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April 10, 2021

Significantly, when Brian Sicknick’s body lay in honor in the Capitol Rotunda (a rare distinction for private citizens), it was actually in the form of cremated remains. An urn.

It was as ashes that Sicknick’s body was transported to Arlington Cemetery before being laid to rest there.

The same report on this from the WASHINGTON EXAMINER goes on to say that “the specifics of Sicknick’s death are still unclear and are being investigated by law enforcement.”

It’s interesting to go back to early February and read CNN’s account of how law enforcement was “struggling to build a federal murder case” but were frustrated in their search for evidence. The CNN story does not make it clear that Sicknick was cremated; they write about when “he” (as opposed to his ashes) will arrive at the Capitol for a ceremony. Perhaps they didn’t know at that time that “he” was in an urn.

This story links to another CNN report about the “body” of Officer Sicknick set to lie in honor. He was to be “buried” at Arlington Memorial Cemetery. It was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer who announced this. Again, no word about the fact that his body had been cremated. Again, either the reporters at CNN were not aware that he had been cremated, or else they were deliberately downplaying that fact by not mentioning it at all.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

For three months, there has been an open investigation into the cause of death for Brian Sicknick. No determination has been made, at least not one that has been announced publicly, and even his family has apparently not been told how he died. Investigators have been trying to make a case for murder. And the “murder victim” was cremated before a cause of death could be determined and placed on the death certificate.

Our understanding is that Sicknick’s parents’ consent would likely have had to be obtained before a cremation of his remains could be done. This would have had to be done in very early February at the latest. Perhaps they consented, but considering they’re still struggling to find out how he died, how likely is this? We're not espousing any conspiracy theory; we just want to know. So if anyone knows about the laws in Washington DC –- or Sicknick’s home state of New Jersey --- concerning this, please tell us.

In the meantime, we thought we’d add this bit of information just to help complete the picture.

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