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January 7, 2022

Friday afternoon, the Supreme Court heard arguments for blocking or upholding the Biden/OSHA vaccine mandate on businesses and health care workers. The conservative Justices seemed open to the idea that states have the power to impose such mandates in a health emergency, but were skeptical that an unelected federal agency does. They seemed to think that such a sweeping and destructive edict, one that is decimating businesses at a time when they’re already struggling with worker shortages and supply chain disruptions, should at least have to come from Congress. The plaintiffs’ attorney pointed out that the Post Office is seeking a waiver from the mandate because it will make it so hard to deliver the mail, proving that not even the government can comply with its own mandate.

Possibly the most shocking part of the oral arguments, however, was not that the liberal Justices seemed open to a dictatorship of unelected federal bureaucrats (big surprise), but just how confused about the law and how filled with stunning misinformation they were.

Justice Sotomayor seemed especially clueless, admitting to not understanding the distinction between state and federal powers (Gorsuch had to explain it.)

But Sotomayor also spewed a number of false COVID claims that would get her banned from Twitter for life if she were a conservative pundit. Among them: that the vaccines prevent disease and transmission in the workplace, that Omicron is just as deadly as Delta, and that there are over 100,000 children in the hospital with severe COVID, many on ventilators (there are currently 3,342 children nationwide in hospitals who’ve tested positive for COVID, and most are incidental to the real reason they’re there.)

Even that stunning array of misinformation takes a back seat to Justice Breyer, who seemed to think that the OSHA mandate would block 100% of all new COVID cases. He also said hospitals are at near-capacity (they’re slightly above average capacity), and most jaw-dropping of all, that yesterday, there were 750 million new cases of COVID in America. He later corrected himself to 750,000, which is good, since 750 million is more than twice the entire US population, so every American would have had to get COVID twice in one day. Wow, that Omicron variant really is transmissible!

When you consider that the liberals on the court are from the same background, social circles and mindset as the liberals who came up with this policy, the odds that it’s intelligent, well-reasoned, based on facts and consistent with the law and the Constitution seem lower than Kamala Harris’ approval rating.

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Comments 1-10 of 24

  • Elizabeth W Chewning

    01/13/2022 07:29 AM

    The Covid Vaccines should be a choice, not a requirement for anyone. It appeared the vaccines worked better against earlier strains. Those with the vaccine and those without the vaccine spread Covid. CDC/VAERS now reports over 10, 600 deaths of individuals that have had the vaccine. If I read the report right, they may claim under 10 deaths may have been from the vaccine. No one should be forced to take a vaccine that can potentially cause death or side effects that could ruin a person's life.

  • Tim castiglia

    01/10/2022 05:54 PM

    I don't have a comment, but a question. Isn't the Supreme court supposed to be neutral until all the evidence has been presented? I don't think that's happening.

  • Paul Jochum

    01/10/2022 03:45 PM

    First l live in FREE Florida but, this past summer we Rv-ed over 9,000 mile to California and then back through the Southwest. As for me and my family we will follow the Lord, and simply refuse to comply with any federal government regulations. Want to be WOKE fine go Broke! The blue states we visited all seemed to be living in fear, while Texas was wide open. I personally see all federal laws as merely "suggestions" and will NO longer be subject to any of them. And yes we fully support our Florida REPUBLIC! Succession is a real possibility!

  • Melissa Hamilton

    01/10/2022 03:28 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee, God bless you! When do you anticipate the Supreme Court’s decision about the Biden imposed employer vaccine mandates? I read your newsletter from yesterday about it. I work for a very liberal NY Co and reside in TN. I don’t want the vaccine due to health risks and as a Believer I’m so very concerned about our Religious Freedom and the radical government overreach by Biden’s administration. Thank you!

  • rodney burke

    01/10/2022 11:11 AM

    Sotomayor is either an ignorant dipwad or worse, a pathological liar. She made it up, typical lib. If she is publicly that ignorant about what is REALLY going on in the medical world, she has NO business on the court. Breyer, is a moron shooting off his mouth and proving he is moron.

