April 17, 2019


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Today's Commentary ---  BREAKING NEWS:  Dem House committee chairs made secret anti-Trump pact -- THE GOVERNOR REPLIES:  Trump, Omar, and the First Amendment --- Pray for a turning point -- ISIS has been reduced to memes -- Cheering for Bernie -- Spinning --- Quotes from American History -- Candace Owens faces the crowd -- Cortez and her four friends   -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse


As we continue to wait for the Mueller report --- at this writing, just one more day --- investigative reporter Sara A. Carter shows us why the Democrats, at this point, really don’t even care what it says. They’re intent on going after the President no matter what. Sure, they’ll comb through the 400-page report to find every redaction they can scream about and every turn of phrase they can use against him, and considering the deeply partisan people who worked on it, they may find some things. But given the probability that the report won’t provide them with that knock-out punch they need, they’re simultaneously executing “Plan B.”

It somehow came to Rep. Jim Jordan’s attention that Democratic House committee chairs have been secretly conspiring to investigate President Trump with the goal of taking him down. Elijah Cummings of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Maxine Waters of the Financial Services Committee have executed a secret “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) agreeing that both their committees will target Trump and subpoena all his financial and banking records. That’s right, they made an anti-Trump pact. And the subpoenas are already starting to fly; it was one served by Cummings to Mazars USA LLP for Trump’s records going back to 2009 that specifically drew Jordan’s ire.


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THE GOVERNOR REPLIES: Trump, Omar, and the First Amendment

By Mike Huckabee

From Diana:

I depend on you to filter all the junk and haven’t heard anything from you about the Omar tweet by the President. Am I to assume you didn’t have anything good to say, so you didn’t say anything; or, did I miss it? The Dems are pitching it pretty hard and it didn’t reflect very well on our guy. ???


From the Gov:

Thanks, Diana, for bringing it up. Actually, I haven’t avoided the story; maybe it just seemed that way because there’s been so much to cover the last couple of weeks! You already know where I stand on Rep. Omar’s provocative anti-Semitism as well as Trump’s compulsive tweeting. Tuesday’s Evening Edition of the newsletter opened with the Omar story, focusing on what some Muslims think of her comments (hint: some call her words “a disgrace to Islam”). Since you wrote, let’s look at the story in more detail...



Pray for a turning point

By Mike Huckabee

Yesterday, I wrote about the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and reminded those mourning the loss that while buildings may fall into ruins, what the Cathedral stood for (the glory and worship of Jesus Christ) can never be destroyed.  It’s been heartening to see the sudden tidal wave of support, with people shocked by the near-loss of Notre Dame gathering in massive crowds around it to pray and sing, and all the pledges of support to rebuild it. 

Maybe the fire was truly an “act of God” (and not just in the insurance industry sense) in that it sent a much-needed reminder of the importance of Christianity in shaping history and creating a Western culture that has accomplished great things for the betterment of humanity and is worthy of respect, pride, protection and preservation.  In recent years, too many people have lost sight of that, trashing the very Western culture that has made their own lives so comfortable as they were lulled and misled by atheism, hedonism, narcissism and Marxism into seeing only the negatives of our history and not the appeals to higher ideals such as mercy, justice, tolerance, freedom and charity that have kept us constantly striving to improve the lot of humankind (and for the most part, succeeding – certainly more so than in many other parts of the world, which is why so many people dream of coming to America or Europe.)

As terrible as the fire was, maybe it was a literal sign from God that will refocus Europeans’ attention and make them reconsider what they will lose if they continue figuratively burning the treasures of Western civilization, as they have been for years now.   

Let’s all hope and pray that this will mark a turning point that reverses the surrender of Western civilization.  Consider this article that reminds Europeans, “The burning of Notre Dame comes with a wider warning: don’t take the wonders you enjoy for granted...Europeans too often blindly navigate through a landscape of wonder, which is allowed to become a banal part of daily life. If they continue not to care for it, they may soon realize that it has already gone up in flames. To rebuild this wonder, to rescue it from being taken for granted once more, Europeans will need more than money and will: they will need a profound, thorough consideration of what they have in common, and what it means to be a European.”

By the wonders Europeans have taken for granted, the authors don’t just mean beautiful old buildings.  If this fire sparks a casting-off of blinders and causes Europeans (and Americans) to reject those who are trying to destroy Western culture and once again defend its values, such as freedom of speech, conscience and religion, then maybe God sent a message that was received.  And for this article to appear in the reliably leftwing paper The Guardian might just qualify as a miracle in itself.



ISIS has been reduced to memes

By Mike Huckabee

While the cause of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire is still under investigation, officials say that so far, there is no evidence of terrorism or arson.  The most likely cause was an accident sparked by flammable chemicals from a restoration project.  That didn’t stop ISIS from quickly creating an Internet meme mocking the loss and celebrating the pain it inflicted on Christians.

