexual fetishes in full view of children: just to show how wrong the worst stereotypes are.

I tend to go by a more direct line of thought: “When someone tells you what they are, believe them.” NBC also quoted activists who claimed they’d chanted that “for years,” but there seems to be no evidence of that available.

Related MUST-READ: Thanks to Ed Driscoll at Instapundit for bringing my attention to this great essay by Michael Walsh on what leftists are doing to destroy America and how, when called on it, they deny what we see with our own eyes and accuse their critics of being crazy conspiracy mongers and rightwing fanatics.  And how, tragically, it is working all too well.

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Trump wins

I’ll bet when this idea first arose, it seemed like such a great “gotcha” story, only to have it turn on its writers and bite them.

Reuters did a study to show how many American politicians are descended from slave owners (I’m not sure what the point of that was; maybe tarring them with the sins of their ancestors or pushing the “America racist” narrative.) They found that 100 of the 536 members of the last Congress had at least one ancestor who owned slaves, including 25% of the Senate members.

Being Reuters, of course they focused on several Republicans despite the Democrats being just as likely to have had a slaveholder ancestor (maybe more so, considering the Republican Party was formed to end slavery.) They failed to mention Kamala Harris, ostensibly because her slave-owning ancestors were in Jamaica, which I’m sure made a lot of difference to their slaves.

But the real narrative crusher came when they discovered that every living President/ex-President was descended from slave owners but one. No, not Obama: two of his great-great-great grandfathers owned slaves. The only ex-president with no connection to slavery was Donald Trump whose family immigrated to America in 1885 after slavery was ended (by Republican President Abraham Lincoln.)

Charlie Hurt tweeted that this was “officially the dumbest story ever written,” but it did prove that Trump is the least racist politician in America. Another commenter suggested that Biden, Obama, Clinton and Elizabeth Warren should have to pay reparations.

I’m all for that, but not just for slavery. They should have to pay reparations to all of us for what their Administrations cost America. But as much as they’ve all cashed in on their “public service,” I doubt that even they could afford it.

Bizarre story

A bizarre story happened last week in Cranston, Rhode Island, that serves as a good metaphor for what the current Democratic Party has become. A man was walking back to his car at the Garden City Center parking lot when he heard scratching noises near his dad’s car, which had a “Biden sucks” bumper sticker. He discovered a 69-year-old man by his car with his keys in his hand and asked if he had keyed his car. He denied it and walked away.

The man reported the vandalism to police, who recognized the suspect as Democratic state Senator Joshua Miller. Fox News obtained a video of police asking Miller if he keyed the car. He denied it, blamed the car owner and accused him of being a rightwing extremist who’d recognized him and threatened him:

“He was blocking my way, saying I scratched his car. I didn’t scratch his car. I’m a state senator. I think he recognized me. I think he’s one of the gun nuts.” He’d claimed he’d reported being threatened by “gun nuts,” but police have no record of that.

After police viewed surveillance footage of Miller keying the car, they returned to his house. He finally admitted keying the car, but claimed that “the owner had been yelling at him and ‘dared him’ to do it.” Miller was charged with vandalism/malicious injury to property.

In summation, it’s the entire current Democrat playbook for every issue:

Launch an attack on a Republican. If the Republican protests, deny everything and accuse him of being a rightwing extremist. When the truth finally comes out, claim that you’re the real victim because the Republican left you no choice but to attack him.

I predict that when this guy gets to court, he’ll claim he was forced to key that car to “protect our democracy.”


Bud Light is still reeling

Bud Light is still reeling from the customer backlash over its association with “trans influencer” Dylan Mulvaney. How badly? Imagine a brewery offering rebates that effectively amount to giving away free beer for the Fourth of July just to get people to take it off their hands.

It’s so bad that the company has finally fired the two marketing executives responsible for the worst endorsement deal this side of hiring Hannibal Lecter to endorse head cheese.

Will all this work to lure back customers? Judging from the fact that they are currently under fire again for being an official sponsor of a Toronto Pride parade where men rode bicycles naked in front of children, I’m not too confident of that.

I don’t drink, but I thought the whole idea of Bud Light was that it was weak enough to prevent you from getting so drunk that you made horrible stupid decisions.