    It's becoming all to obvious that the court is NOT in touch with the real world or they are liars because they subscribe to the DNC agenda. Either one brings into question their fitness to serve on the court and render constitution based decisions. Yes we have a deep problem and t ain't in Apollo 13. If Gorsuch had to brief Soto-stupid on ANYTHING, she needs to be gone. and take Kagan with her. At least the clueless AG isn't on the court! God was looking out for us on that one

  • Jon C Geissinger

    01/10/2022 10:32 AM

    AND, we STILL do not have admission that SURVIVORS of the Rona have 10 to 20 times the protection than the vaccinated. The demons STILL want survivors to get the jab; to what end???? There is something afoot here that is not being realized.
    The SCOTUS is the LAST place to look for medical advice.
    My Dr who took care of me in the hospital was a virologist; and entire hospital unitwas / is dedicated to the Rona and he is sort of in charge. When I was discharged, he SPECIFICALLY stated I should NOT get the shot because I have natural immunity now.
    I have not gotten the antibodies test yet ($75 at quest Diagnostics, no script required, but insurance will not pay), but if that is what it takes to get a 'passport', then so be it, I will get it performed.
    I cannot get a job!!!! Certainly not in the healthcare IT industry (where I was before). Even remote (which I had been doing for 18 years!). THE ILLEGAL MANDATE IS PREVENTING ME FROM WORKING.
    God bless and keep up the good work.

  • Wendy Storm

    01/10/2022 09:33 AM

    Good morning! I use the word “good” loosely because there doesn’t seem to be much good going on in politics, with Biden & his policies, this leftist liberal Marxist controlled government & vaccine mandates. I am watching the Supreme Court with the greatest of anxiety hoping & praying they make the right decision on vaccine mandates. My family including me (I’m 67 years old) are quarantined for testing positive for covid & although the symptoms have been uncomfortable we are successfully recovering & will now be blessed with natural immunity. Yet we are facing a devastating situation because we live in New Orleans, LA where vaccines are being forced on our children in order to attend school. For middle & poor class Americans leaving jobs, moving to states such as FL or even home schooling aren’t an option. Many of us are working 2 jobs just to make ends meet! Yet our elected politicians are bullying us into taking vaccines! I can’t tell you the number of adverse reactions being seen in children being forced to take these vaccines, the anxiety of parents who are given NO options. What do you suggest we do Mr. Huckabee??? And I would like to hear a solution that actually involves a plan that is NOT financially devastating! Please help!

  • tom jeffs

    01/10/2022 07:56 AM


    please Mike, google your comments section for many of my UNANSWERED comments - - - - - - -

    when will you use your Nashville platform to ask DJT45 to issue the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Ashli Babbitt ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    and to ask him to start a class action lawsuit IN THE HAGUE to sue China for damages caused by the Chinavirus ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    and to champion section 230 for one-and-all UNTIL the judicial branch FORMALLY determines a user to be a monopoly at which time that user immediately loses 230 protection ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    and to ask scarecrow Joe (if I only had a brain) Biden when he'll begin issuing executive orders to rescind those executive orders he issued on his first day in office ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    and when the words "human trafficking" which, sadly, pass over me with no revulsion with words that actually describe the problem; words like selling slaves, etc ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    my bona fides Mike:

    I'm an Israel Experience 2012 veteran whom David will probably remember - - - - - - -

    I was 1 of 4 "regulars" from the Huckabee Show as per Jennifer Rhule - - - - - - -

    I'm the guy who donated all those red Huckabee45 polo shirts you guys wore in Iowa when you were a candidate for the White House - - - - - - -

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read and respond to my comments Mike - - - - - - -

  • Clyde W. Terrell

    01/10/2022 07:45 AM

    An apparent failing in the practice of law is the practice of "Common Sense." How can anyone serve on the Supreme Court without this basic skill in their arsenal?

  • Brenda Buller

    01/09/2022 11:11 PM

    The OSHA mandate is unconstitutional. I have a right to decide what’s best for my body! STOP testing. I don’t trust them. People get colds, flu and pneumonia and do ours need to be treating patients for these types of illnesses STOP labeling everything the ‘C” word??. Thanks for listening to me! Praying Gods blesses the USA and brings Trump back to lead so we can be a GREAT NATION again!!!!!