January 30, 2018

Tonight, President Trump gives his State of the Union Address. A lot of pundits are already analyzing it without even knowing what he’ll say. I’ll spare you that waste of time and just wait to talk about it tomorrow, after it’s actually happened.

Of course, that doesn’t stop some people from condemning all the horrifying, racist things they think Trump said in a speech he hasn’t even given yet.

In the meantime, in a now-traditional practice, President Trump will spotlight a number of guests in the audience. Democrats also hope to score political points by inviting certain guests. 

Just out of curiosity, how do people who are in the nation illegally manage to get inside the US Capitol during a speech by the President?

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Proving that no pretext for attacking President Trump is ever too flimsy, Twitter is filled with mockery over the fact that the first run of tickets to the State of the Union Address contained a typo that misspelled Union as “Uniom” (they were recalled and reprinted, which to me seems like a bigger scandal: why waste taxpayer money over a simple one-letter typo?)

Oh, by the way, before the members of Congress get too carried away mocking Trump over a typo, I should point out that proofing and printing the tickets is the responsibility of the House sergeant-at-arms. In short, the typo was actually made by "Comgress." Oops!

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