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February 25, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • What The Parties Care Most About
  • Must-See Interview
  • Unity And Bipartisanship Update
  • A Party Of Tap-Dancers
  • Another great on-campus video
  • Coca-Cola Follow-Up
  • A Reader Writes...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



What The Parties Care Most About

By Mike Huckabee

John Edwards was right; he was just a few years early. As Matt Vespa at points out, now there really are “two Americas,” except one of them is solidly located in Fantasyland.

A new survey asked Americans to rank their biggest concerns, then separated them by party. Overall, the #1 concern was economic damage from COVID-19, followed by the spread of the disease, budget deficits and the national debt, school closures and lockdowns. So far, so rational.

When Republicans were asked to rank their concerns, the top issue was illegal immigration, followed by lack of support for police, high taxes, liberal media bias, moral decline of society, socialism, Antifa violence and China. Again, a reasonable list.

And now, the Democrats: their biggest worry was the spread of COVID, followed by (brace yourselves) “Trump supporters,” white nationalism, and tied for fourth place, systemic racism and the economic damage from COVID.

Our businesses are shut down, people are unemployed, kids can’t go to school, China infected the world with a virus and is now profiting off it and gaining strength, cities are plagued with leftist rioters, crime in blue cities is through the roof, constitutional rights like free speech are under heavy assault, and three of the top five worries of Democrats are white nationalism, systemic racism and those scary people who voted for the bad orange man. So congratulations, liberal media and social media: the brainwashing is working.

The poll also found increasing support for the GOP among minorities and blue collar workers, while the Democrats are increasingly becoming the party of young, far-left college students and grads. I’m not at all surprised.

This once again backs up George Orwell’s observation that there are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them.

Must-See Interview

By Mike Huckabee

Laura Ingraham on Fox News talks to City Journal editor Chris Rufo about Buffalo, New York, public schools, which have a terrible record for teaching kids math, English and civics. But they are concentrating instead on drilling into students’ heads that America is fundamentally racist, and telling children as young as kindergarten age that all white people play a part in systemic racism.

It sounds like a great way to deflect blame for the students' problems onto racism and away from incompetent teaching. But unfortunately, it’s hardly limited to Buffalo. After watching this, you might want to check up on the curriculum of your own kids’ school, to see whether they’re being educated or just indoctrinated.

Unity And Bipartisanship Update

By Mike Huckabee

House Republicans offered 286 amendments to the massive $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus bill. Democrats accepted two of them.

A Party Of Tap-Dancers

By Mike Huckabee

Biden Cabinet nominees are becoming as famous for tap-dancing away from answering questions as Fred Astaire was for just tap-dancing. Check out his HHS Secretary nominee Xavier Becerra (a Constitutional rights-shredding, far-left California Attorney General with zero experience in health and human services) trying to avoid, dip, spin and dance away from questions about why he weaponized the law to go after nuns to force them to pay for contraceptives and reporters who exposed Planned Parenthood’s barbaric abortion practices.

Another great on-campus video

By Mike Huckabee

Another great on-campus video by Campus Reform, this time from the University of Florida. When students were told that our President brushed off China’s genocide against the Uyghur people as just a different “cultural norm,” they assumed it was Trump who said that, because they’ve been taught that “Orange Man Bad.” Check out their reactions when they’re told no, it was Biden at his recent CNN townhall.

And in a related story, there must be a blue moon because a reporter actually called out a Biden official for taking credit for an effort to block a Russian pipeline that would strengthen Vladimir Putin and forced him to admit it was actually created and implemented under Trump.

Coca-Cola Follow-Up

By Mike Huckabee

Follow-up on the report of a Coca-Cola employee complaining about having to take “diversity” training that taught people to “be less white”...

Coke claims that course wasn’t mandatory (although there allegedly were emails calling it “required,” but Coke ascribed that to “miscommunication.") The beverage company claimed the anti-whiteness stuff wasn’t part of their curriculum, which just included links to Linked-In pages that happened to contain it – although those pages seem to have disappeared after the Sprite hit the fan.

Oh, and before you click the link, try to guess whose Linked-In page was hosting all that racist brainwashing masquerading as racial sensitivity training. If you've been paying attention to the professional racial division industry, you won't be surprised.

A Reader Writes Back...

"Thank you for sharing important information about two of my top three loves, God and the United States of America! The third is my wife and I'm thankful to say, she'd be boring to report on. All she does is dote on me. lol

God Bless you."

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Mammoth Cave National Park, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-19 of 19

  • Linda Robinson

    03/02/2021 07:06 AM

    Mike Huckabee
    I am writing because I have suddenly stopped receiving your newsletter. Last Thursday, February 25, was the last day that I received both morning and evening editions of your newsletter. Saturday, February 27, I received only one edition.

    Please advise! Your newsletter informs, encourages, inspires and entertains and I really appreciate receiving it. I checked with my local provider to see if it has been blocked and it doesn’t appear to be blocked. I appreciate your help.

    Linda Robinson

  • Floyd A Unger

    02/27/2021 02:17 PM

    Thank you

  • Emmett M. Shutes

    02/26/2021 01:04 PM

    I look forward to your emails each day. You were my choice for President years ago. Right now, I feel deserted and betrayed by the Republican Party, as do many millions of us. There is a saying; “He who does not punish evil, commands it to be done!” In my opinion, the Republicans have so commanded!!

