April 27, 2020


Several states are gearing up to start letting businesses gradually reopen, and not a moment too soon. All around the nation, Americans are signaling that they have had enough, and while some political leaders want to continue the lockdown indefinitely, citizens are assessing the relative dangers of the disease compared to losing their businesses, jobs, salaries and homes, and judging the latter as worse than the former.

For instance, in Dallas, Texas, the owner of a hair salon defied the shutdown last week and reopened, while observing strict hygiene standards. She said if she'd waited any longer, she would have to fire her employees and declare bankruptcy. She's been ordered to “cease and desist,” but she’d had enough of ceasing and desisting, and she has plenty of support.

Meanwhile, the Dallas suburb of Colleyville declared that business owners couldn’t wait any longer and some could start reopening in defiance of state and county leaders.

And this is in Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott has been one of the most lenient, pro-business leaders. In states such as Michigan, where Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been channeling Mad King George and imposing inexplicable, rights-crushing edicts, many people are on the verge of rebellion.

I sympathize with the protesters, but if I may offer one bit of advice: Please remember that while the threat of the virus may turn out to have been wildly overstated, we still don’t know its full effects (stories are circulating of possible links to blood clotting and strokes in younger victims, among other unknowns.) And while far more people than we initially knew were apparently exposed to it and suffered little or no ill effects, for those who are vulnerable, it can be a terrible, even fatal disease (nearly 55,000 deaths in the US so far.)

If you are going to protest to reopen the government, please do so responsibly. Wear face masks, keep up social distancing, and don’t shake hands with strangers (I’ve seen video of protesters violating all these common sense rules.)

Even if you don’t believe the coronavirus is as bad as advertised, why take unnecessary chances? If not for your own safety and that of your family and community, you should follow the health guidelines at protests to prove that you are responsible citizens who can be trusted to go back to work without spreading the disease. Consider this: If you don’t, you’re giving PR ammunition to the people who want to keep America locked down forever.


Over the past month or so, a number of conservative and Libertarian commentators have bemoaned the way some politicians were so quick to use the coronavirus threat to try to impose their long-standing leftist political agendas (like the Green New Deal or vote-fraud-by-mail) and even worse, how Americans willingly gave up their rights for a little perceived safety. While I agree with the former, I take issue with the latter.

When the Internet meme took off that said, “How do you like your free 30-day trial of socialism?” some thought it was just a joke. But it’s actually a great way of expressing why, despite the fervent fever dreams of the AOCs of the world, Trump was right: America will NEVER be a socialist country. Americans were told we were facing an existential danger, and as always, we put differences aside, sacrificed and pitched in to help others and win the battle, with many Americans acting heroically.

But as soon as some politicians started trying to abuse their powers to crush people’s rights – whether it was something as small as banning the purchase of “non-essential” garden seeds or as unconstitutional as ticketing people for holding a drive-in church service – Americans immediately rose up and refused to take it.

Contrary to the despairing claims about how modern Americans are willing to give up our rights, we are merely willing to make a temporary sacrifice for the greater good. As soon as we sensed that some politicians were trying to abuse our trust and exploit this crisis to increase their power, Americans started showing that we can be just as ornery as we were back when we dumped all that tea in Boson Harbor – except instead of singing “Yankee Doodle,” we now sing “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

To all the “Democratic socialists” who foolishly thought that public compliance with the lockdown and acceptance of government relief signaled a permanent shift of Americans becoming docile, obedient sheep watched over by an all-powerful state, guess again. We now know that they'll put up with it for four weeks, or until you start acting like socialist dictators, whichever comes first. Now, they’re demanding to get back to work, making their own money, going to church and living their lives they way they see fit, not the way some meddling politician sees fit.

What this crisis has proved is that Americans are still Americans, and that if you even managed to impose your thousand-year socialist utopia, it would have a shelf life of about four weeks at most before the people rose up and threw it out. And that’s only if they thought the only alternative was a deadly disease. After four weeks, they’d rather have the disease.


There are all sorts of rumors flying about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un: that he’s in a vegetative state after surgery, that he’s died and it’s being hushed up, that his sister is being installed in his place, etc. But as of this writing, none of this has been confirmed. In fact, a high level South Korean official says their intelligence has detected no unusual developments in notoriously secretive North Korea.

Therefore, I will stick to one of the guiding principles of my newsletter, something that sets us apart from so many media outlets these days: I will refrain from commenting on this “news” until it actually happens.


If you haven’t yet received your coronavirus relief payment, the IRS has made improvements to its “Get My Payment” tool on its website, to help you track your payment and possibly get it faster. Details at this link.

And since many people who don’t have direct deposit are waiting on paper checks, here’s how to spot a fraudulent coronavirus stimulus check.


Former Joe Biden staffer Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation has taken on new force since a tape emerged of her late mother calling Larry King’s CNN show in 1993 for advice about it. If nothing else, it shows that it’s not a story Reade invented recently to harm Biden’s presidential bid. CNN denied a claim that the clip was removed from Google Play, saying it never appeared there

But while the story is boiling over online, mainstream media outlets, powerful Democrats and other former MeToo advocates continue to play deaf, dumb and blind, like Nancy Pelosi, who just endorsed Biden without even mentioning it…

Three female Democrats who are being touted as possible Biden running mates, and who appeared on the Sunday news talk shows where they didn’t mention it and were never even asked about it…

…And every last Democrat in the Senate!