Life in Biden’s America

Want to stage a Gay Pride celebration in a national park? Go right ahead! Want to have a Fourth of July fireworks show at Mount Rushmore? DENIED! For the third year in a row!

Biden corruption: this second Hunter WhatsApp message says it all

The House Oversight Committee tweeted another of Hunter’s WhatsApp messages on Tuesday:

“BIDEN FAMILY COVER-UP --- In a WhatsApp exchange dated 8/3/2017, Hunter Biden tells CEFC associate Gongwen Dong, aka Kevin:  ‘The Biden’s are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this [partnership].’  CEFC is a CCP-linked Chinese Energy Company.”

 They followed it with this tweet:

“THE NEXT DAY:  One of Hunter’s shell companies, OWASCO PC, received $100,000 from CEFC.”

The tweet includes some highly redacted paperwork showing that, sure enough, the wire was sent August 4, 2017.

IRS Supervisory Agent-turned-whistleblower Gary Shapley shared the WhatsApp messages with Congress; a week ago, House Ways & Means released one from July 30, 2017, in which Hunter is apparently shaking down a different CEFC executive,  Henry Zhao, for his company’s “commitment” to his family, stressing that his father was sitting there in the room with him.  A few weeks after that, Hunter received a wire for $5 million from a Chinese firm, CEFC-affiliated Northern International.  This came to Hunter’s company Hudson West III, which according to THE GATEWAY PUNDIT “spent the next year transferring $4,790,375 directly to Hunter’s firm, Owasco.”

Who knows what else the committees have that they might release in dribs and drabs, James O’Keefe-style?

Zhao was a Communist Party official and a director of Harvest Fund Management, which had invested in Biden’s company, BHR Partners.  This private investment firm was founded in 2013 with partner Bank of China.

Bank of China is not some little neighborhood bank.  It’s the fourth largest Chinese bank in terms of assets (3.7 trillion in 2021), making it one of the four largest banks in the world, as those are all Chinese.  The entire Chinese banking system is tightly controlled by the CCP.

Aside:  Can you even IMAGINE if Donald Trump and/or his offspring had been involved at this level in Chinese business --- even if they DID have a product for sale other than their political influence?

So, was the elder Biden actually in the room when Hunter threatened Zhao?  The same Democrats who once portrayed Hunter as a savvy international businessman and super-genius would love for you now to believe he was a drugged-out ne’er-do-well who didn’t know what he was saying.  Maybe he was just making it up to give his threats the required heft.  Or, hey, maybe he was hallucinating --- yeah, that’s the ticket! --- that his father was sitting right there with him on the bed in the back guest room.  Along with an eight-foot-tall white rabbit.

But on Monday, New York Rep. Claudia Tenney, a member of the House Ways & Means Committee, told Maria Bartiromo on FOX BUSINESS NEWS that they have evidence Joe Biden was in the same room with Hunter when the message was sent.

We knew Hunter must have sent it from his father’s Wilmington home, because there are pictures from that day showing Hunter behind the wheel of dad’s prized Corvette, right outside the open garage where classified documents were kept.

Tenney said this: “All we need to prove is that Joe Biden was in the room and he’s part of this.  And we have other evidence showing that Joe Biden was in the room, from various witnesses who were involved in the Biden scheme.  Joe was there to show that Hunter had the connections…”

She said they have evidence that the “whole family” was there at the house that night.

Now that we’re getting a tentative idea of where Joe was, let’s take a look at where Hunter was --- all those times he visited the White House.  Apparently, the Obama administration left his name on visitor logs from those days.  But FOX NEWS is reporting that the Biden White House omitted Hunter’s name from the visitor logs, despite calling itself “the most transparent administration in American history.”

Between the start of Joe’s administration through February 2023 (the last month for which records are public), none of Hunter’s White House visits or extended stays were recorded for posterity.  FOX NEWS Digital had to piece together other records to determine when he had been at the White House.

They found that he had been there for the Easter egg roll, the Medal of Freedom ceremony, the France State Dinner on the South Lawn, the Christmas tree lighting, his daughter’s wedding, and other events.  Even his extended stays were not recorded on the logs.