  • Kathy Backer

    02/26/2021 12:09 PM

    HI MIke,

    I was wondering how much the $1.9Trillion coronavirus package would really cost if it just had the virus money in it for the vaccine, the $1400.00 checks and anything else related to Covid. Then ask the American people if they would rather pay the lower amount or the higher amount which it the 1.9 trillion dollars....Thank You

  • Ken Lawyer

    02/26/2021 10:46 AM

    i saw your above advertisement on Mammoth Cave. I haven' t been yet but I still plan to go. I have seen Marvel Cave in Silver Dollar City (twice) and once to Blanchard Springs Cave just outside of Mountain View, Arkansas. If you haven't been to Blanchard Springs and you like visiting caves the folks at Blanchard Springs have really done a wonderful job for those that do! Well lit, clean, and easily accessible to all of the public. If my memory serves me right they have three different levels of accessibility: easy walking, a little more challenging, and then the real spelunkers. My wife and I were in the first group and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour. When we went three years ago, it was only$10 pp and well worth it. Thought you would enjoy it since you are from Arkansas.

  • Renee Kendrick

    02/26/2021 09:58 AM

    The Trump family needs to move their corporate headquarters and other businesses out of NYC completely and move their operations to a Red southern state (or states). Why they (or any conservative) stays in NYC boggles my mind. Their employees probably would follow them in a heartbeat.

  • Brenda Clark

    02/26/2021 09:12 AM

    Folks on the right have just gotta stop blaming teachers. I could not get through the rest of this edition after that disparaging remark. I am retired but remember well that I was not the only republican on staff - most had to be quiet about it. Please step into any (especially a city) school - walk a mile in a teacher's shoes - to see the difficulties faced in today's world. When we were kids we had 3 tv channels for limited entertainment. We read books, played board games, played with friends and used our own imagination and interacted with family. I don't have to tell you of the differences between then and now. Today's distractions and disfunctional families where tv, internet, and social media have become the defacto parents all add up to a negative balance for kids before even entering school. Buffalo's unique problem is their relatively new Montessori curriculum. It has been proven to not work with kids who have little enrichment outside of school. In the late 80's and into the 90's, as video games stole into the lives of kids everywhere, school leaders started hopscotching from one program to another searching for the silver bullet that would magically restore the attention span and renew a thirst for personal application. Meanwhile Bush and Obama decided every one had to go to college. As a result, a 5th grader was asked to learn what used to be taught in 8th or 9th grades - and with a curriculum that offered no time for remediation. Through all this upheaval teachers have been given no say. They still aren't. They are, especially at the elementary levels, dancing as fast as they can and working twice as hard during the pandemic teaching in person and then doing it again via computer for kids whose parents aren't sending kids to school. Teachers as a whole have been given a raw deal ever since Obama put a bullseye on their back. They are being made to do what they know in their hearts won't work for the kiddos but school officials and state level regents don't care. And, needless to say, the unions just play their political games. We could use some help instead of blame. Please recognize and give voice to the fact that the majority of teachers love and work hard for their students while the top down administration is careless with their expectations for everyone. It hurts to the core that so much blame is being laid at the feet of teachers who are being pull apart from so many directions.

  • Michael Conway

    02/26/2021 08:53 AM

    The Interview from the Ingraham Angle is quite interesting. Are you aware that the teaching goes beyond the point of Kindergarten? In fact it is actually starting younger, before pre-school age. Nick Jr. is playing an infomercial using a Poem called MY BLACK SUNSHINE. This is where the Indoctrination begins.

  • JC Holland

    02/26/2021 07:15 AM


    Why is the top leadership of the Catholic Church so silent on the abortion programs, and religious attacks on Christians, and other faiths? Their silence is frightening. Seems only a couple Bishops here and there actually say anything.

    Why do Catholics continue to vote overwhelmingly for democrat socialists?

    Why is the Pope silent and not condemning the democrats for the abortion issue?

    Why haven't you and/or Franklin Graham met face to face with Joe Manchin? He is the only one standing in the way of all this insanity and he claims to be Christian. GO TALK TO HIM, PLEASE!

  • Robert Customer

    02/25/2021 09:36 PM

    Didn't take the democrats long, to get us in a war.

  • Barbara Hancock

    02/25/2021 07:57 PM

    Thank you Mike Huckabee for being a good Christian.

  • James Drury Jr

    02/25/2021 07:36 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Gregory George Keller

    02/25/2021 07:31 PM

    I have a simple question . Why are there still troops at our nation's capital and barbed wire. Wernt they supposedly there to protect the ignagaration ? It's over send the big circus show home we are not a SOCIALIST democratic plantation party

  • Thomas Forbes

    02/25/2021 07:07 PM

    Instead of mandatory classes on being less white. These Einstein people need a mandatory class in being less stupid.

  • Kimberly Haught

    02/25/2021 06:52 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    Some of my friends are receiving racial sensitivity training at work. One friend works at CVS and part of his training includes writing down all of the things he has as a white privileged individual. Does he have to do this? What are the employment laws that say this type of activity is legal?

    Thanks for your help!

  • m. poyhonen

    02/25/2021 06:50 PM

    Just a question for an experienced Governor.
    Can a Governor airlift illegal immigrants to Hawaii?
    Honestly - is it possible?

  • Derrick Iozzio

    02/25/2021 06:48 PM

    Gov. Huckabee;
    With all of the talk regarding wrongdoing by members of government, ie: falsifying charges against Pres. Trump, etc, why is there no official law enforcement investigation? As citizens of the US, when we become the victim of a crime, law enforcement investigates the crime and, if warranted, formal charges are filed in the proper jurisdiction to bring about justice. Has our country been reduced to a system that only investigates what meets certain agendas?
    Thank you, Mr. Governor!

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    02/25/2021 06:36 PM

    You grasp the reality of our events today, and you report them accurately.
    Well Done. BZ

  • Stephen Russell

    02/25/2021 06:07 PM

    Pelosi plans to pay $5,400 for Fed workers to stay at home with kids vs Fed employee pay as Is
    minus Armed Forces Uniformed
    TOO much pork & waste