Let me stress once again that this is a he said/she said allegation with no hard evidence, and that Biden deserves the same presumption of innocence that all the Democrats who are ignoring this refused to grant to Brett Kavanaugh or any Republican facing even less substantiated allegations.

2020 has been a pretty terrible year in some regards, but at least it will go down in history as the year that Democrats suddenly pulled a 180 and embraced due process rights and the 10th Amendment (i.e., their outcry over Trump saying he had total authority over when the states lift their lockdowns), after long ago tossing both on the scrap heap of history.


For the “all cultures are equal to/better than America” crowd, those people who take a perverse delight in falsely claiming that America is handling the coronavirus worse than any other nation, might I suggest that if they really believe that, they should move to Iran immediately. Iran has some advanced technology that should keep them much safer from the virus than they would be here.


At the link, 30 stunning and hilarious examples of liberal Congress members lecturing the rest of us about the importance of following health guidelines, such as wearing a face mask, while showing us that they can’t tell the difference between a face mask and a necktie.

Note that these include some of the most aggressively leftist Congress members (Pelosi, Waters, Nadler, the “Squad,” etc.) who think they’re smart enough to fundamentally transform America, yet they’re not bright enough to figure out how to put on a face mask. I’m amazed some of them weren’t wearing it as a hat.


Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9

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  • Kristi Miller

    04/28/2020 02:15 PM

    Please consider addressing the WI state. The bulk of cases are in a corner of our state. As a rural resident, our local small businesses need to be open. Thank you

  • Shauna dickerson

    04/28/2020 02:14 PM

    I'm so glad to read you comment, that Americans are not docile, lambs to the slaughter, at the hands of power hungry politicians. America has a long history of strength, personal accountability, all those good things. We may be very slowly working our way to socialism, but I can't see America suddenly succumbing. AOC may be in the news all over the place, but, though politicians may be listening to her, the average America just laughs at her.

  • Soretha Balkam

    04/28/2020 02:09 PM

    Thank You for your message.
    Soretha, Roanoke, TX

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/28/2020 02:03 PM


  • William Rohman

    04/28/2020 01:57 PM

    When the restrictions are lifted, I am sure that we will see a small increase in infections as many will think that all's well and get careless. Until this virus is completely eradicated, my wife and I will still follow the rules we learned during the quarantine by cleaning, disinfecting and wearing our masks when out in public. Since we are over 80 and in good health, we intend to stay that way.

  • Kathleen Kemmer

    04/28/2020 01:43 PM

    Who is listening to our cries for help? Who will hold these tyrannical politicians accountable for violating our rights . Can we ask Bill Barr to stand up to these bullies? He said he would, but I haven't seen anything he has done to unblock Christopher Wray's FBI's withholding of declassified documents in the coup. I am scared to death for our country. How can we even fight back? I am so despondent, I don't even want to live any more. I'm ready to bail out of this evil world.

  • Judy Phelps

    04/28/2020 01:36 PM

    One of my favorite Bible verses Joshua1:9. Gives me peace in the midst of all the unrest in the world. Enjoy your commentaries.

  • Lisa Ford

    04/28/2020 01:02 PM

    Thank you for link about stimulus check. I just got check in mail & was able to inspect it. It's a good check.

  • Doris Radford

    04/28/2020 11:58 AM

    Some farmers are posting that the Government is making them kill off their Cows , chickens and hogs and importing meat from other countries .Is this true ? This will destroy the US

  • Jeff Waugh

    04/28/2020 10:53 AM

    I just want to thank you Mike Huckabee for bringing sensible news to me every day.
    I admire the work you and your daughter do for the people of this great nation.
    In the name of our lord, Christ Jesus, thank you!
    Jeff Waugh
    Orofino, Idaho

  • Bud Lawson

    04/28/2020 09:56 AM

    A Houston judge recently announced a 1,000 fine and or jail time for residents not wearing face masks or social distancing in public. She made this announcement with people standing within 3 feet with no masks! Typical democratic hypocrisy! Do as I say! Not as I do!??

  • Jan Schramm

    04/28/2020 09:10 AM

    Mike your commentary on the Covid virus was just what I needed to hear today. The Governor of my state is definitely up for dictator of the year. In the past couple of days I have started to feel hopeless, and I by the way am a Christian and I know God is indeed in control, I feel like no one is listening to our cries for help. When I read articles of how they are now euthanizing livestock because they can't sell it quick enough it sickens me. I just keep praying that the powers that be will not allow the dictatorships to go on passed the point of no return. Thanks for the voice of reason!

  • Jacqueline Hight

    04/28/2020 05:00 AM

    I so look forward to reading your article each evening. I trust every word you write to be the truth and that is so refreshing with all the fake news being reported these days. I look forward to the day your daughter runs for governor of Arkansas. She has my support 100%. GOD bless you and your family.