During the Obama administration, while his dad was Vice President, Hunter was present for such events, and reportedly used them “for his personal financial gain.”  He and partner Eric Schwerin would coordinate with the White House to invite their business associates and potential partners in order to court them.  Hunter’s name was left ON the logs.  But if he has done that while his father was President, there’s no official record.

A spokesperson for the Biden administration pointed to their policy that “The White House will not release access records related to purely personal guests of the First and Second Families (visits that do not involve any official or political business).”  Credit where credit is due:  Obama had a more transparent policy than Biden does, Biden’s bragging notwithstanding.

The NEW YORK POST reports that Hunter seems to have been living at the White House pretty much full time since March of this year.  Logs for this time aren’t yet available.

Check out this video of Shapley in an interview with CBS NEWS, in which he says Hunter owed $2.2 million in taxes from 2014-2019.  (Recall that this was paid by his “sugar brother,” entertainment lawyer/producer Kevin Morris.  The most newsworthy part of this story is that it was on CBS NEWS.

THE NEW YORK TIMES independently confirmed Shapley’s allegation that David Weiss said he couldn’t bring charges in other states, but they quietly buried that information with one sentence in the 21st paragraph.

Hunter’s being deposed on Thursday by attorneys for computer repair technician John Paul Mac Isaac.  Margot Cleveland shares her thoughts on what they should ask him under oath.

Yesterday, we brought you the story of Chris Tigani, the Biden campaign donor who came forward with his own story after reading about Biden family corruption in reports by Miranda Devine and  By coincidence, has just released a three-part report, “459 Biden Crimes,” outlining all the crimes they see right there on the laptop.  (WARNING:  As it says on the first page of Part 1, “Adult Content Warning --- Not Safe for Work.”  I think all the sexual content is confined to Part 1.) 

Part 3 deals specifically with the family’s alleged business crimes, so that’s the one to read. Perhaps this will similarly inspire other whistleblowers fed up with the two-tier ‘justice’ system to come forward.


RELATED:  Whistleblower says FBI threatened to fire agents who criticized biased J6 investigation

In more whistleblower news, the DALLAS EXPRESS (an excellent online, non-profit local paper that puts THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS to shame) reports that according to an FBI whistleblower, Deputy Director Paul Abbate threatened to fire employees “who said the agency’s investigation into the events in the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, 2021, was notably different from its investigation into the Black Lives Matter protests that occurred throughout the nation following the killing of George Floyd.”  Never mind that it WAS different. Glaringly different.

He said Abbate issued this threat during a February 2021 videoconference with agents in charge of the Bureau’s 56 field offices.  Whoever questioned the FBI’s response to January 6 “did not belong in the FBI and should find a different job.”  Anyone who felt differently should call him, he said, and he would “personally set them straight.”  The whistleblower had “never seen a direct threat like that any other time,” calling it “chilling.”

He sent a sworn affidavit about this to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, the Senate Whistleblower Protection Caucus (the one headed by Chuck Grassley), and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.  It was accompanied by a letter from his attorney, Tristan Leavitt, who said that “multiple” former agents allege they were indeed fired for this reason.

The DALLAS EXPRESS is by subscription, but REDSTATE has picked up the same story, with excellent commentary...

As for January 6, we’ll have more on this story as it develops, but right now, watch the video of someone in all-black who looks suspiciously like a fed, breaking out a window in the Capitol building and encouraging a protester, identified as Bobby Powell, to “open up the rest of it” and go in.  Powell refuses “because that would be illegal.”  Powell shouts to other protesters, “Do not go in there!”  The man in black then shoves him and blames the broken window on him.  Powell, to keep the peace, quietly backs away.

The man in black, according to this video, still hasn’t been identified and is not on the FBI wanted list.

Here’s more about Powell and his attempts to learn what was really going on that day.



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    When unemployment payments run out for a person, even though you no longer get a check, your name is no longer on the roster for unemployment ! That's why the numbers are down !!!!!

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    Here is what I would like to know if maybe we are at the same place as Sodom and gormorrah when the 2 angles were at lots house and the crowd was calling to send the two angles out to let them have their way with them. When theses deranged guys are calling out we are coming for your children I see no difference I just hope and pray we will recognize when G I d sends his angles to get us

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