I know how infuriating this might be, but stop and consider: here we have a group of violent Islamic radicals who thought they were going to build a Caliphate that would stretch across the world.  They were going to impose their extremist views on every human on the planet.  And now?  They’ve been driven from all the areas they once held, are hiding out wherever they can, and occasionally emerging to distribute a snarky Internet meme or drive a car at unarmed pedestrians. 

They thought they were going to rule the world.  Instead, they’ve been reduced to a ragtag bunch of pathetic bullies and Internet trolls, laughing at other people’s misfortunes to take their minds off their own crushing failure.  Sad!

To wash away the ugly gloating of ISIS, here is a story about how Christianity is growing in a Syrian town that ISIS once controlled and terrorized. The Christian converts still have to deal with hostility and suspicion, but they gladly accept that burden, as do a growing number of other Christian converts in areas where ISIS was defeated. One man who lost his arm explained, “They seemed happy and all talked about love. That’s when I decided to follow Jesus’s teachings.”  ISIS will never create a meme or a threat more powerful than that.


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Cheering for Bernie

By Mike Huckabee

I notice that the big takeaway for most of the media from the Bernie Sanders townhall on Fox News was the fact that the Pennsylvania crowd erupted in cheers when asked if they supported “Medicare for All.”  This is being spun as surprisingly high support for government takeover of health care.

Of course, that deliberately ignores the fact that the crowd was a self-selected sample of people who would turn out on a work night to listen to Bernie Sanders for an hour.  Of course, they love “Medicare For All.” If I burst into a bar full of alcoholics and yelled, “The drinks are on the house,” I’d get cheers, too. A Bernie crowd would probably cheer the offer of a case of measles if you told them it was free. 

I wonder if it might have put a damper on the cheering if the crowd had been told that all the “free” stuff Bernie is promising would cost over $20,000 to every taxpayer in America, on top of what they’re already paying?  That’s the big hangover that comes the morning after all the “free” drinks.



By Mike Huckabee

Seth Meyers announced that his late night NBC show will expand to 90 minutes on Thursday to do a “deep dive” into analyzing the Mueller Report and putting it in “context,” and that his guest will be Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. So good news: if you think a late night comedian is qualified to analyze a 400-page legal investigative report in a matter of hours, then you probably also think the mayor of South Bend is qualified to be President, so set your DVRs, this is the show for you!

I think I'd rather stay up late, listening for the distant humming sound of Johnny Carson spinning in his grave.


Quotes from American History

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

- John Quincy Adams


Candace Owens faces the crowd

By Mike Huckabee

At the link, Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens discusses being accosted by masked, screaming, foul-mouthed “Antifa” protesters who were trying to keep her from speaking at the University of Pennsylvania (the clip includes video of the aggressive protesters whose pathetic antics did not intimidate Ms. Owens.)

So to recap: a group of idiots expressed their opposition to fascism by putting on masks and staging violent mob tactics to try to scare people of opposing views into silence…and their justification for their fascist anti-fascism was that a young, black conservative represents white supremacy?

I think they should take off those masks and trade them for T-shirts that say, “I’m wasting my parents’ money at UPenn.”


Cortez and her four friends

By Mike Huckabee

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a dismissive comment about people who have a large number of Twitter followers when what Democrats need is a large number of votes on the House floor (gee, I wonder who she was talking about?)  Sunday on “Sixty Minutes,” she made it even clearer that she’s feeling like a put-upon Romper Room teacher whose charges had too much sugar for breakfast when she brushed off the loud, demanding leftist media darlings such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by saying that far-left wing of the party is “like, five people.”

She’s right that there are only a handful of these freshman radicals in the House (and what a handful they are!), but they represent a pretty large number of sadly misinformed young Democratic voters, which spells trouble for the Party in finding candidates who can win a Democratic Primary without repulsing most voters in the general election. 

Her TV comments aren’t likely to calm the brewing clash between the old guard like Pelosi who want to at least keep up the pretense of being moderate, pro-business and pro-capitalism and the young firebrands who think the key to victory is badmouthing America, extolling socialism and calling anyone who objects a sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic Nazi.  While I personally find the latter group repugnant, I wish them well in keeping up that electoral strategy right through 2020.    


Evening Edition - April 16

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse (KJV)

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."

– Galatians 5:22-23

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  • Stephen Russell

    04/17/2019 01:25 PM

    Bernie issues:
    Hate his lecturing when we wont give to charity vs other types who DO give IE Bill Gates alone.
    & wont live under his own HC plan
    This is what gets Voters so angry.
    Dble std lectures & lies from Left, minimum Fox News anchors tore into Bernie on issues vs CNN & MSNBC.
    Shake up Bernie some
    Tired of DC living under one set rules & US the other set, Make=