  • Ronald Gustine

    04/28/2020 02:31 AM

    There is a lot being said about Rodger Stone and I'm wondering if some body in the FBI made sure the cameras at the stone house were not found because they wanted the people to see the corrupt goings on.

  • Bradley David Harte

    04/28/2020 01:02 AM

    ...land of the and the home of the brave!

  • Barb Sabin

    04/28/2020 12:11 AM

    Dear brother and Governor Mike! God has His plan and His timing...Could it be that this Obama admins lies and leaks are being unearthed and brought forward with a Divine Megaphone at SUCH A TIME AS THIS...because the news cycle is SO VERY SHORT and the public's memory is at best IMPAIRED AND EASILY SWAYED!!! Only a few short months until Election Day, when WE THE PEOPLE can choose to re elect our President Trump!!! I know he is a flawed human, as we all are, but my heart leads me to vote for my PRO ISRAEL, PRO LIFE, PRO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM President Trump once again!!! I will vote God's HOLY Bible principles!!! I really wonder how anyone who is a Christian can vote for what this Democratic party has become??? Please help us Abba Father to have a SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT TO KNOW GOD'S TRUTH AND ACT ON THAT TRUTH IN NOVEMBER!!! AMEN What Christian Brother and Sister will join me???

  • jack lawhun

    04/27/2020 11:36 PM


  • Thomas Saneford

    04/27/2020 10:47 PM

    WOW! I will be so glad when November gets here, so sick of the DemonRats finding fault with everything that POTUS does!

  • Helen Knapp

    04/27/2020 10:18 PM

    Our health care is falling apart because of the shutdown. Why can't they immediately reopen, since the C=V has not filled the beds?

  • Judi Fey

    04/27/2020 10:17 PM

    Bravo to the Dallas salon owner. I hope every business owner will do the same thing. There is strength in numbers. It is normal protocol to quarantine those who are sick, not the healthy. This has been a big mistake from the beginning. Death rates (except for NY) are way lower than the usual flu. We are not developing herd immunity by quarantining. The mental health, economic, educational and political consequences of this are far worse than COVID-19. The only way to really find out about this disease is to treat and study those who have it and who have recovered from it. By quarantining we are delaying finding out what is needed. People are not stupid. If a business is open that they are not comfortable going in, they can choose not to. If people choose to continue quarantining, they can. It should be people's choice, not dictators. This reminds me of Nazi Germany where people were told to get on trains and they lined up. That's what we have done! I've had it.

  • Elaine Condon

    04/27/2020 09:50 PM

    This has nothing to do with your evening news....something has got to be done about Facebook censoring people's posts and putting them in jail - ME, right now. I have sent an email to several senators, but not to my Oregon ones because that would be a waste of time. I was in jail for 24 hours for sharing an article about Christians being murdered in other countries. At the top, I posted that they are killed in China by the Chinese and in Africa by Muslim. Immediately counted as hate speech. Then I shared a meme that quoted Hitler and was immediately blocked for hate speech again for 3 days. Last evening, Sunday, I was back to business on FB and hadn't shared hardly anything and BOOM ...I was in lock down again. I was told 23 days but now it appears they have changed to 7 days. I can't even share your posts. Another thing they do, too, is remove ads..I will see the top of an ad as I am scrolling then POOF it is gone. If people are paying for these ads, they shouldn't be removed. It is time for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook be held accountable for their censorship. Thank you for any information you may give in who to contact.

  • Carol feraci

    04/27/2020 09:49 PM

    Really enjoy your newsletter and daily Bible verse. It is refreshing to get unbiased news unlike the mainstream media.

  • Elizabeth Floyd

    04/27/2020 09:37 PM

    There are several counties in Wa state that have low Covid19 case numbers and death numbers. They in no way resemble King County. Yet, the governor, of Wa. state, who is running for re-election in 2020, won't budge.

  • Michael

    04/27/2020 08:42 PM

    I think (or at least hope so) that many true Americans are waking up and hope millions more do also. Waking up to the dangerous Democrats, the lying mainstream media, the Deep State Swamp mostly created by Democrats, the phony New Green Deal, Socialist agenda against our nation. I think true Americans are waking up to how unimportant so called Hollywood celebrities are, how sickening elitist are, how unimportant so many things are, that once seemed important. Let's hope true Americans will never forget (because of this pandemic) that the truly important people are the American workers such as our health care workers, truck drivers, factory workers, custodians, teachers, grocery store workers, fire fighters,police officers, restaurant workers and all the other laborers and hard working Americans, that truly are important and who are striving to Keep America Great now and in the future. And we honor the politicians, the very few who actually love America and don't have other motives. ( Very few) When we as a Nation get through this terrible pandemic may we never forget who in this country are truly important. And above all of that may there be a spiritual awakening so we as a Nation truly return to our motto "In God We Trust".

  • Bob Ernst

    04/27/2020 08:24 PM

    Thank you, Gov. Mike, for your writings. I just resubscribed to your newsletter after somehow getting unsubscribed a few months ago. It's so good to be back!