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March 28, 2023



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Nashville Tragedy

Monday was a tragic day in many regards. I hope you will join me in praying for the victims of the horrific shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville and their families, and for the unnamed staffer of Sen. Rand Paul who was brutally stabbed Saturday in Washington, DC. (More about that story below.)

The horror at the Christian school in Nashville began when a 28-year-old woman who was a former student there shot her way into the school, carrying two rifles and a pistol, and killed three children and three adults before police confronted and killed her.

We’re still waiting for police to release more details, but early reports are that the shooter was a “trans” person, which made the police press conference incredibly confusing. With the police spokesman’s attempts to avoid being un-PC, getting actual details about the shooter was like pulling teeth, but it appears that it was a woman who “identifies” as a man. She (sorry if that’s “misgendering” a mass murderer, but I don’t care) reportedly left behind a “manifesto” and social media posts calling for rage and violence against opponents of “gender transitioning” of children.

Many conservatives are saying that this shows what happens when you affirm the delusions of someone with a mental condition, pump them full of testosterone, and expose them to a constant barrage of hatred of religious people, whom you call “nazis” and claim they’re “killing children” by opposing the medical mutilation of minors. Meanwhile, liberals are studiously ignoring the actual background and motivations of the shooter and blaming the guns.

There are many stories pouring in about this tragedy, and a lot more to say about it, but I’m going to wait until we know more for certain. However, I will point you to this commentary by Bonchie at on his seething fury at the media for exposing their real values by downplaying the murder of Christians, including children, while focusing obsessively on not “misgendering” the person who murdered them.


Brutally stabbed

Also on Monday, Sen. Rand Paul announced that an unnamed staffer of his had been brutally stabbed multiple times in broad daylight in Washington, DC, while leaving a restaurant. The injuries were reportedly life-threatening, but the staffer is currently hospitalized and Paul thanked the first responders and hospital staff. He asked everyone to join him and his wife in praying for a “speedy and complete recovery.

Police have a suspect in custody who told them that “voices in his head” told him to do this. He was also reportedly released from prison just one day before, after serving 12 years for violent crimes.

A reminder: The DC City Council recently tried to make it even easier for criminals to be let out and returned to the streets, but Congress blocked that move. President Biden planned to veto it, but he ultimately angered so-called “progressives” (actually, “pro-criminals” would be a more accurate term) by signing it. I don’t know if the assault on a female Democrat Congress member in a DC elevator changed his mind; but that and this latest attack show how dangerous our nation’s Capital has become under far-left rule, and that Democrat politicians can actually start thinking rationally when they have to face the daily dangers they impose on others.

Border tragedy

Another tragedy struck Monday when a US border migrant processing facility at Ciudad Juarez caught fire. At this writing, at least 37 people are confirmed dead (that number could rise) and dozens were injured. We’re still waiting to learn more, including the cause of the fire. This is a developing story, so please say a prayer for the victims, and I’ll report more when we know more.

The Left is Destroying Faith in America

A new Wall Street Journal/NORC poll sadly confirms what many of us deduced just from reading the news lately: the left has been shockingly successful in destroying faith in long-standing American values among young people.

Compared to a poll that asked the same questions 25 years ago, only 38% of Americans say that patriotism is “very important” to them, compared to 70% in 1998. Those who say religion is very important to them dropped from 62% to 39%. The percentage who said raising children is very important fell from 59% to 30%. And the number who place high importance on community involvement plummeted from 62% to 27%.

Disturbingly, the only value that rose in high importance was “money,” up from 31% to 43%.

When broken down demographically, it’s clear that the steepest erosion in the belief in traditional American values is among Democrats and young people. It’s yet more proof that the biggest mistake made by Republicans in the past half century was allowing the left to infiltrate and take over our schools.

But before we despair completely about the future of America, there is some good news to report on that front. On Monday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a historic bill expanding school choice to “every single student in the state.” He said, “We believe that the money should follow the student and it should be directed based on what the parent thinks is the most appropriate education program for their child.” That includes lower income families and children in foster care, and it allows parents to decide what is best for their children, whether it’s public or private schools, charter schools, religious schools or homeschooling. There’s also much more to the bill, which you can read at the link.

About half of US states now have some form of school choice. The left hates this because activists see public schools as leftist indoctrination factories (see the WSJ poll above for the results of that) and teachers’ unions see them as a guaranteed income program. For years, any attempt to empower parents and students was immediately smeared as an assault on our “sacred public school system.” I got really fed up with hearing that.

Personally, while I think many public school teachers are dedicated professionals trying their best, often under very difficult conditions, I don’t think any governmental system should be considered “sacred,” especially if it’s failing to do the job it was created to do. The top priority should always be what is best for the students, what gives them the best education that allows them to go the furthest in life, regardless of where they came from.

The argument that if we let parents and students decide where to spend their education dollars, it will leave public schools with no money is not an argument to keep forcing kids into public schools. It’s an admission that public schools need to do a better job. No child should be forced to sacrifice his or her future just because the government is trying to preserve a failing institution.


Biden speaks

I didn’t even want to include this story in my comments on the Nashville Christian school shooting because it seems frivolous and trivializing. But it’s about the President’s actual remarks on that shooting, so I will link to it and just walk quietly away…

Startling Coincidence Dept

Journalist Matt Taibbi revealed that at the very moment he was testifying to the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government about federal agencies conspiring with social media to silence dissenting voices, an IRS agent showed up at his house. Personally, I’m shocked…shocked that the IRS agent didn’t show up in Congress and haul him away before he could speak.

The agent reportedly came to say that the IRS had rejected Taibbi's 2018 and 2021 tax returns. Republicans were quick to note that normally, when the IRS disputes your tax form, they send a bill or a letter to set up an appointment for an audit. They don’t send someone around personally to your home. Sen. Ted Cruz put it bluntly when he tweeted, “This absolutely stinks to high heaven...The IRS should never be in the business of harassing the American people.” Many of us thought that was their business model.

I can solve this problem with just three words: “The Fair Tax.” Elect Republicans who will pass and sign it, and you will unleash the full power of the US economy, stop punishing productivity and savings, force the underground economy to pay taxes, and best of all, eliminate the IRS and our ridiculous, coercive, impenetrable tax code.

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