June 4, 2021

In today’s game of “Just Imagine If Trump Had Said This,” here’s President Joe Biden expounding inexplicably on why there are so many biracial couples in TV commercials…

And Biden not only believes that black people don’t know how to obtain IDs or get online, he now informs us that black entrepreneurs “don’t have lawyers. They don’t have accountants.”

To be fair, since Biden also thinks that the greatest terrorist threat to America, more than radical Islamists or Antifa, is white supremacists, maybe he just believes it’s still the 1940s.


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  • Maureen Cameron

    06/14/2021 10:41 PM

    I have one question. Does by not know he’s white?

  • Ada L Barth

    06/14/2021 12:03 PM

    What I don't understand, is why Biden-Harris and Handler's haven't been Impeached and Removed from our White House and Capitol. They have broken their Oath's to Protect America and it's People. Have broken our Immigrantion and Illegal's Law's, therefore placing America and it's People in very Dangerous Situation's ??. They need to be Impeached and Removed. They are trying as fast as they can to literally Destroy our Country.

  • Samuel Clawser

    06/13/2021 11:42 PM

    Where is congress in all of biden's derogatory remarks? Someone should start asking and publish each congressperson's response to this idiot's remarks. Please respond to my remark.
    Thank you.
    GOD Bless <><

  • Gary Fitzner

    06/13/2021 11:25 PM

    Allowing Biden to be seen on the world stage is the best example of “The emperor has no clothes “, story I’ve ever seen. There are actually some reporters who are telling of his senility.

  • Larah Duncan

    06/13/2021 10:07 PM

    Sadly, if Biden does believe white supremacy is our greatest threat, it is due to his dimensia and probably is stuck in the '40s. Our Nation needs more folks to stand up for America, you know the Red, White, and Blue that is so "disturbing". Thank you for all of your hard work and bringing us the news every day Mr. Huckabee, we appreciate you ??

  • Sherry Glascock aka Sharon

    06/13/2021 08:11 PM

    Do you think Biden can see? He doesn't remember he is President and he doesn't know he is white skinned, so he must be a white supremacists.

  • Louise DeVall

    06/13/2021 07:13 PM

    Thank you Mike for always giving the real truth. God Bless you and yours

  • Donald Tygart

    06/13/2021 07:04 PM

    Maybe someone should start looking thru ALL of the EO's from the last four / five Presidents with an eye toward creating Legislation to resolve whatever imagined problem it / they cover?
    Also possibly a one year - Statute of Limitations - for each EO - after one year it must receive an up or down recorded vote (simple majority) from both bodies - if not it is rescinded and cannot be readdressed until the start of the next legislative session. This also pits the feet of the Congress in the same fire....

  • Fiorella Weaver

    06/13/2021 06:46 PM

    Governor, while we are busy laughing about Biden's idiotic statements and the message on Jill's coat, China is building the biggest navy on earth, and all the illegal invaders are being bussed/flown all over the U.S. with no ID requirements and with the obvious complicity of Homeland Security (what a joke!). When are these atrocities going to be exposed? After we've become a China-Annex?

  • Deborah Hafer

    06/13/2021 06:35 PM

    This political double standard is atrocious & nothing ever seems to be enough to stop it. I continue to pray for our country, waiting on the Lord to direct our paths. To know that Pres. Trump had so many problems solved & that in 90 days, the Washington Democrats destroyed it all. Pray for God's direction & restore the USA ????