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June 9, 2022

Last night, President Biden finally gave an interview for the first time in 120 days, but instead of a live press conference, it was a pre-taped chat with sycophantic late night host, Jimmy Kimmel. As expected, it was like Biden's previous visit with fellow ABC host George Stephanopoulos: a softball session with a DNC mouthpiece who isn’t as funny as he used to be.

Kimmel completely ignored the assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh and brushed off inflation, the #1 concern of most Americans according to the latest polling (Biden seemed to think he’s created the greatest economy ever and Americans just haven’t realized it.) Kimmel let Biden bash Trump and Republicans while claiming that people are always asking him why he “plays square” with Republicans when they don’t do it with him (Who are these people telling Biden that he’s being too bipartisan and conciliatory with the people he brands as the most dangerous extremists in America and who want children to die from gun violence? I’d like some names, please.)

He claimed he won’t issue a lot of executive orders because “I don’t want to emulate Trump’s abuse of the Constitution and constitutional authority.” Again, please explain how Trump abused his Constitutional authority. Almost all of his executive orders, even ones that were clearly within his powers, were held up by activist judges, after which Trump followed the appeals process. Biden has issued a flurry of executive orders that have decimated border security, the domestic fuel industry and Constitutional rights, and we’re lucky if he pays any attention at all when judges put stays on them. In that way, he's like the king of ruling-by-executive-order, his old boss, Barack Obama.

One could easily argue, especially today, that the Democrats have shown nothing but contempt for the Judicial branch and have openly encouraged threats of violence against judges.

If you have the interest and a strong stomach, here’s a write-up of the interview…

And full video of what Fox News’ Joe Concha said wasn’t even tough enough to be a softball interview, it was more like T-ball for kindergartners.

Or if you’d like to get the gist of it, including some of the worst moments that the media will gloss over, try these write-ups from Bonchie and Nick Arama at, listing the many delusional moments.

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  • Gary Meadows

    06/13/2022 02:50 PM

    Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned or so the story goes. Biden and the democrats like Nero are playing the fiddle while America burns. America is burning at the border, on city streets with rampant crime, historic inflation, and the list goes on. The administration seems unwilling to seriously address let alone resolve these issues - they are busy playing the fiddle. School shootings as terrible as they are seem trivial compared to the casualties and collateral damage of drug trafficking and human trafficking at the border. Promotion (fiddling) of illegal protests at the homes of Supreme court justices tears at the nation's core. Renaming (even more fiddling) military posts is laughable. The list is not short.

    On a related note - since everything is "Putin's Fault" does that mean Putin is the Defacto president of the United States? His actions seem to influence conditions like inflation within the United States more than Biden's at least according to the narrative.

  • rodney burke

    06/12/2022 03:23 PM

    Actually Mike that interview was a pure joke an NOT worth you OR your staff losing brain cells by watching. Not ONLY did it show conclusively, How pathetic Joe is but how FAR Kimmek has fallen from being a comedian. Both are 6-10 feet under.

  • Ronald Decker

    06/12/2022 12:58 PM

    Is there any way that we can force Nancy Pelosi and her "friends" to reimburse the American Public for their reckless and unwarranted expenditure of 8 million dollars for the ridiculous January 6th hearings?

    Ron Decker

  • Aleda Kendall

    06/12/2022 12:31 PM

    I get so frustrated when I read,”now is the time for us to step up and say something “! We can’t say anything for fear of being banned from f/b and Twitter and that is where it needs to be said. The sane Democrat’s are there where they need to see the truth! They won’t go to the other platforms that they have been told they will be viciously attacked by rabid Trump supporters.

  • Marilyn Hellmuth

    06/12/2022 12:17 PM

    Governor Huckabee, thank you for presenting truth in reporting. I wish you had more readers.
    I think there is one question that I would like an answer to. There was much publicity about the Maricopa Election audit. When it was finished, all talk about it went silent. What was the outcome of the audit? What did it show? I have more questions but lets start with that.
    Thank you,

  • Darrell McKinnon

    06/12/2022 09:41 AM

    I appreciate your daily emails and accurate news reports. I have a question about the movie, 2000 Mules. The media has ignored it as well as Fox News (I believe the Fox only exists to help divide the people so the communist can conquer) - has anything legal actions been taken to bring any of the folks caught to justice? I myself witnessed first hand illegal activity in Georgia as I was denied a mail in ballot and saw on TV the stuffing of the vote counting machine with unfolded mail in ballots. I believe that a copy of that film needs to be sent to every attorney general and DA in every state. It seems obvious to me that Mexican cartels and China, as well as Soros, were all involved with corrupting our elections. And I know that it wasn’t the first time for Obama and Clinton both had many of illegal votes.